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How to grow thin when breastfeeding to the feeding mother without harm for the child?

The happy period of pregnancy is saddened by a set of extra kilos. Annoying changes of a figure upset, push the young woman to a cardinal solution. What to do and how to grow thin when breastfeeding so that your efforts weren't reflected in the child and came to the end with success? We will consider various options, we will talk about myths and delusions, we will try to find an optimum way to rectify situation.

How to grow thin when breastfeeding to the feeding mother without harm for the child? After the delivery the woman can notice changes in the figure, however in its forces return itself former forms by means of the dosed physical activities

Whether it is possible to grow thin when feeding by a breast?

The opinion which developed among the feeding women that during feeding by milk mother can't lose weight, more mistakenly. Having believed such statement, mummies tear off the baby from a breast, transfer to artificial feeding, thereby making one of the deepest mistakes. To grow thin when breastfeeding, it is possible to do nothing in general. Process takes place naturally — most of women quickly settle into shape by first year of life of the child, continuing to nurse it.

Investigating a subject of delusions, we will understand other hearings accompanying lactation time. We will take fat content of milk which, according to many mummies, influences development of the kid. Women uncontrollably eat greasy and sweet food to increase the caloric content of breast milk, and arrive silly. The structure maternal "a life elixir" is formed in days of pregnancy. What food you wouldn't use after the delivery, in it won't increase useful substances as their quantity is already completely balanced by the nature. The only thing that you need really to eat during this period is a proteinaceous food.

General recommendations about weight loss

Uniform way to grow thin during breastfeeding it isn't developed. Any recommendations correspond to specific features of mother. Especially attentive and patient mother should be with operation Caesarian. Some moments which should be considered, will be suitable for all feeding mothers as a basis for weight loss.

When the organism of the woman develops milk, it spends about 500 calories. Respectively, if your daily diet gathers 1500-1800 calories, you will quietly dump to 1 kg a month. If to walk on problem zones, experts note active reduction of volumes of hips by 3rd month. Continuing to feed the child, after 6 months you will notice dumping of the gained kilograms. It is obvious that observing the demanded food caloric content at GV you really grow thin.

Taking away a breast and passing to artificial feeding, you don't solve a problem correctly, and you follow the tastes of the desires. The statistics shows that the women continuing to nurse lose weight quicker, than what refused natural feeding and passed to the artificial. Tormenting itself infinite diets, it is possible to achieve deterioration of health and to small treasure of advantage of your diets a little. Your milk is the only natural product providing delivery of all useful elements to the growing organism. Giving to the kid a breast, you participate in formation of its immunity and all life support systems, you help the correct physical and psychoemotional development.

The lactation in itself cleans the kilograms gained by you during pregnancy. Medical supervision showed a surprising tendency: by 9th month of feeding the female figure gains pleasant symmetry. When you continue natural feeding in 2-3 years, there is a burning of fat on hands, hips, a stomach, a breast — the organism continues to develop milk, using internal reserves, and you quietly lose weight.

Whether it is possible to accelerate process?

It is possible to accelerate dumping of excess weight, but in the beginning it is worth having a talk with the doctor. Nine months of pregnancy you put on weight — obviously that in a week cardinally not to reduce kilograms. Adopt a step-by-step way and go towards the aim, following recommendations of experts.

Begin with calculation of metabolic rate in your organism. Barbara Edelstein's formula will help to remove the sum of calories and will show, in what party it is necessary to correct indicators. It looks so: your growth x 1,8504 + your weight in kg x 9,556 + your age x 4,7. So many calories are necessary for an organism at rest or at an inactive way of life.

Balance receipt with food of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Each of components, especially fats and carbohydrates used with surplus influences addition of kilograms.

  • Your diet has to consist of the products delivering for day of only 60 grams of fat. Sunflower seeds, cookies, fancy bread, chocolates in which 10 grams of fat are the share of 100 grams of a product, should be cleaned from food.
  • Reduce also quantity of the food rich with carbohydrates. Surplus of carbohydrates interferes with splitting of fatty deposits. Refuse for a while sweets, pastries, sparkling water.
  • Proteins have to come to an organism in usual volume. The lack of proteins leads to exhaustion of muscle bulk and weakening of cellular communications as the organism compensates for the protein deficiency, taking away it from them. Protein participates in "construction" processes, it helps to form a figure, strengthening muscular tissue. By all means bring products rich with protein in your daily menu. Recommendations are actual and for the women who passed through operation of the Caesarian.
How to grow thin when breastfeeding to the feeding mother without harm for the child? The amount of proteins in a diet can't be reduced as they are the main construction material for growth and development of an organism of the kid, and also for own muscular tissue of mother

When to start growing thin?

Pregnancy, childbirth, the first days as young mummy change a lot of things in a way of life of the woman. Daily vanity conducts to a zatrachivaniye of the maximum quantity of the energy necessary for restoration of forces of an organism. To hurry with diets and dropping kilograms isn't necessary — now you in the answer not only for itself, but also for the little man. Be prepared for a stage-by-stage solution. We will tell how to grow thin after the delivery to the feeding mother in house conditions from what to start and paying special attention to what nuances. We will discuss precautions for those who passed through the Caesarian.

First stage: till 6 months

The period before half a year the most responsible. The kid eats only milk, and your strict diet can do it harm. Limiting itself in food, you provoke reduction of a lactation, the child undereats, badly develops. Let's the organism work correctly, refuse diets and intensive physical exercises. Clean fat and smoked products from a diet. Prepare the stewed or baked dishes. Try not to eat various pickles, refuse sausage. Use natural products in the menu: meat, fresh fruit, vegetables, fish.

Eat in the small portions, having broken meal into intervals for 2-3 hours. Diversify dishes so that they were prepared from the main useful products. A la carte the set of products consists of meat and fish dishes, bean – 7 portions, vegetables – 4 portions, dairy products – 3 portions, fruit – 4, a croup – 7. Plan a dinner for time from 19 to 20 o'clock.

If after 20 hours you wanted to eat, prepare sweet tea. Hot drink will remove an attack of hunger and will support a normal lactation in evening and night time.

Second stage: after 6 months

After half a year it is worth reducing norm of fats to 30-40 grams a day. Such quantity is easily gathered from milk, porridges, cottage cheese. Choose products with the smallest content of fat. Eat potatoes dishes, macaroni, sweet products till a lunch — and it is up to 12 hours better if you have dinner later. Keep the mode of reception of a dinner in 4 hours prior to a dream. Now have tea green and without sugar or be limited to usual drinking water.

Intensity of physical activities

It is recommended to start physical activities to 2-month age of the child. Childbirth through Cesarean section demands to postpone physical culture until execution to the kid of 3-4 months. Coordinate the desire with the doctor. Begin with small loadings, don't overload yourself that lactic acid didn't spoil taste of breast milk. Be engaged together with the baby, visit the pool, daily walk on foot.

Before trainings be examined by the doctor and be checked. Perhaps, it will be found in you diastases (a divergence of direct muscles of a stomach). If the doctor makes such diagnosis, it is necessary to work over elimination of a problem and to return stomach muscles in a usual state. To train at such diagnosis, as well as after Cesarean section, it is impossible. You carry a bandage and make here such exercises:

  1. Lay down on a back, cross hands above an umbilical hollow, press fingers direct muscles and attract them in normal situation. Then raise the head from a floor, taking a breath, and lower on an exhalation. Repeat action of 5 times.
  2. Lean on forearms and toes, having taken place parallel to a floor. The pose is called "level". You watch that your body stood at attention, you look in a floor. Try not to stoop and not to cave in in a waist. Detain situation for 1 minute.
How to grow thin when breastfeeding to the feeding mother without harm for the child? It is worth loading itself with exercises not earlier than in 2 months after a natural rodorazresheniye. This time will be enough for an organism for restoration of fabrics of an abdominal cavity and internals

After you consult with diastases, that is redeem normal situation of direct muscles of a stomach, it is possible to start inflating of a press. Women at whom childbirth passed through Cesarean section, need to consult at the attending physician. It is necessary to gather in a stomach at a kesareva only after full healing. To risk health for the sake of a beautiful figure silly and irresponsibly in relation to the child. Only having completely restored after Cesarean section, it is possible to afford sports occupations. Suffer a little, at you still will be time to take care of the own life.

How to gather in a postnatal stomach?

To restore a tone of muscles of a press and to send couple of extra kilos the following exercises will help:

  • twisting – is carried out till 15-20 times for one approach;
  • the buttock bridge – lay down on a floor, bend knees, raise a basin up, strain back muscles, return to a starting position;
  • raising of a direct back from a prone position – exercise reminds twisting, but loading goes on a waist, back muscles at the same time become stronger;
  • "level" – the static exercise training all muscles of a stomach, hips, a back and shoulders.
How to grow thin when breastfeeding to the feeding mother without harm for the child? The buttock bridge — simple in technology of performance, but effective exercise for strengthening of an abdominal tension and formation of a beautiful flat tummy

Fitness of the house and in a hall

After the delivery measured life completely disappears — it is necessary to move much and actively. Any homework, care of the child, walks, games, carrying the kid in "kangaroo" — all this your house fitness which works and after the Caesarian. Imperceptibly for yourself you train a body, you burn calories and you grow thin. If there is a wish to return to occupations in the sports hall, remember useful recommendations:

  1. Visit the pool during pregnancy and after the child's birth. Swim and when feeding by a breast.
  2. Clean from exercises a hall burdening. Loading with a weight causes production of lactic acid which spoils taste of breast milk.
  3. The feeding mummies can't be engaged in aerobics, run, a step. Any cardiotraining causes liquid loss, doing harm to an organism.
  4. Beware to carry out the movements capable to lead to a breast injury.
  5. Carrying out exercises at which there is a breast concussion, put on the supporting bra.

Combining the diet chosen by you with the recommended physical exercises, you will be able quickly to lose excess weight. It is important not to recede and implement all recommendations daily, having had patience. Use the stage-by-stage mode of weight loss coordinated with age the child. Distribute loadings, being guided by own health. Having taken our advice, you will easily grow thin, having kept health to yourself and the kid.

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