Body care » Cellulite » Honey massage from cellulitis in house conditions: as it is correct to do

Honey massage from cellulitis in house conditions: as it is correct to do

Honey massage from cellulitis in house conditions: as it is correct to do

It is known of advantage of honey since ancient times. It is considered remarkable medicine for catarrhal diseases and some other problems. Not so widespread sphere of its use is a fight against cellulitis which bothers many women. Honey anti-cellulite massage — pleasant and effective procedure which will be very useful in fight against "orange-peel".

Honey massage from cellulitis: advantage and action

That anti-cellulite massage by honey is so effective, is caused by rich structure of a product. The technique is closely connected with reflexotherapy. At massage skin receptors are irritated, and blood circulation in the studied zone improves, and all this in turn provides the following:

  • Acceleration of exchange processes;
  • Removal from cells of excess liquid;
  • Improvement of outflow of a lymph;
  • Increase of elasticity and elasticity of skin.

The anti-cellulite massage passed by a course with honey gives the chance to get rid of cellulitis, to give to body outlines grace and symmetry, to improve a skin shade. The active components which are a part of honey are well absorbed by skin and affect the nervous terminations connected with various bodies. As a result procedure can give not only cosmetic effect, but also take off fatigue, strengthen vessels, provide food of tissues of body with useful substances. In cosmetology honey is known for existence in structure of antioxidants which have the rejuvenating effect.

Contraindications to procedure

Honey massage from cellulitis in house conditions: as it is correct to do

Anti-cellulite massage by honey in house conditions is allowed to be done not to all. It is worth refraining from procedure in such cases:

  • Allergy to honey or other products which are a part of massage mix;
  • Varicosity in a zone where massage is planned;
  • Good-quality and malignant new growths;
  • Diseases of endocrine system;
  • SARS;
  • Violation of coagulability of blood;
  • The increased body temperature.

Anti-cellulite structures with honey

That, how effective will be honey anti-cellulite massage in house conditions, is defined not only correctness of performance, but also the used mix. Experts recommend to take honey lime or grechishny. They contain the maximum quantity of antioxidants which can not only struggle with cellulitis, but also have the restoring effect on an organism in general.

The honey applied to massage has to have a viscous and liquid consistence. But if near at hand only the become candied product, it is possible to use also it, but it is necessary to kindle previously it on a water bath.

Honey massage from cellulitis in house conditions: as it is correct to do

Recipes of honey mixes there is a set. One of them helps not only to get rid of cellulitis, but also to smooth skin, deeply to clear it. For preparation it is necessary to mix sea salt and liquid honey in identical proportions, and after to use this mix for massage.

Anti-cellulite massage with honey in house conditions will become even more effective if to combine the main component with coffee. In this case it is possible to present to skin smoothness and flatness, to bring slags and toxins out of an organism and, of course, to reduce manifestations of "orange-peel". For preparation of mix it is necessary to mix eight spoons of liquid honey twice less ground coffee. Mix has to be drawn within 6-7 days. When this time expires, add some drops of essential oil of a lemon or a juniper to structure.

If the patience categorically isn't enough, it is possible to use simple recipes on the basis of honey and essential oils. Only it is necessary to train them just before application. The most effective structures following:

  • Mix 20 grams of honey, 5 drops of air of a lemon, on 2 drops of oil of a lavender and an eucalyptus.
  • 20 grams of honey need to be enriched with several drops of oil of a lemon, orange, a lavender and a juniper.
  • Add to three teaspoons on five drops of air of grapefruit and orange.

It is important to mix all structures carefully that their consistence was uniform.

Honey massage from cellulitis in house conditions: technology of carrying out

Honey massage from cellulitis in house conditions: as it is correct to do

Massage by honey from cellulitis is offered by many beauty shops. But procedure expensive therefore many prefer to carry out it in house conditions. It is quite possible if everything correctly to consider all recommendations and to make.

Before starting doing honey massage from cellulitis, it is necessary to take a shower and qualitatively to clear skin, using a srub. Surely wipe it a towel after that. Also consider that within an hour before procedure you shouldn't use food.

The technology of performance assumes the following sequence:

  • (Or the prepared mix) apply honey on palms and an even layer distribute it.
  • The easy patting movements it is necessary "to press" structure to the processed zone as if. Palms will be pasted therefore one part of honey remains on them, and another – on a body.
  • The first minute of massage do only light cottons.
  • After that pats have to amplify. Press palms to a body and sharply tear off.
  • At the end of procedure of the movement have to be the most intensive.
  • Consider that honey is absorbed by skin very quickly. Over time palms together with weight will be more difficult to be torn off. It is a sign of that, what are you doing everything is correct.
  • In such a way each problem zone needs to be processed for five minutes.

If anti-cellulite massage needs to be made in a stomach, procedure has to proceed the same five minutes. However the movements need to be done accurately clockwise. To reduce morbidity, it is possible to alternate strokings and active slaps.

Video the instruction to honey massage

Massage by honey from cellulitis which video will help to understand better how it is carried out, isn't very difficult procedure therefore to make his houses quite really.

How to finish procedure?

Having finished honey massage from cellulitis in house conditions, go to a shower and wash away from yourself the honey remains. It is possible to arrive and in a different way. At first you can wipe skin the towel moistened in a warm water and make the light weakening massage on the same zones, applying only usual massage oil. And later go to accept water procedures.

After a shower it is worth processing problem sites the moistening or anti-cellulite means.

How often to do massage with honey against cellulitis?

Honey massage from cellulitis in house conditions: as it is correct to do

If you want to receive the resistant and expressed result in fight against "orange-peel", not less than 15 sessions of honey procedures will be required. But the easy effect will be visible after the first sessions. It is necessary to do massage by honey from cellulitis in house conditions every other day. Procedures can alternate it to others anti-cellulite, for example, honey, coffee or acetic wrappings. After you graduate, it is possible to carry out procedure few times in a month for prevention and fixing of result.

Effective honey massage against cellulitis: useful tips

If you decided to do honey massage anti-cellulite massage, it is worth adhering also to the following recommendations:

  • Be ready that small pain will be present, and it is normal. But later a two-three of sessions skin will get used to honey influence, and the discomfort will be not such strong.
  • If after procedure you saw bruises on skin, it means that influence was too intensive. Besides it can speak about hypersensibility of skin and fragility of capillaries.
  • Don't take too much honey on skin. Otherwise palms will badly stick, and you don't receive what you want.
  • It isn't recommended to use entirely zakristallizovanny honey. In it there are a lot of lumps which will disturb at procedure. It should be dissolved long in view of what honey can lose all the useful properties.
  • It is better to do honey massage from cellulitis at rather cool temperature. In hot time honey can become too liquid and start flowing that will affect simplicity and efficiency of procedure.
  • Don't do massage in a bathroom. High humidity can affect a honey consistence.
  • You shouldn't use too liquid chalk. It nourishes skin, but poorly struggles with cellulitis.
  • After massage you shouldn't go outside at once. Otherwise you can catch a cold.
  • Of course, you remember that massage won't become a magic pill for weight loss if you like to lie on a sofa and to eat chips. The healthy nutrition and sport is a basis of productive fight against cellulitis and fatty deposits.

Honey massage from cellulitis as it is correct to do which you already know — it is very good method to tighten skin, to bring it into a tone and to overcome undesirable hillocks. It is important to do everything correctly, to adhere to the instruction and to watch a condition of the organism.