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How to make anti-cellulite massage in house conditions: manual, can, hardware

How to make anti-cellulite massage in house conditions: manual, can, hardware Anti-cellulite massage in cosmetology offices enjoys wide popularity. It is carried out at the high professional level, thanks to presence of skilled massage therapists and the special equipment. However visit of salons is connected with a certain operating mode, demands considerable expense of time and appliances, especially if to consider quantity of sessions of a basic course and need of carrying out the supporting courses and procedures.

It is possible to carry out comfortably anti-cellulite massage in house conditions, having saved time and means. For its performance there is no need to acquire profound knowledge and vocational training. Independent massage is rather effective, especially at initial stages of cellulitis. It also quite is suitable for carrying out the supporting course of procedures for all year.

That the nobility how to make anti-cellulite massage in house conditions, it is necessary to have the general ideas of cellulitis, the main methods of massage and the mechanism of their action, and also of rules of carrying out.

Idea of cellulitis

Cellulitis — this congestion of fatty cages with hypostasis and dystrophy of fabrics on certain sites of a body. Most often it occurs in the field of a forward belly wall and lateral departments of a stomach, in lumbar area and the lower departments of a back, an external surface of hips, is more rare — in the field of elbow, the luchezapyastnykh, knee and ankle joints.

Thus in hypodermic cellulose between fatty cages the crossing points of collagenic fibers of cellular structure worsening blood circulation and outflow of a lymph, so and penetration of oxygen, hormones are formed. Processes of a metabolism are broken. All this interferes with splitting and release of fat, leads to inflammatory processes and a congestion of excess liquid, promotes formation of cicatricial fabric in hypodermic cellulose of the specified zones. Thus, massage at cellulitis has to have not the general character, but local and purposeful.

Massage action mechanism

It has no direct effect on adipotsita. Therefore it isn't necessary to seek "to crush" their congestions as it will lead only to damage of small vessels and nerves, formation of hematomas and still bigger violation of outflow, increase in an inflammation and hypostasis of fabrics, to formation of hems in them. Cages will continue to accumulate fats, but won't be able to release them.

Massage purpose:

  • improvement of a blood-groove and strengthening of outflow of a lymph;
  • attraction of blood in the zones affected with cellulitis;
  • increase of a metabolism and gas exchange;
  • increase in disintegration of lactic acid;
  • accumulation of biologically active elements promoting attraction of fibroblast and macrophages who promote destruction the soyedinitelnotkannykh of partitions and to restoration of a normal metabolism, that is removal of fat from cages.

Massage can be carried out in the manual and hardware way, and also to combine these methods of influence.

General rules of carrying out

The technology of anti-cellulite massage in house conditions, including the general rules, considers features of its carrying out in different zones. It is as follows:

  1. For the best sliding of hands anti-cellulite cream or the divorced oil of a juniper, a cypress, orange or a lemon is used.
  2. It is necessary to begin the massage movements slowly, gently, gradually increasing speed and force of influence. It is necessary to finish with also superficial weakening movements.
  3. The massage movements have to be strong, but such that skin got pink (not red) coloring.
  4. It is impossible to render strong physical impact in the field of nervous trunks, vascular and nervous textures, in places of localization of lymph nodes — supraclavicular, axillary, inguinal, popliteal areas and an internal surface of a hip.
  5. Massage has to be carried out in the direction of outflow of blood and a lymph. For hands and a thorax — it is axillary area; for a stomach, hips and a lumbar zone — inguinal area, for shins — a popliteal pole.
How to make anti-cellulite massage in house conditions: manual, can, hardware

1. The scheme of the movement of hands at massage 2. Lymphatic drainage lines of a lower body

The technology of carrying out anti-cellulite massage of a stomach in house conditions has the features:

  1. Manipulation is made in 2 hours prior to food or in 3-4 hours after food.
  2. It is impossible to mass the lower departments of a stomach in a nadlobkovy zone.
  3. It is necessary to refuse procedures during the menstrual period.
  4. Massage should be carried out the easy movements without pressure upon internals.
  5. Prior to the beginning of a session it is necessary to create conditions for the best outflow of a lymph by reduction of the content of liquid in digestive bodies of the top departments of a stomach — previously to put under the head a pillow for relaxation of a neck, to lay down on a back, to turn in knees, to make a deep breath and to inflate a stomach, on an exhalation — to press a stomach hands and to bend to knees. To repeat this exercise 2 — 3 times then it is possible to begin procedure.

Duration and number of sessions

On one site of a body house anti-cellulite massage is carried out from 3 to 25 minutes, on all — 40-60 minutes. Depending on expressiveness of cellulitis in different problem places of a body, this time is distributed on zones:

How to make anti-cellulite massage in house conditions: manual, can, hardware

Total number of procedures of a basic course has to average 15. Performance frequency — 10 procedures in 1 day, the others — 2 times a week. Further it is possible to repeat the supporting sessions 1 time in 2 weeks.


Carrying out anti-cellulite massage isn't recommended at:

  • sharp and chronic diseases and inflammatory processes on skin in zones of carrying out manipulations;
  • exacerbation of chronic system diseases;
  • acute infectious diseases;
  • violations of coagulability of blood;
  • pregnancy and feeding by a breast;
  • varicosity in influence places.

Main methods of manual massage

Its purpose — to strengthen blood circulation in capillaries, to open additional vessels ("to warm" fabrics), to improve outflow of a lymph and function of sweat and sebaceous glands.

The average duration of performance of receptions (minute) at manual massage

How to make anti-cellulite massage in house conditions: manual, can, hardware

Stroking and easy vibration

It is carried out at the beginning and at the end of a session by carrying out by all palm or small pillows of fingers only on a skin surface. It is also possible to carry out the easy vibration movements by finger-tips, established vertically to a skin surface. In buttocks it is possible to make circular, zigzag and rectilinear (in the direction of a groin) the movements.

Hands and shins it is more convenient to stroke four fingers and the thumb taken aside bent in a half ring. On shins at self-massage it can be done by two hands.


It consists in shift and stretching of fabrics (without sliding of hands on skin) helicoid, rectilinear and roundabouts of palms or small pillows of fingers. It reaches mechanical movement of liquid, strengthening of a lymphatic drainage and blood-groove in deeper vessels, oxygen delivery improvement. Thus temperature of skin increases by 1-1,5 degrees. Reception is directed on reduction of hypostasis of fabrics and prevention of formation of hems in them.


It is carried out by the rhythmical, fast, vigorous movements along muscles but so that there was no feeling of pain. There are different options of squeezing:

  1. The cross — fingers are pressed to each other and slightly bent in joints; the palm is located across the massed site and moves along it.
  2. The edge of a brush is established perpendicularly to a skin surface also across a site and moves up.
  3. — a palm have the palm basis in the direction of muscle fibers and move up.


It is carried out two options:

  1. Poshchipyvany by capture of skin finger-tips by means of a palm. The taken skin is moved with the sliding, short, fast, continuous movements. The integument is delayed by fingers and contracts within several seconds a little. Thus it is necessary to move on the next sites, without coming off them, as if rolling.
  2. The room of the greatest possible site of skin, hypodermic cellulose and muscles between palms. Fabrics "fray" between the approaching palms, without tearing off the last from a surface.


It is carried out by edges of palms, articulate surfaces of the fingers bent in a fist, finger-tips.

How to make anti-cellulite massage in house conditions: manual, can, hardware

Main massage receptions: squeezing, razminaniye

You can look at additional information on the main massage movements together with video here.

Video: some methods of anti-cellulite massage from Anna Kurkurina

Can anti-cellulite massage in house conditions

Massage by vacuum banks by means of which it is possible to carry out dot, the stroking and pounding influences by change of size of negative pressure in glass or (better) a plastic vacuum aspirator can be effective addition to house manual massage. For convenience of use banks with the device allowing to dose more precisely negative pressure in them are issued. In procedure of anti-cellulite massage to a can method 15% of the general time are allowed.

It is also possible to apply also various manual massage brushes with a soft and rigid bristle and the long handle which are on sale in drugstores.

House hardware anti-cellulite massage

Various companies on production of the cosmetology equipment offer a wide choice mono - and multipurpose masseurs for house use at cellulitis. For example, it is possible to use devices with four adjustable functions and parameters on intensity and time of influence. For this purpose they are supplied with various nozzles — the plastic banks of different diameter intended for vacuum massage in various zones, a nozzle for vibromassage, for microcurrent therapy and infrared (in the different modes) radiations.

The Gezatone company offers very convenient manual electric anti-cellulite vibrating massagers with the rotating rollers or rollers which can be used for 15 minutes daily (Gezatone Body Sculptor AMG114), vacuum and roller devices in which vacuum influence is combined with massage effect of one or several (depending on the area of a zone) the rotating rollers (Gezatone Vacuum Beauty System). The companies also make the high-quality devices generating Darsonval's currents with the expressed massage effect (it is possible to apply daily for 10 minutes), a rug for a hydromassage in a house bathroom, etc.

The combination of various techniques of manual and hardware massage helps to make fight against cellulitis in house conditions highly effective.

How to make anti-cellulite massage in house conditions: manual, can, hardware

Results of carrying out house anti-cellulite massage

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