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How quickly to grow thin after the delivery when breastfeeding

Each woman can recover during pregnancy that is the normal phenomenon. But how to be after the child's birth when the gained kilograms of excess weight during incubation of the peanut don't want to disappear at all? And so there is a wish to return itself former forms, an elastic body and a beautiful bottom. We will understand this material, it is possible and whether it is necessary to get rid of the gained kilograms of excess weight during breastfeeding and as it can be done.

How quickly to grow thin after the delivery when breastfeeding

Whether it is possible to grow thin

The reasons of emergence of excess weight in women are proved by the nature and a physiological structure. After all, as we know, even during pregnancy in an organism of women active development of certain hormones which are called as an estrogen and a progesterone begins. These hormones in the course of development are postponed in an organism and collect in the form of fatty layers. These layers accumulate in the least mobile places: stomach, breast, hips.

How quickly to grow thin after the delivery when breastfeeding

Many women after the delivery to improve process of a lactation seek to eat everything that is on a table. This wrong action which doesn't bear in itself common sense. After all such actions won't increase process of development of breast milk but only will lead to further accumulation of fatty layers under skin.

To get rid of them in the subsequent it will be much more difficult. Therefore in this article you learn that for weight loss during GV it is important to eat not much, and it is correct — to do it. Also it is possible to grow thin thus, but about it in details further.

Diet of the feeding mother after the delivery

After the delivery newly made mummy not only can grow thin, but also it is necessary. For this purpose in the most effective way of weight loss as in all cases, the diet and sport is considered. About these ways of weight loss for the feeding mothers it will be considered in this article.

How quickly to grow thin after the delivery when breastfeeding

That, first of all, it is important to know the only thing before resorting to wearisome diets, it that during breastfeeding mother needs to eat the correct and healthy food which will help to develop breast milk. During feeding weight will be gradually lost independently, but it is for this purpose important not to be fond of an overeating and a passive way of life.

When breastfeeding to the woman the special diet which feature consists in disposal of high-calorie food will help to grow thin. Features of that diet are caused by the following recommendations:

  1. It is impossible to feed on completely noncaloric food as the kid needs not easy breast milk, and nutritious mix which positively influences its growth and development. It is in that case important to know that the daily norm of calories shouldn't exceed 1800 kcal. The diet has to include such components as proteins, carbohydrates and even fats, and also it isn't necessary to forget about vitamins and mineral additives.
  2. The use of carbohydrates doesn't mean at all that it is possible to eat confectionery sweets. Sweets and especially sacchariferous products are forbidden for the use to the feeding mother who seeks to grow thin. Sugar doesn't do well not only for mother, but also for the little peanut.
  3. Can't eat the feeding mother and such types of food which were prepared by means of a pickles, frying or smoking. Such dishes besides adjournment of fats, negatively influence and a gastrointestinal tract of the woman and her baby. If to use smoked products during breastfeeding, over time the child can have problems with development and health.
  4. If you seek to return the former forms which were before pregnancy, it is important to pay attention to the use of the cleared water. And not easy to drink water, and correctly to use it and in certain quantities. The daily norm of the feeding mother makes about 2-2,5 liters of the cleared water without gases. It is necessary to use it periodically for all day on 1-2 glasses at most for once.
  5. The quantity of prisest in a day has to make not less than 5-6 times, nearly an every 4 hour. Thus it is impossible to overeat as it negatively to be reflected on health of the child.
  6. It is impossible to starve during chest feeding to mother. After all malnutritions and food by low-calorie food promptly are involved by development of different types of violations in the kid.

How quickly to grow thin after the delivery when breastfeeding

During breastfeeding to grow thin really, but thus it is important to adhere to healthy nutrition and to watch that the child gorged on milk.

Recently even more often practice among young mothers of a diet in whom there are fasting days. The essence of such diet consists in these fasting days which no more than 2 times for a week have to be. Why fasting days because it was established that low-calorie food of one day has no negative impact on a lactation.

Besides, it was proved that fasting days allow to accelerate weight loss process that actually is an important point. Of what the fasting day can consist? This day it is possible to give preference to the following products:

  • vegetables and to use them both in crude, and in a boiled look;
  • sour-milk production, in particular, to kefir;
  • fruit (apples, water-melons);
  • meat, thus it has to be a little;
  • fish products (it is necessary to give preference to low-fat grades of fishes, that is, sea);
  • cottage cheese.

Here actually main list of auxiliary food which will help to solve a problem of excess weight anyway, even being on breastfeeding.


Depends on correctly made menu not only a saturation of an organism, but also the correct development of the child. Therefore if you conceived to pass to a diet during breastfeeding, first of all, it is necessary to report about it to the doctor. The doctor will make recommendations of, whether it is necessary to do you it or not. After all at some mothers process of a lactation is so weak that about any diet and the speech can't go.

If the doctor allowed to pass to dietary food, he surely has to warn that the woman is forbidden to starve and eat only salads.

How quickly to grow thin after the delivery when breastfeeding

The diet of the feeding mother without fail have to include such products:

  1. Sour-milk production, in particular, kefir, cottage cheese, curdled milk. The daily norm shouldn't be less than 0,5 kg of any of these components.
  2. Meat production, which quantity there have to be not less than 200 grams per day.
  3. Vegetables — 600 grams.
  4. Vegetable oils — 20 grams.
  5.  Bread.

All these components have to enter a daily diet of the feeding mother. The menu of the nursing mother can consist of the following products:

  1. For breakfast it is possible to prepare cottage cheese casserole or to drink kefir.
  2. Having a snack can consist of tea with a slice of firm cheese or of fresh fruit.
  3. For lunch it is recommended to cook vegetable soup with the boiled meat of a turkey or chicken, and also salad from vegetables. Thus it is optional to eat bread.
  4. For a mid-morning snack it is possible to drink a glass of kefir.
  5. Day can be finished by means of a dinner on which to prepare potatoes in uniforms with salad from vegetables. The dinner not has to be 19.00 hours are later. If you go very to bed late and till this time the kid already ate several times, for certain will torment all night long feeling of hunger. Therefore before going to bed it is possible to amuse itself a glass of low-fat kefir. It will provide milk for the kid on all night long.

Be also attentive during the use of vegetables and fruit as at chest feeding not all from them is possible for the feeding mothers. It is necessary to exclude a citrus from fruit, and from vegetables it isn't desirable to feed on tomatoes.

Important elements

Even during pregnancy the woman had to visit extremely seldom supermarkets and eat semi-finished products and other chemical food. During feeding the breast need also to continue to feed only on natural products. For example, it is better to buy sour-milk production from the checked farmers, and it is even better at relatives. Such products not only aren't harmful to an organism of mother and the child, but also bear huge advantage that you won't tell about manufacturing.

How quickly to grow thin after the delivery when breastfeeding

Except the main food, the woman during feeding by a breast it is necessary to think and of vitamins and mineral substances which will do good to the child. An integral part of the main daily diet is calcium which norm has to make to 1600 mg. It is known that dairy products are rich in composition of calcium. Therefore won't be superfluous if in day you eat not only kefir and cottage cheese, but also firm tofu cheese.

Calcium contains as well in a white cabbage, broccoli, almonds and even a sardine. If you aren't sure that calcium arrives in necessary quantities, for this purpose there are special preparations which without effort can be got in a drugstore. Besides, preparations contain not only calcium, but also many other useful substances, for example, iron, magnesium, zinc.

The use of mineral substances is useful not only for the kid, but also — it is positively reflected on health of the woman and, moreover, in process of decrease in body weight. After all the use of vitamins and minerals promote improvement of work of many systems and human organs, in particular, of a metabolism. Means, process of removal from an organism of the slags and toxins which collected in 9 months of incubation of the child is accelerated.

How quickly to grow thin after the delivery when breastfeeding

It isn't necessary to forget and about such important element as vitamin D. This vitamin is very important for the child, especially if the kid was born in winter time. The lack of vitamin D leads to development of rickets that is a difficult disease. Therefore to exclude probability of development of negative consequences in the kid, mother needs to eat vegetable oil, fish, eggs and milk.

In these products vitamin D contains in excess quantities. As a last resort, the use of a special preparation which contains vitamin D is allowed and it is called Akvadetry.

But it should be taken into account that excess of vitamin D is also not positive property and can provoke other character negative consequences.

Trainings for the feeding mothers

Besides healthy nutrition, for weight loss the feeding mothers need to pay attention and to physical activities. Only at once it should be noted that it is possible to resort to physical sport not earlier than in a month after the delivery. Women who had complications after the delivery, can play sports only after permission of the doctor.

How quickly to grow thin after the delivery when breastfeeding

It is necessary to begin sports activities for the purpose of weight reduction with simple exercises, such as foot walks or cycling. Over time loadings can be increased gradually. If you observe that during exercises the health worsens, it is necessary to address to the doctor immediately.

The most widespread exercises for weight loss during feeding by a breast is the gymnastics in house conditions. Its advantage is what it is possible to carry out it at any time when it appears. We will consider some main types of gymnastic exercises by means of which it is possible to grow thin after the delivery.

  1. Exercises for lifting of hips and a bottom. For performance of the first task it is necessary to sit down on socks and to straighten thus a back. Feet have to be located on width of shoulders. Knee-bends in number of 20 times are carried out. The second exercise means acceptance of a rack — lying on one side. Thus the lower hand props up the head, and the top foot makes rises to the greatest possible corner. The number of performance of such exercises on one side makes 20 times.
  2. Exercises for a breast. The easiest way to tighten a breast and pectoral muscles — it to make a classical type of push-ups from a floor in number of 10-15 times. One more simple exercise at which it is necessary to approach a wall and to rest against it palms. Performance of pressings on a wall, for 10-15 seconds is made. The number of repetitions makes 5-10 times.
  3. Exercises for a stomach. The simplest exercise for lifting of the drooped stomach — is a classical press. It is carried out as follows, it is necessary to lay down on a floor and to bend feet in knees. To put hands for the head and to try to raise a trunk till the moment, you won't touch elbows of knees yet. Number of repetitions — 10 times.


Diana, 23"My mother told me that during pregnancy she gained nearly 20 kg, but I didn't think that all this can happen to me. For long 9 months I gained nearly 17 kg and began to weigh 89 kg. After the child's birth scales showed figure 5 kg smaller, but all the same it didn't console me. I looked at the photos and simply sobbed from uncertainty.

How quickly to grow thin after the delivery when breastfeeding

The doctor recommended to me to go on a special diet for the feeding mothers. Except a diet, it is necessary to be engaged for 20 minutes in physical exercises. Better if to do gymnastics twice a day. What as a result I received? In a month I grew thin for 5 kg and began to play sports even more actively. For myself I drew a conclusion that not the diet, and sport is more important for weight loss rather. The more in life, the person is happier than it. Thanks"

Marine, 26 years: "Tendency to corpulence in our family — is some kind of tradition. Practically all the time I kept a shape, did gymnastics, watched the diet and once I became pregnant, and it was necessary to stop all these procedures temporarily. Of course, I began to eat from third month of pregnancy, as they say — for two, and could do nothing with myself. I knew about consequences, but didn't know that is so serious. During pregnancy I gained 19 kg that revolted me to madness.    How quickly to grow thin after the delivery when breastfeeding

I was afraid that I won't manage to return the former forms never. In a month after the delivery I got it together and started: I deleted from a diet all fried, smoked and salty. At all I ceased to buy sugar not to tempt itself. I began to eat only naturally cooked food and in limited volumes. Besides, per day I began to drink on 2 liters of water that is given very not easy. Of course, in two months after the delivery I returned to the gimnastika. In three months I already grew thin for 10 kg. I think couple more of such months and again I will be able to register in stroynyashka. Generally, if you really are afraid to go outside because had imprudence to gain excess weight, that time to take care of the own life."