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The complete list of the vegetables and fruit burning fat

Vegetables and fruit are used not the first decade in various diets. And it isn't surprising as they contain cellulose, macro - and the microcells stimulating fat burning process. How it works? Cellulose, as we know, long is digested and demands from an organism of considerable power expenses. Energy on cellulose digestion, at a lack of the received calories, the organism takes from fatty deposits which, as a rule, accumulate on a stomach and sides. Besides, some vegetables and fruit contain the amino acids promoting activization of processes which burn fat.

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The complete list of the vegetables and fruit burning fat

It is better to eat vegetables in a crude or stewed look (a photo:

Vegetables – a favourite product of nutritionists. Practically all vegetables possess a low glycemic index that allows to use them in the pleasure, without being afraid to recover. The only vegetables which use should be limited is potatoes rich with starch.

What vegetables burn fat on a stomach and sides? The complete list of natural zhiroszhigatel includes a number of vegetables which can be eaten, without being afraid for the figure.

Paprika greenContains 4,7g carbohydrates and 23 kcal on 100 g of a product. The champion according to the content of vitamin C. P, A, and vitamins of group B is also vitamin-rich. Contains zinc, sodium, potassium, iron, iodine. Reduces appetite and accelerates a metabolism
Green peasContains 13,8 carbohydrates and 73 kcal on 100g a product. Perfectly satisfies feeling of hunger and normalizes digestion. The portion of peas contains 10% of daily norm of zinc which takes active part in burning of fats. By amount of protein in structure it is equated to meat
TomatoesContain 4,2 g of carbohydrates and 42 kcal on 100g a product. Possess powerful antioxidant property, promote development of a natural zhiroszhigatel – a L-carnitine in an organism
BeetContains 10,8g carbohydrates and 48 kcal on 100g a product. Vitamins of group B and vitamin C have beneficial influence on an organism, and macro - and microcells vanadium, rubidium and pine forest which in beet there is a lot of, have beneficial influence on the enzymes promoting digestion normalization, process of digestion of proteins and carbohydrates participate in splitting of fatty deposits
Vegetables of family krestotsvetnykh. It is cabbage white, color, Bruxelles, Chinese broccoli, a radish, a garden radish and a horse-radishPossess the high content of cellulose and the minimum quantity of calories. Promote clarification of intestines. The radish, a garden radish and a horse-radish burn fat by means of the "burning" properties
CucumbersThe most excellent means for weight loss. Support all 3g carbohydrates and 15 kcal on 100g a product. Consist of water and cellulose. One of the most sparing vegetables for digestion among the vegetables containing cellulose. Contain iodide connections and well influence a thyroid gland, normalize digestion
CeleryContains 6,5g carbohydrates and 32 kcal on 100g a product. Thanks to the unique structure, works as soft laxative, promotes digestion of proteins in an organism, normalizes digestion processes. Contains it is well-cared – the substance which is effectively burning fat
AsparagusLow-calorie (only 22 kcal on 100g) a type of vegetable cultures. Contains the vitamins promoting fat splitting, in particular, vitamins of group B, vitamin C. Besides, contains the calcium, magnesium and zinc starting processes of splitting of fat in an organism, and also the substances participating in protein synthesis
CarrotsContains 6,9g carbohydrates and 32 kcal on 100g a product. It is rich with vitamin A which participates in normalization of a metabolism, and also vitamins B, With, E and D, potassium, calcium and phosphorus. Helps an organism to synthesize protein, enters the list of vegetables which burn fat
PumpkinContains 7,7g carbohydrates and 28 kcal on 100g a product. Except vitamins E, A, C, PP, F, D and vitamins of group B, contains iron, potassium, calcium and magnesium
Haricot siliculoseContains 3,6g carbohydrates and 24 kcal on 100g a product. Except useful vitamins, minerals, macro - and microcells, has a low glycemic index and contains difficult carbohydrates that promotes long saturation of an organism. Has diuretic effect, brings excess liquid out of an organism
GarlicI received the fat-burning properties for the account of the allitsin containing in it which effectively cleans subcutaneous fat. On 100g a product 21,2 carbohydrates and 106kkal are necessary
ZucchiniOne of the most useful vegetables. Contains in a boiled look only 2,5g carbohydrates and 13 kcal. Contains vitamins of group B, and also And, With, E and K. Has potassium, iron, manganese and phosphorus in structure. Reduces the level of bad cholesterol, promotes normalization of a metabolism

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The fruit burning fat

The complete list of the vegetables and fruit burning fat

The best fat-burning properties fruit, but not juice from them (possesses a photo:

Fruit is actively used for weight loss. However, not all of them help to grow thin. For example, banana contains starch, and grapes possess a high glycemic index. It is necessary to refrain from the use of this fruit at weight loss.

The complete list of fruit for weight loss in this table.

AvocadoContains a L-carnitine which promotes fat splitting. Very high-calorie — on 100g a product it is necessary 7,4g carbohydrates and 108 kcal
PineappleContains 11,8g carbohydrates and 48 kcal on 100g a product. Fat-burning properties are shown thanks to unique enzyme in structure – to a bromelayn which splits fat, promotes digestion of protein
QuinceContains apple, lemon and tartronovy acids which burn fat. Contains 8,9g carbohydrates and 38 kcal on 100g a product
GrapefruitContains 7,3 carbohydrates and 35 kcal on 100g a product. Unique fat-burning properties are shown thanks to the maintenance of an inozitol and naringin. These substances are natural zhiroszhigatel. Is the cornerstone of many diets, it is ideally combined with fats and proteins
KiwiOn 100g it is necessary 9,7g carbohydrates and 45kkal. Contains vitamin C and flavonida which burn fats in large numbers
RaspberryContains 9g carbohydrates and 41 kcal in 100g a product. Has in structure ursolovy acid and ketone – powerful natural zhiroszhigatel
TangerineContains 8,6g carbohydrates and 39 kcal on 100g a product. Thanks to the unique structure cleans fat on a stomach and sides which is difficult for driving only one trainings
PapayaFat-burning properties are provided by papainase. This substance promotes acceleration of a metabolism. On 100g papayas it is necessary 12g carbohydrates and 50 kcal
ApplesContain 11,3 carbohydrates and 46kkal on 100g a product. Output harmful substances and toxins, have poslablyayushchy effect, contain ursolovy acid which is a natural zhiroszhigatel

Top-7 fat-burning vegetables and fruit

The complete list of the vegetables and fruit burning fat

The best vegetables and fruit which burn fat

What vegetables and fruit the best for weight loss and how to find it alternative, know not many. Nutritionists and growing thin the whole world allocated the list of vegetables and fruit which not only promote clarification of intestines, but also help to burn subcutaneous fat.

Grapefruit is in the lead on fat-burning properties. It should be used for half an hour to food or instead of a mid-morning snack. The recommended dose – one-one and a half fruits daily. Grapefruit can be replaced with oranges or tangerines.

Apples are rich with pectin which promotes splitting of fats. An optimum day dose – 2 apples. It is possible to replace with a quince.

Broccoli – the most effective type of cabbage in respect of fat-burning effect. It is best of all for broccoli to bake or steam. Any cabbage can replace broccoli.

The celery is effective in the raw. It can be added to vegetable salads. The boiled celery is also useful. Will help to clean quickly excess fat from sides and a stomach soup from a celery. Headed salad, a garden cress, artichokes, dandelion leaves can replace a celery.

Zucchini — a kind of a vegetable marrow. The greatest number of useful substances contains in its thin skin. Zucchini will become excellent addition to vegetable soups, ragout or baked pudding. Cucumbers can replace zucchini.

Tomatoes – natural zhiroszhigatel, a L-carnitine source. Tomatoes can be eaten in the form of salad, how many the soul will wish. It is possible to replace with red pepper.

Pineapple – occupies the last step among fat-burning vegetables and fruit. In total because of the high content of glucose. It is recommended to eat no more 150g pineapple in day. Tinned pineapple and purchased pineapple juice isn't suitable for weight loss. The papaya and a kiwi can replace pineapple.

Despite huge advantage of vegetables and fruit, it is necessary to remember that the people having digestive tract diseases, digestion malfunction, diabetes, food allergy should treat with care the use of some vegetables and fruit.

Growing thin important to understand that fat from a stomach and sides won't leave in itself. Vegetables and fruit won't help with it even. An indispensable condition of weight loss — this not only healthy food, but also physical activities.

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You see a rating of the most useful vegetables and fruit in video below.