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How to grow thin after the delivery to the feeding mother: exercises and diet + (Unique Technique)

The subject of return to clothing sizes which were before pregnancy, excites young mothers not less, than aspects of development of the kid. Especially the question is particularly acute during breastfeeding, after all some mummies come back to former parameters to figures at this time, and some, alas, start gaining weight even more promptly, than during incubation of the child. As to grow thin after the delivery to the feeding mother, without having done harm to own organism and organism of the child which sensitively reacts to high-quality changes of breast milk?

How to grow thin after the delivery to the feeding mother: exercises and diet + (Unique Technique)

Weight reduction quickly and effectively: secrets for the feeding mothers

Needless to say that emergence of excess fatty deposits during incubation of the kid is not only is normal, but also it is necessary for normal course of process of incubation of the child. However "the children's fat" has the limitation period, and statements from the series "I have two children therefore I have the right for ten-another of excess kilograms" — no more than a banal excuse, unwillingness to face truth and a way to acquit themselves.

Important main recommendations on the way to weight loss

You want to avoid problems in the form of excess kilograms after pregnancy, adopt recommendations which will surely bring the contribution in reduction of a figure in an order reliably and quickly.

How to grow thin after the delivery to the feeding mother: exercises and diet + (Unique Technique)

  1. The major from this that will be required to you on the way to finding of a former form (and it is frequent – forms, much the best, than before pregnancy) – desire and motivation. Without these factors of attempt to grow thin will never turn into system, so – won't bring result. Consider own photos made during the best periods of life more often – the happy, laughing, slender girl from the photo will cause keen desire to use the best efforts to "dumping" of the superfluous. Regularly measure a favourite bathing suit: how you look in it now and how would like?
  2. Don't divide own mode with a day regimen of the kid. The set is familiar to mummies such phenomenon: the whole day while the child is awake, all the time is completely devoted to rituals on care of the kid, and by the time of when he falls asleep, exhaustion already so strong, what it simply is necessary to snatch on the refrigerator. Combination of meals will become an exit from such situation: accustom themselves to eat when also the child eats. Observing a diet, identical with the kid, you, in fact, will pass to fractional food which is considered pledge successful and that is more important, smooth and safe weight loss.
  3. Try to ensure good rest. By scientists it is proved: if to sleep less than 7-8 hours per day, even intensive physical activities and a diet won't lead to fast loss of weight. Certainly, the kid introduces essential amendments in the dream mode, but having secured with support native or having resorted to service of the nurse, for certain it is possible "to gather additionally" necessary rest-hours during the day.
  4. Observe balance in the aspiration to take good shape. On the one hand, when breastfeeding the rigid diets which significantly are cutting down diet caloric content, and also doing it unbalanced are strictly forbidden. On the other hand, many young mummies hope for "miracle" feeding during which it is possible to eat everything, and weight will leave itself. You remember: process of a lactation burns only 500-600 calories within a day is a slightly more than one chocolate therefore "to inflate" a diet absolutely there are no bases. Besides, the myth which says can promote a further set of weight also that degree of fat content of milk directly depends on fat content of the consumed food. It is a false stereotype – fat content of milk is provided with already existing organism reserves, the saturation fats of a daily diet can influence only emergence of new folds on a waist of the feeding woman.

Trainings for the feeding mothers

Fact: moderate physical activities – the most effective way to symmetry finding after the delivery.

At the same time, anything so doesn't interfere with safe healing of a uterus and, especially gaps, than any exercises.

Therefore even if outcome of childbirth most favorable, to start being engaged it is possible not earlier than 6-7 weeks later after them. If to start being engaged earlier, loading can affect extremely negatively and healing processes, and a lactation.

"Body&Mind" – "A body and Reason"

Skilled the trainer, answering a question "how to grow thin after the delivery to the feeding mothers?" advise to begin with the practician of "Body&Mind" – that is "A body and Reason": yoga, meditation, Pilates, etc.

How to grow thin after the delivery to the feeding mother: exercises and diet + (Unique Technique)

We grow thin after the delivery by means of fitness and meditation

It is well-known that these practicians are capable to change considerably a body at any stage of life, besides, they have practically no contraindications.

Main thing even not it: the relaxation and immersion "in themselves", the cornerstone of these occupations, will help to minimize a stress which inevitably introduces appearance of the kid in life.

Big advantage of these the technician consists and that occupations can be spent at home, after all the feeding mummies have no time for the road and visits of sports club and the family budget is quite often limited in view of expenses on care of the kid.

Natural exercises

How to grow thin after the delivery to the feeding mother: exercises and diet + (Unique Technique) You shouldn't underestimate also that activity which come to life with new cares: the series of pleasant efforts on care of the child are already exercises in the sufficient volume which burn excess calories.

And one more more habitual daily action, carrying the kid in "kangaroo", serves as full-fledged gymnastics for the feeding mothers: optimum load of muscles of a stomach and back allows to tighten a figure, and growing day by day all of the child will serve as a peculiar weighting compound, thus due to smoothness of a set of weight the backbone and a waist won't suffer.

Correct physical activities (recommendations)

How to grow thin after the delivery to the feeding mother: exercises and diet + (Unique Technique)
If you after all want to be engaged thoroughly in a figure, it is necessary to approach a loading choice rationally:

  • The pool which was the best type of physical activity during pregnancy, is recommended and during breastfeeding;
  • In a gym it is necessary to be engaged without burdening since exercises with a weight can provoke increase in milk of concentration of lactic acid that will give it characteristic smack;
  • The feeding mothers are recommended to avoid any aerobic trainings – classical aerobics, a step, run and so forth. The matter is that during such occupations the organism loses a lot of liquid, and the vast majority of elements and exercises have character, "shock" for a breast, and can injure it.
  • According to the previous recommendation, carefully analyze each exercise and houses, and in a hall – categorically avoid those at which performance the breast can be potentially injured;
  • If occupations assume inclusion of jumps, active moves hands and other movements provoking active "fluctuation" of a breast, it is possible to be engaged only in the special supporting bra which will thoroughly fix a breast. Otherwise such it is necessary to refuse occupations.

Diet of the feeding mother after the delivery

Many women really manage to dump all weight gained in 9 months during feeding by a breast without any efforts. It is caused by already mentioned energy consumption of the process of a lactation, high metabolic rate, fast normalization of a hormonal background and a number of specific features of an organism. For the same reasons, examples when during breastfeeding of weight loss didn't occur or weight even increased, too there is a lot of.

 As to grow thin after the delivery to the feeding mother a year later or it is more when she still nurses also a number of requirements and restrictions in food in force? The answer is banal: to resort to a diet. But, certainly, the special.

To approach a question of weight loss by means of correction of a diet it is most competent, important to remember the principles of food of the feeding mothers always:

  1. Exception of a diet of products allergens: vegetables, fruit and berries of bright coloring and exotic fruits, coffee, chocolate and cocoa products, nut and sunflower seeds, honey and dairy products. This list not final, additions will be made by the doctor observing mother and the child.
  2. The minimum of chemical additives and industrial processing of food, maximum of seasonal vegetables and fruit is a motto of all without exception of the feeding women.
  3. Is for two – a mistake which won't bring benefit to the child, and to mother will only add centimeters on hips. During pregnancy the organism already made stocks of substances and microcells, valuable to process of a lactation. Therefore during chest feeding the emphasis needs to be placed on quality of a diet, but not on its volume.
  4. Purposeful weight loss can be begun not earlier than 8-10 weeks later from the moment of the lightest event in life.

Young mother seldom has an opportunity to prepare favourite and useful dishes for all family members. How at a total lack of time and excess energy to eat so that it was rather tasty, it is useful, and still promoted weight loss? Make a family diet of options of dishes of the menu recommended just to the feeding women!

The menu of options of dishes for weight reduction

How to grow thin after the delivery to the feeding mother: exercises and diet + (Unique Technique)

Options of breakfasts:

  1. Porridge with apples
  2. Wheat porridge with fruitAdmissible
  3. vegetables and fruit puree mousse
  4. The baked fruit
  5. Cottage cheese casseroles and puddings of house preparation

Options of lunches:

  1. Vegetable soup (or cream soup)
  2. Buckwheat cereal
  3. The stuffed vegetable marrows or pepper
  4. Chicken house noodles soup
  5. Fish soup
  6. Stewed bird or beef

Options of mid-morning snacks:

  1. House ice cream
  2. Omelet
  3. Cheesecakes

Options of dinners:

  1. Steam chicken cutlets
  2. Fish with potatoes, baked in a pot
  3. Ratatouille
  4. Salads with the following ingredients: tuna, chicken liver, beet, siliculose haricot, Brussels sprout, natural yogurt, sour cream, walnuts, prunes, olive oil.

Important! First of all mothers nursing the kids need to watch that the child with breast milk received all necessary vitamins and nutrients therefore, the main thing — the child, then — a figure. Detailed article about the correct diet of the feeding mother (that it is possible to eat, and what it isn't recommended to eat) — examine. 

The most important for the feeding mother

To grow thin and return symmetry after the delivery is a normal desire of each woman quicker. But on the way to a treasured figure the thought that the most important of cares during this period is a care of the kid has to fill each your step.

Remarkably, if the healthy nutrition occupied not the last role in life of mother and before pregnancy. In case it not absolutely so, breastfeeding – the best time for creation of useful habits of food and instilling in their all family members, including the kid.

Let you be always accompanied by rationality, optimism and vigor! After all only healthy, self-assured and happy mother can bring up the same kid!

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