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Exercises for weight loss and lifting of feet, lyashka and hips. The step-by-step instruction for men and women

That feet, hips and buttocks grew thin, it is enough to carry out the councils given in this article.

Weight loss in feet — process rather difficult and labor-consuming. As a rule, the lower body always grows thin much more slowly than the top.

It is connected with that in feet the most "stubborn" fatty stocks are postponed. The organism protects this fat for the hungriest times. The lower part of a trunk — is some kind of tank for fat accumulation for the future.

How there is an adjournment of fat at women and at men?

Process of accumulation of fat at men and women takes place differently.

At women fat is postponed mainly in the lower part of a stomach, in buttocks and hips.

Of course everything depends on figure type, them a little: apple, a pear, hourglasses, a rectangle, the turned triangle.

At women with a figure "rectangle" fat is postponed on a stomach, on a back. In general at "rectangular" women accumulation of fat happens evenly. The only difference of this type from "hourglasses" that at the last the waist the first, unfortunately, don't have that is brightly expressed.
Women with a figure "the turned triangle" least of all should care of the feet and hips — at them fat is postponed above a belt (a waist, shoulders, hands, a back).

The most widespread types of figures — "hourglasses" and "pear". Therefore the problem of dumping of weight in feet is very actual.

It is so conceived by the nature that the woman bears posterity therefore fat on a stomach and feet is necessary for it. Presently, of course, it doesn't play such role, as ancient times.

Men have no such problem: at them the stomach "increases". On a structure most of men differs in narrow hips and big shoulders. Therefore they shouldn't lose weight from hips.

Exercises for weight loss and lifting of feet, lyashka and hips. The step-by-step instruction for men and women

Exercises for weight loss of feet, lyashka and hips for men and for women

Sets of exercises for weight loss of a lower body for men and women not strongly differ. The only difference — women need aerobic loadings, and to men — anaerobic.

All women want to possess beautiful legs and attractive hips. The majority considers beautiful harmonous feet without excess fat or the mountain of muscles and roundish buttocks. Therefore in a gym women need to choose run, jumps, an ellipse, a velosimulator, and also to use small the weight if they are engaged in a power zone, but with a large number of repetitions.

Men need to carry out qualitatively warm-up, for exercises to take weight averages (or big, depending on preparation), to carry out hitch.

The step-by-step instruction of exercises for weight loss of feet, lyashka and hips in house conditions

The most main exercises for the lower zone: knee-bends, moves, attacks.

Exercise 1. Moves

This exercise can be carried out both standing, and lying.

Starting position (nominative): get up directly, feet on width of shoulders. Lean hands on a wall or undertake a chair back. It is necessary for a bigger support. You take away a foot back, then return it in a starting position. It is recommended to start carrying out this exercise from 25 repetitions. Do the same other foot. Such moves tighten buttocks back.

Second option of exercise (moves forward): nominative the same. Now you take away a foot forward. Execute 25 moves, change a foot.

Third option (moves aside): nominative the same. This time we take away a foot sideways. Thus it isn't necessary to shower it too highly. It is enough to feel tension in muscles. To execute exercise of 25-30 times for each foot. This exercise perfectly relieves of "ears" on hips.

Exercise 2. Attacks

Attacks are considered as the most suitable exercise for weight loss of feet. Attacks give to a foot the form. Besides, attacks train hips and buttocks. There is a set of options of performance of attacks, but attacks forward and are basic back.

Attacks forward: nominative: feet on width of shoulders, hands on a belt, before a breast, are raised up — as it is convenient to you, a back direct. Evolve a foot rather dramatically forward and we bend it so that the corner in a knee made 90 degrees. Thus on touch by a knee a floor, and don't bend a back. Return a foot to nominative. Execute this exercise of 20 times, change a foot. Try that amplitude of movements was big, then loading will be full.

Attacks back: in total in the same way, as well as in the previous exercise, only take a step not forward, and back. You watch a bearing.

Exercise 3. Knee-bends

Knee-bends — this main exercise helping to clean superfluous from hips and to emphasize the line of buttocks. For a start it is necessary to master basic knee-bends.

Nominative: feet are slightly wider than shoulders, a hand behind the head, before themselves, on a belt — as it is pleasant to you more. A back direct, slightly bulge buttocks back. Sit down so that the equal bearing remained. Thus lowering of the case forward, but not strong is allowed. Knees shouldn't go beyond toes. You keep a body in suspense. Return to nominative. Execute 25 repetitions.

Exercises for weight loss of feet, lyashka and hips in a week

Week — is rather short term, but even during this period it is possible to correct a shape of feet and hips. It is necessary to train every day.

The main exercises will be: jumps on a jump rope, run, knee-bends, moves feet, attacks.

  • For a start it is necessary to warm up. Execute usual warm-up, as at lessons of physical culture at school.
  • Further make 25 moves each foot, 20 knee-bends, 15 attacks forward. Repeat the program 3 times. A break between approaches — 1 minute.
  • After that execute 500 jumps with a jump rope, it is possible with small breaks. Execute 20 more knee-bends and 15 attacks back. Further 5 minutes of quiet run. Training is finished.
  • Next day make the same program, only replace jumps with the 15th minute run. And at the end of training execute 200 jumps.
  • Alternate these two programs and excess centimeters on hips will start leaving.

Exercises for weight loss and lifting of feet, lyashka and hips. The step-by-step instruction for men and women

Exercise machines for weight loss of feet, lyashka and hips in the sports hall

  • In a gym huge number of various exercise machines. But for weight loss of feet it isn't obligatory to use all. As aerobic loading ideal options will become: racetrack, velosimulator, ellipsoid, stepper.
  • With anaerobic loading situation practically the same. For weight loss of feet it is possible to use usual dumbbells which are in each hall. With dumbbells it is possible to do knee-bends, attacks, drafts and many other exercises.

Exercise machine No. 1: GAKK-exercise machine. There are two kinds of this exercise machine: for knee-bends and for a press feet lying. In both cases the waist is fixed.

Exercise machine No. 2: the exercise machine for data of feet. This exercise machine involves an internal surface of hips therefore many girls very much love it.

Exercises for weight loss and lifting of feet, lyashka and hips. The step-by-step instruction for men and women

Exercise machine No. 3: the exercise machine for bending of feet sitting. The weak back surface of a hip and caviar is ideally suited for at whom.

Exercise machine No. 4: Smith's exercise machine. On this exercise machine it is possible to do not only knee-bends, but also presses (sitting, lying), attacks, rises on socks. This exercise machine fixes a signature stamp, load of a back decreases.

Exercise machine No. 5: power frame. This design will stand in good stead more than once for you if you plan to go to the sports hall.

Perhaps, it is all main exercise machines to which it is necessary to pay attention to the people wishing to grow thin in feet.

Breathing exercises for weight loss of feet, lyashka and hips

As if strange didn't sound, but by means of respiratory gymnastics the volume of hips and feet can reduce significantly. There are two systems of respiratory gymnastics very similar among themselves, but the having some distinctions: bodifleks and oksisajz. The main difference — technology of breath. Technology of breath in a bodifleksa "noisy", unlike an oksisayz. It is necessary to recognize that bodifleks there is enough travmatichen and at once it is correct to many people to pant. Besides, bodifleks causes sharp pressure jump therefore if you have a hypertension, better choose oksisajz.

Exercises from a bodifleks for weight loss of feet

The most effective exercises from this system directed on weight loss of feet — it is "boat", "pretzel", "swallow", "cat", "sejko", procrastination of a foot back.

Exercises from system oksisajz for weight loss of feet

In system oksisajz too there are very effective exercises for correction of a lower body: "sumo", instep back, diagonal instep, knee-bends at a wall. These exercises are generally directed on improvement of a shape of a gluteus.

Exercises for weight loss and lifting of feet, lyashka and hips. The step-by-step instruction for men and women

Exercises for weight loss of feet, lyashka and hips: councils and responses

IMPORTANT: if you want to grow thin in feet, one exercises will be insufficiently. It is necessary to correct the food: clean "simple" carbohydrates in the form of rolls, sugar, chips, having replaced them with useful products. Exclude frying on oil, having replaced it with frying of products on a dry frying pan. You will limit the use of salt and smoked products.

Exercises for weight loss of feet: responses

Svetlana, 27, Nizhny Novgorod

After the second childbirth strongly I recovered, especially in feet. Figure type — a pear, therefore all most "treasured" there. I started being engaged bodifleksy for 15 minutes a day. The result appeared in 2 weeks. I continued to be engaged. Then on the street became warmer and I began to come for morning jog regularly. Thus in 3 months I grew thin for 10 kg. Now the shape of my feet completely suits me.

Maxims, 22 years, Rostov-on-Don.

I had a problem not peculiar the man: deep thighs. I had long complex, but decided that so you won't help business and bought the subscription in a gym. I was engaged on exercise machines half a year. Muscles grew, by leaps and bounds, from it feet became only more; there was a feeling of that in feet one fat. Then I connected kardio otrenirovka, and the miracle came true! Feet began" to dry" (it is the term of athletes designating loss of fatty tissue). In 2 months of regular run and jumps on a jump rope my feet became similar to feet of the ordinary man.

Weight loss of feet of very few people comes easily but if to approach the solution of this question competently, observing recommendations of skilled experts and athletes, the result won't keep itself waiting long.

Video: Exercises for weight loss of feet, lyashka and hips

Interesting exercises for weight loss of feet and the correct technology of their performance are shown in the following video.