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How to struggle with cellulitis: 9 checked ways

You know about cellulitis already, apparently, everything — but so still and didn't get rid of a hated orange-peel. It is time to apply radical measures! Here the checked methods which need to be combined, and then by summer at you everything will be smooth.


How to struggle with cellulitis: 9 checked ways


To get rid of the superfluous

If you have extra kilos, revise the menu, and it is better with the nutritionist. But cellulitis — it not usual fatty deposits therefore it is necessary to choose those products which can fight against fatty stocks, hypostases, fibrosis. After all it is proved that in those zones where fat gathers, and there are inflammations.

What is it: to follow rules of anti-cellulite food.

  • You need anti-inflammatory proteins — that is in a turkey, chicken, a salmon, a trout, a tuna. They on an equal basis with exercises help to strengthen muscles. Besides proteins do elastic walls of blood and lymphatic vessels, creating the tightening effect.
  • Eat 5-7 any nutlets a day and a tablespoon of rape oil (for example, in salad). They contain many omega-3 — substance which will unblock fatty cages and protects cardiovascular system.
  • Anti-cellulite vegetables and fruit: red berries, a dried cranberry, raisin, spinach, cabbage and garnet juice without sugar.

  • Anti-cellulite seasonings: caraway seeds, turmeric, onions, garlic, ginger, nutmeg, shnitt-onions.

  • Bring the following products in a black list: sugar (turns into fat and promotes development of fibrosis), salt (add already to a plate) and light drinks (sweeteners artificially detain liquid in a body).


How to struggle with cellulitis: 9 checked ways


Persistently to train

You want the tightened, smooth and elastic skin? Regulartrainings help to achieve it: they stimulate lympho- and blood circulation, muscles tone up and reduce the amount of fatty deposits.

What is it: to carry out a number of exercises for problem zones (hips, buttocks, a press) for study of muscles plus 3-4 times in a week of 20-30 minutes of cardioloadings. The positive effect will be swept up after several months of occupations.


Systematically to float

If you intend to catch smooth skin, swimming and water aerobics will become the excellent decision. It is best of all to float in coolwater — so the organism burns even more calories, maintaining body temperature. Massage which you receive along with charging thanks to water pressure will become an additional bonus.

What is it: to visit the pool at least few times in a week.


How to struggle with cellulitis: 9 checked ways


To connect massage

Experts consider roller massage as the most effective in fight against cellulitis. It improves outflow of a lymph, softens the coarsened fabrics and forces out fat from cages. If to do such massage manually, most often there are bruises. Therefore it is better to choose more sparing hardware massage. For the best effect after a session walk home on foot or turn to the sports hall to get rid of the fat which left cages.

What is it: within a month on 2 massages a week. And for fixing of result it is enough of one the supporting procedure in a month.


How to struggle with cellulitis: 9 checked ways


To add ultrasound

Modern cosmetic devices which generate ultrasounds will help to destroy fatty cages under skin to you. But this pleasure costs expensive and besides is painless not. Such procedure is applicable only for a small zone — "ears" on hips, rounding on a stomach, the hanging sides.

Less radical option — the ultrasounds of low frequency softening firm crossing points in a fatty layer.

What is it: to choose suitable option — in a combination to healthy food and massage your skin will become more smooth.


How to struggle with cellulitis: 9 checked ways


To be loaded with energy

Miostimulyation — one more procedure which is used in beauty shops for fight against cellulitis and correction of a figure. On problem places fix electrodes, then turn on the device, and thanks to the sent weak electric impulses your muscles start being reduced. You as though do exercises, but such training doesn't cancel real but only supplements it in necessary places. 

This procedure raises a tone of muscles and improves blood circulation, promotes removal of excess liquid from fabrics.

What is it: to carry out a miostistimulyation within a month: 3-5 sessions a week for 20-30 minutes (it is desirable before massage or fitness).


How to struggle with cellulitis: 9 checked ways


To carry the "correct" footwear

There is an anti-cellulite footwear, which secret — in a special structure of a sole. Boots, boots or sneakers work as exercise machines for feet when you go or you stand. And at the same time hips, shins and even deep muscles of a torso force to work. And if you walk a fast pace, you involve all muscles of a bottom of a body and improve blood circulation that is very useful for skin.

What is it: to carry special footwear not less than half an hour in day.


To use caffeine

It is proved that caffeine possesses anti-fatty properties. It is included in composition of anti-cellulite creams that helps to wake fatty cages and to reduce adjournment of stocks. But it isn't necessary to put such means before going to bed.

What is it: to use cosmetics with caffeine before sports activities, the fat which is so released from cages instantly burns down.


How to struggle with cellulitis: 9 checked ways


To wear stockings

Yes not simple, but compression — it is necessary for at whom veins of feet are weakened or cellulitis is combined with obvious hypostases. Such stockings give feeling of ease, do hips by more graceful and help to clean stagnation of liquid fabrics. The main thing — is correct to pick up the size, then they can be carried as much as necessary!

What is it: to put anti-cellulite means under stockings, it will make your skin of more elastic.


So, massages, creams and devices can hype up fatty stocks and anew include them in a metabolism. But the released fat can return on a former place therefore it should be destroyed as soon as possible. And the most effective way — to move more!


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How to struggle with cellulitis: 9 checked ways