Body care » Press » Exercises on a press with house dumbbells how to swing stomach muscles with weighting compounds in house conditions

Exercises on a press with house dumbbells how to swing stomach muscles with weighting compounds in house conditions

Exercises on a press with house dumbbells how to swing stomach muscles with weighting compounds in house conditions

Beautiful press – result of laborious work. For this reason there are so many the most different exercises and receptions for its formation. Also the mass of shells which I help to achieve the objectives quicker is thought also up. Effective exercises on a press reckon the best in the simplicity and effectiveness with dumbbells. They are especially useful when classical loads of area of a stomach are already not enough.

Such additional weighting compound will do exercises a little more difficult for press muscles, but at the same time and effective. Desirable results in such cases come quickly enough. It should be taken into account that in the course of performance of exercise it is especially important not to execute a huge number of repetitions, and to do the required number of approaches. It is also very important to make a training various that the body did not adapt quickly to the new level of loadings. Dumbbells are the most convenient, an available, small-sized and cheap shell which can quite use also at home. Thanks to them loading will gradually pass with increase. But beginners are recommended to pay attention to complexes of trainings without dumbbells not to work too much.

Stomach exercises with dumbbells

At the heart of such trainings on press muscles – classical exercises which are carried out with weighting compounds. From it they will not become power. At first for women dumbbells weight in 1-2 kg will be sufficient weight. For men it is enough also 5 kg. Gradually weight it will be possible at desire to increase. Warm-up becomes to warm the studied press muscles. All set of exercises for a press is constructed so that evenly to work each separate zone and all areas of a stomach together. How to swing a press with dumbbells in house conditions to create a fine relief silhouette?

Exercises for the top press

This complex is directed to study of muscles of the top press with weighting. Exercises measuredly and without breakthroughs are done.

  • SP: you lay down on a back, you take in each hand on dumbbell. To bend legs in knees. To cross hands on a breast. Slowly to tear off shoulders from a floor, lifting the case over a floor. The waist remains in motionless situation. Further you come back to SP and in a second you repeat the movement again. Muscles of a press should not weaken when you lay down on a back again. 15 repetitions in 3 approaches.
  • SP: it is identical to the first exercise on a press with dumbbells. Only to extend hands parallel to a floor before itself. To lift the top part of the case, and then to lower smoothly. 15 repetitions in 3 approaches.
  • SP: to lay down on a back. Hands with dumbbells along a body on a floor. To raise legs at an angle in 90 degrees in relation to the case. On a breath we raise hands up and we try to keep step with them, tearing off shoulders from a floor. An exhalation – we fall to SP.

The last exercise studies not only muscles of the top press, but also lower. If to lower legs it is a little (straight lines) down, then load of a stomach will only amplify. To do the movements without breakthroughs not to injure a back.

We recommend video: Exercises for press muscles with dumbbells.

Exercises on side, oblique muscles of a stomach

This zone can be also worked out by classical exercises with application of dumbbells:

  • SP: to lay down on a back, to throw the left leg on the bent right. To record the left hand perpendicular to a body, in right to take a dumbbell. The right elbow to begin to reach for the left hip, raising the case. 15 repetitions. Further change of situation with the opposite side.
  • SP: to lay down on a back, to bend legs, a foot to put completely on a floor. Holding dumbbells in hand, to reach serially to right, and then for the left side of a hip.
  • Exercise on muscles of a press "Mill" yields excellent results. SP: to rise exactly, to place legs on width of shoulders. To part hands in the parties, to lower the case parallel to a floor, but the back remains equal, without deflections. Keeping balance, we do moves by hands as a mill: deploying the case, we seek to reach the right hand the left foot and vice versa.
  • Inclinations in the parties. SP as in the previous exercise. In one hand the dumbbell, another on a belt undertakes. You incline the case, sliding a hand with a dumbbell on lateral face of a hip. To do an inclination greatest possible. The back is equal, any deviations back or forward.

In the course of performance of these exercises on a press also other muscles, for example, of lumbar department are involved. But it is all the same necessary to watch that when performing the movement press muscles strained.

Lower press

For pumping of muscles of the lower press in house conditions there is enough couple of dumbbells and some attributes of life.

  • SP: you sit down on a chair so that buttocks were on the very brink of sitting, a foot it is necessary to record. For this purpose the interval between a floor and a sofa will approach. Cross hands on a breast, and lower the case parallel to a floor. Exercise without breakthroughs is done. When the case freezes up in air in the specified point, begin right there raising of the case up to SP. To complicate the movement, you take dumbbells in hand.
  • SP: to lay down on a back, to extend hands along a trunk. To bend legs in knees. Feet to clamp a dumbbell. To do on a breath raising of legs with a dumbbell. On an exhalation lower them. Amplitude of the movement maximum.
  • SP: as well as in previous, only legs are straightened. Between stupnyam the dumbbell is also clamped. You do raising of legs on a breath, and on an exhalation you lower them. It is advanced option of exercise.

Pay attention: that in the course of performance of exercises also other groups of muscles can be involved. But at the same time it is better after all to try to transfer the main load of a press.

So, how to pump up a press by means of dumbbells of the house is correct, told much. You remember the main thing that it is necessary to seek to keep balance, without being shaken in the course of performance of exercises. Only in that case all these trainings will bring a maximum of efficiency both for men, and for women.