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Features of a diet at polyps in a stomach: approximate menu

Diet basis

Observance of certain Regulations of Admission of food at polyps, and also after operation on their removal are necessary for decrease in load of a digestive tract. The gastrointestinal tract is in the weakened state, and the general condition of the patient will depend about that he eats.

Features of a diet at polyps in a stomach: approximate menu

In time treatment of a stomach for educated polyps should be changed not only food, but also the meal mode. Such change is necessary in order that regular meal excluded emergence of possible hunger, and together with it and
excess secretion of gastric juice. Breaks at portion food shouldn't be less than three hours.

At treatment of polyps and after operation on removal nutritionists advise to accept on an empty stomach three teaspoons of olive oil. Oil should be used in 3-40 minutes prior to the beginning of a breakfast. Contains monosaturated fats, antioxidants, vitamins, phenols, and also other useful elements for a stomach of the person in a product. Olive oil promotes the improved digestion, adjusts a digestive tract to normal work for some days after operation. If at the patient various chronic diseases of a digestive tract or emergence of polyps on a gall bladder are observed, such method doesn't approach.

Features of a diet at polyps in a stomach: approximate menu

For food it is necessary to choose products with the content of proteins. The organism during fight against a disease and after removal struck mucous is required stable work of all immune system of the patient. For the correct functioning immunoglobulin which contains in separate category of proteins is necessary. To provide with them an organism, it is necessary to use a protein. Dairy product – serum has the greatest concentration of these microcells.

Therefore in this situation it is necessary to take for the rule to eat whole-milk products for the fastest recovery at polyps. However if the patient is more senior than 40 years and he has certain problems with a gall bladder or bodies of secretion, such food needs to be avoided. The matter is that the fermentativny system of a gastrointestinal tract won't be able to split milk fats and casein which come with reception of such food to an organism.

To avoid the raised loads of a liver and a kidney for treatment at polyps it is necessary to accept medicamentous preparations. To cook liquid food on vegetables, weak meat broth. They will help to sate food with a concentrate of purin, and also salts of certain heavy metals. Broth contains a rich set of vitamins, minerals and other useful microcells.

Features of a diet at polyps in a stomach: approximate menu

If the organism tests some physical exhaustion, then in such situation positive impact will be made by beef soup or with chicken fillet. Varenny meat after processing gets rid of harmful substances and enzymes, such food positively affects on an organism at treatment of the patient for polyps, helping to sate it with amino acids of an animal origin.

After removal of polyps it is necessary to watch the level of carbohydrates in an organism, an optimum source of their replenishment are vegetables. If to accept them in crushed or in the form of mashed potatoes, their assimilation will be even better. But it is necessary to cease to accept in food sharp products or with the high content of essential oils. As sharp tastes and excessive sharpness it is capable to tease a mucous membrane of a digestive tract, it can lead to the general deterioration of health, and need of additional measures for elimination of symptoms of an ulcer.

At a certain age lactose stops being acquired and split by an organism. It leads to fat postponement, and excess of fats can lead to disorder of intestines, diarrhea and to other symptoms.

Features of a diet at polyps in a stomach: approximate menu

To avoid negative influence of products on intestines at treatment of polyps, it is necessary to use more than the sour-milk. Such food helps to restore balance of microflora in a stomach and to normalize a metabolism. Bread is better to eat not too fresh. Better even there are crackers. Newly-baked bread or other bakery products are capable to cause a meteorizm.

During observance of a diet it is possible to resume cellulose level by means of a certain type of carbohydrates – slow carbohydrates. They contain in pasta (vermicelli, spaghetti, macaroni). Also amino acids influence improvements of mood and to sound sleep. It is preferable to use such food in the afternoon not to load a stomach before going to bed. Pasta promotes restoration of balance of microflora at polyps and after their removal.

Features of a diet at polyps in a stomach: approximate menu

For the correct treatment after operation the organism needs a set of vitamins and microcells. Them it is possible to fill up an organism with various fruit, berries, teas, juice and compotes. Too concentrated juice should be diluted with drinking water not to do much harm to a stomach.

Potassium is necessary for strengthening of walls of a mucous membrane and cardiovascular system, and calcium for bone tissues. But it isn't necessary to use them in excessive quantity, it badly affects a metabolism, and surplus starts accumulating on walls of vessels.

The use of eggs positively influences microflora of a stomach. They are natural protein, and also supply an organism with vitamin E and lyutein. These microcells work as a natural antioxidant, it will improve health and will eliminate heartburn. Lecithin will promote a conclusion of cholesterol and strengthening of all nervous system. Eggs can be eaten only in the form of an omelet or boiled soft-boiled. For observance of a diet it is necessary to eat them with breaks and not every day.

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What products it is impossible

Observance of a diet has to last not less than one month after operation. Doctors appoint approach to treatment and further restoration of a gastrointestinal tract. Everything is directed on mitigation of work of a digestive tract and prevention of influence of harmful factors. Mechanical influences concern to them, thermal and chemical, they are capable to irritate in addition affected areas mucous that will lead to deterioration of health.

At treatment for polyps and after their removal follows, at least for a month to cease to eat fresh bread. If operation was performed, it needs to be excluded from a diet. The matter is that it will increase acidity level in a stomach, and bread with bran is capable to damage and tease a mucous membrane of intestines in addition to everything.

Features of a diet at polyps in a stomach: approximate menu

Also during treatment of a stomach it is necessary to exclude reception of excessively sour products. It isn't recommended to eat a citrus.

At polyps in a digestive tract it is impossible to drink alcoholic beverages which can burn the angry mucous membrane of the patient. Also during the postoperative period it is necessary to clean sweet sparkling water, the factory packaged juice from a diet. As they contain preservative – lemon acid which in such state can be pernicious.

It is necessary to exclude drink of coffee, coffee drinks, energy drinks. It is impossible to add sharp spices and seasonings to food. Excessively salty food can negatively affect health of the patient. Dishes with bean and salads from a white cabbage can go to harm, and their use should be stopped for the period of observance of a diet.
And, of course, by no means it is impossible to accept fried products, smoked products, dried sausage, salty delicacies in food.

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