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How to clean cellulitis on a bottom and hips

How to clean cellulitis on a bottom and hips

It is possible to get rid of cellulitis on problem zones and it is independent. There are effective techniques and ways which can be applied in house conditions, and to achieve results in three-four weeks. To understand how it is correct to fight against "orange-peel", first of all, it is necessary to understand that it is.

Cellulitis call change of structure of fatty hypodermic cellulose, the most widespread among people who suffer from excess body weight. Fatty traps are often formed on problem sites — feet, area of hips, a bottom. Contrary to the general opinion, many thin girls suffer from cellulitis.

There is a set of means and ways to get rid of an orange-peel that testifies that this problem is chronic. If to cease to carry out certain manipulations, it again comes back to a former place therefore fight against cellulitis represents a certain ritual which needs to be followed regularly.

To clean hilly and again all whom the problem concerned wish to find smooth skin, but it is necessary to work without haste and not only due to use of expensive cream. The full-fledged package of measures directed on elimination of fatty plaques which perfectly is suitable for performance in house conditions allows to achieve good result.

Why there is a cellulitis and what factors promote its education?

How to clean cellulitis on a bottom and hips

The orange-peel is result of stagnation of liquid which leads to accumulation in fatty tissue of a large amount of collagenic fibers. It interferes with microcirculation. Absence active lympho-and a blood-groove, the broken metabolism is led to reorganization of fatty tissue.

The following is distinguished from the factors provoking cellulitis:

  • smoking;
  • pregnancy and child's birth;
  • violations of a food allowance;
  • set and loss of weight, especially as a result of sharp diets;
  • pregnancy interruption;
  • lack of physical activity.

Are most subject to a problem of the female representative.

There is no wonder-working means which will be able to clean completely cellulitis from hips, feet and a bottom. If to resort only to massage or a wrapping, it is impossible to grow thin for 5-15 kilograms. Measures have to be complex.

Exclusively versatile approach which includes four indispensable conditions allows to achieve effect:

  1. the special food (anti-cellulite) added with walks on foot;
  2. lymphatic drainage dry massage;
  3. the special exercise directed on fight against an orange-peel;
  4. the wrapping which is carried out on problem sites.

If accurately to follow each point, results won't keep themselves waiting long, and skin again will find smoothness.

Healthy nutrition and foot walks

How to clean cellulitis on a bottom and hips

The advertized cream and other means, certainly, bring the contribution in fight against fatty hypodermic plaques, but, as well as in cases with any cosmetic products, don't replace the correct approach to a solution. Only competently made diet and walks in the fresh air can lay the foundation to "improvement" of fatty tissue. Without these two components of due result it is simply impossible to achieve. The problem or remains, or cellulitis will leave only partially.

Correct drinking mode

On each kilogram of a body weight it is necessary to drink 20-30 pure milliliters. Carbonated drinks, natural juice, coffee and tea aren't considered. To control amount of the drunk liquid, take a bottle and fill with water, and then in breaks between receptions drink from capacity from 50 to 100 milliliters. The habit is considered useful, waking up, to drink two glasses of water.

Good and various nutrition

How to clean cellulitis on a bottom and hips

Any harmful products — alcohol, sweets, barmy pastries, sugar, smoked, white flour, salty, there is a lot of coffee. The important role is played by a good and normal chair. Surely it is necessary to eat food with the high content of prebiotics — fermented milk natural products, sauerkraut, and also vegetables rich with cellulose containing fibers psillium, a linen seed, cakes. The menu should be made taking into account specific features of an organism.

The amount of carbohydrates is obliged to be low. Include food with low and average GI in a diet. It fish, not large by the sizes, vegetables and meat. It is per day recommended to eat no more than 500 grams of fruit, average portions of grain, vegetable useful oils, fermented milk products with moderate fat content. The main thing that carbohydrates weren't used in unlimited number.

The special attention should be paid to minerals and vitamins. And if the Omega-6 is present at a diet much, the Omega-3 — at deficiency. Allows to compensate a lack of fatty acid spirulin, olive oil, sea cabbage, avocado, walnuts, cod-liver oil. This food is included surely in a diet.

The minimum physical activity half-hour walking at moderate speed is considered. These are about 2,5-3 kilometers. Instead of kardio, especially after 30 years, the preference should be given to athletic exercises the majority from which it is possible to carry out houses. The body weight will become excellent loading. Slow speed, unlike fast, is capable to exhaust before trembling of knees that is to indisputable pluses. It is recommended to be engaged kalanetiky, Pilates, oksisayzy and bodifleksy.

Dry massage by a brush

How to clean cellulitis on a bottom and hips

There is a set anti-cellulite the technician of massage for buttocks and feet — with a rolling pin, banks, Lyapko's rollers, bamboo sticks, and also manual. In house conditions the most effective and available is dry, carried out with use of a brush. It allows to stimulate outflow of a lymph, promotes microblood circulation normalization, and also relieves of the become lifeless epithelium layers. When massage is complete, skin is completely ready to absorption of the curative structure put after procedure. If the session is carried out not only for problem sites, all reserves of an organism are involved, cleaning processes that is indisputable plus for health are activated.

To execute lymphatic drainage dry massage, it is necessary to take a dry brush with a natural bristle. If this special adaptation which is put on a hand, it is possible to take at once two. It is better to get brushes not only with an eyelet for clothing on a palm, but also with the extended handle allowing to mass a back. Is admissible to take not only special massage, but also shoe, the main thing, with a wooden basis.

The correct technology of performance of dry anti-cellulite massage with a brush assumes:

  • the movement on the direction of current of a lymph from a bottom to top, from the periphery and to the center;
  • speed has to be slow and viscous, but not fast and sharp;
  • it is necessary to press skin, there is no easy pricking yet, and skin won't become pink, feelings pleasant, but not painful;
  • in one direction no more than three times are admissible to move;
  • at first skin is stroked the direct movement, and then the circular warming.
How to clean cellulitis on a bottom and hips The scheme of movements for all body

When time for full massage isn't present, it is possible to be limited only to problem zones. The first it is necessary to stimulate inguinal lymph nodes easy slow pressing along with two parties.

Procedures for completion of massage

When the session is complete, take a shower. Ideal option will become contrast. It is possible to limit only to problem zones, pouring over feet, hips and a bottom cold water. Skin is blotted with a towel. Apply lotion with addition of essential oils with anti-cellulite effect. These natural products possess fine aroma and proved the high efficiency. As the best oils against cellulitis are considered lemon, grapefruit, rosemary, fennel, a geranium and a juniper.

Duration of a course of dry massage

How to clean cellulitis on a bottom and hips

The number of procedures is regulated individually. Everything depends on that, skin is how sensitive. During fight against an orange-peel massage is recommended to be done every other day. Similar frequency should hold in the first month. When skin becomes smooth, the supporting massage is done by not less than 2-3 times a week already on a constant basis. Otherwise cellulitis will have an effect again.

It is forbidden

It is impossible to do massage every day. Sessions are contraindicated at inflammatory dermatological problems, violations of endocrine system, high temperature of a body.

Walking on buttocks

How to clean cellulitis on a bottom and hips

Exercises on hips and buttocks there is a set, but not all of them are suitable for performance in house conditions, but also not always yield fast result. The most effective and ideally suited for independent execution "walking" on a bottom is considered. Any titanic efforts, and smoothness to skin comes back in a month.

To go on the fifth point back and forth and around it is necessary a quarter of hour — 2 minutes of walking alternate to 30 seconds of rest. The first occupation should be begun from 10 minutes, and then in a week to finish to 15. During exercise constantly change the direction, thus it is necessary to consider that it is always more difficult to go back, and also increase the pace, but between approaches surely do a break in half-minute. If to do exercise daily, in a month skin on the fifth point will become smooth.

Walking on a bottom is useful not only to buttocks, but also to a waist, a stomach, sides. It is excellent prevention to problems of lumbar department of a backbone which inevitably have an effect sooner or later when the person spends the most part of the time in one situation and practically doesn't move. It was cheerful and interesting to go, it is possible to turn on the favourite rhythmical music.

Among other exercises, besides "circulation" on the fifth point, for a change house training knee-bends from knees sideways, slanting attacks from a standing position, and also a clip of buttocks approach when performing the bridge on shoulders.

Wrappings in house conditions

How to clean cellulitis on a bottom and hips

The most effective and favourite wrappings for many are on the basis of honey. Of course, these procedures can and be not done, but then to receive fast result it won't turn out. Cellulitis will leave, but slowly, and lack of desirable smoothness of skin will become a demotivator.

Wrapping irrespective of, on what basis it is carried out, based on the following fundamental principles:

  • one days prior to a session surely check mix for absence of a skin allergy;
  • skin before procedure is warmed a hot shower with a mitten, pats, massage;
  • it is necessary to wrap problem zones without pressing, and from above to put on warm clothes if other it isn't stated in recommendations to structure;
  • any physical loadings can't be done;
  • duration of procedure makes of an hour to two if begins strongly it is time to burn down, so to delete structure;
  • after a wrapping it is possible to take a shower, but not a bathtub, it is necessary to apply the moisturizing cream.

Mix for a wrapping can be prepared according to the following recipes:

  1. take on 3 tablespoons of cinnamon and white clay, add 4 drops of air and warm water;
  2. put 2 h on 100 g of base. l. honey, sour cream, mustard;
  3. on 100 g of a basis take 1/2 h. l. coffee, red hot pepper, honey;
  4. put 2 h on 100 g of base. l. mustard and fat kefir.

Summing up

How to clean cellulitis on a bottom and hips

To get rid of hated cellulitis, it is necessary on a regular basis:

  1. To pass from unhealthy to healthy food. To drink in the mornings couple of glasses of water and enough liquid during the day. To walk without any respites in the fresh air at least half an hour.
  2. The whole month every other day to do dry massage with a brush, to take a shower and to apply cream from addition of essential anti-cellulite oil, and then to pass to the supporting mode.
  3. To go every day on a bottom for 15-20 minutes, constantly replacing options of the direction and increasing intensity.
  4. To do if there is a wish for fast results, the wrapping is necessary from 2 and to 3 times a week.

If to carry out all these four points, from an orange-peel there will be no traces.