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Cellulose for weight loss, the products rich with cellulose for weight loss

One of the most effective remedies in fight against extra kilos are food fibers. Cellulose is most useful to weight loss as it positively influences work of a gastrointestinal tract, accelerates a conclusion of waste and a metabolism. Besides, daily using the products rich with cellulose for weight loss, the feeling of satiety is created. As result – the smaller use of food. You will find the list of the products rich with cellulose for weight loss in this article, and also you learn how food fibers influence our organism and force extra kilos to leave.

For a start it is necessary to consider contraindications to the use of cellulose for loss of weight. Inflammatory diseases of a digestive tract, intestines, acute infectious diseases, stomach ulcer, diarrhea, gastritis – all this contraindications to the use of the products containing cellulose for weight loss.

Besides, pregnant women, the feeding women and people having dysfunction of process of a metabolism should refuse such food.

Cellulose for weight loss, the products rich with cellulose for weight loss

Advantage of cellulose for loss of weight

Food fibers are widely used in fight for a beautiful figure thanks to their exclusive properties:

  • Reduce risk of emergence of locks and problems with a gastrointestinal tract;
  • There is a process of intoxication. 35% of toxins, fats, the remains of high-calorific food, heavy metals are removed;
  • Strengthen work of a gastrointestinal tract;
  • Develop normal microflora;
  • Support the stable level of sugar in blood;
  • Quickly and for a long time bring feeling of saturation;
  • Almost all food with the content of cellulose is useful to weight loss, as it low-calorie. An exception are nuts.

Plus of products with vegetable cellulose for weight loss is also that the people having diabetes can use them. As vegetable fibers reduce indicators of production of insulin.

Soluble cellulose for weight loss

The list of the products for weight loss containing cellulose needs to be read from fruit, vegetables and seaweed. As they contain mainly soluble food fibers. They are characterized by that at contact with fiber water strongly inflate, at the same time taking away harmful substances from intestines walls.

It is important to include surely products with soluble cellulose for weight reduction as it also extends digestion of food, the stomach remains more long filled. As the result – increases time to the following meal.

Insoluble cellulose for weight reduction

Rough food fibers are also important for weight loss. First, they do a defekation regular, stimulating a vermicular movement and increasing the volume of the removed masses. Thus, all remains of food and harmful substances in 1-2 days will be brought out of your organism.

The second useful property – delay of processes of fermentation and suppuration. Also rough food fibers reduce quantity of pathogenic microflora which becomes the reason of formation of ulcers, worsens the general condition of an organism.

Having normalized food and having included in it products with cellulose for weight loss, you will be able not only to lose weight, but also to strengthen immunity, to improve protective forces of an organism and in general to improve the state.

Cellulose for weight loss, the products rich with cellulose for weight loss

The products rich with cellulose for weight loss: list

If you want to lose weight, at a diet surely there have to be wholegrain porridges. They are champions among the products containing cellulose for weight loss. Buckwheat and rice are especially useful. If you use bread, choose only bread from whole grain with bran.

Wheat, oat and rye bran is on the second place. They are enough to be filled in with milk to use as a full-fledged breakfast or having a snack. We recommend to choose bran with addition of vitamins or fruit. For weight loss softer is best of all to use wheat bran, cellulose in them. And here with the ground or granulated bran with cellulose for weight reduction it is necessary to be careful. Start accepting them gradually.

Surely include vegetables and fruit in the diet. These are the most tasty products with the content of vegetable cellulose for weight loss. Apples, carrots, pears, avocado, spinach, a celery, citrus fruit, cucumbers, sheet vegetable cultures are especially useful.

Prepare full-fledged dishes from beans, peas, chick-pea, haricot, soy products. As having a snack use nuts, sunflower seeds and dried fruits. We will pay attention that nuts it is necessary to use not fried.

Products with cellulose for weight loss: as it is correct to accept

That the products rich with cellulose brought the maximum benefit for weight loss, it is important to follow simple rules:

  • Daily norm of cellulose – 20-30 grams depending on your weight, a way of life. That to reach it, it is enough to eat 2 portions of vegetables, a portion of fruit and 1-2 portions of wholegrain food in day;
  • You enter food fibers into a diet gradually;
  • Use fruit in the first half of day;
  • Combine vegetables with fish, low-fat meat;
  • Surely include 1 spoon of pure bran in a diet, adding them to water or kefir;
  • Drink a lot of water;
  • Replace white rice with brown rice, and usual bread – on wholegrain;
  • Don't abuse nuts and seeds.