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Pricks from cellulitis: how they act?

Generally any insignificant cosmetic defects can be eliminated easily by means of massage, cream or ointments, however there are things against which it is very heavy to fight by these methods. One of such problems is cellulitis.

The problem of the matter is that the reason of cellulitis is not only outside, but also in skin and therefore simple means to it not to cope with it. Treatment of this trouble will be the most productive only in that case when means gets under skin and to mention all hypodermic fatty cellulose.

Pricks from cellulitis: how they act?

Orange-peel on hips

"beauty pricks" which in medicine are called as a mesotherapy became the first and main effective decision in fight against cellulitis so-called. This complex of procedures received good comments, is completely painless action and besides has a minimum level of probability of emergence of any unforeseen complications. The mesotherapy perfectly helps even with cases with the started cellulitis. For its use there are no age and other restrictions.



The mesotherapy represents special technology of introduction under an integument of a special medical preparation which is called anti-cellulite cocktail. Various medical means are its part, and the set of components of an anti-cellulite injection depends on weight of problems of the patient. These injections are given superficially with a microscopic dosage by means of short needles which put on weight on depth of 1,5-6 mm. Such depth is caused by that in this zone any creams and ointments are powerless.

Pricks from cellulitis: how they act?

Effective method — a mesotherapy

Medical injections which are directed on elimination of cellulitis, already received the positive comments from patients, and success of their application is proved in practice. Intracutaneous maintaining special means is the most radical way to make the skin smooth and equal in the most problem points.

The mesotherapy quickly receives good comments and attracts people with not simply fast result from the carried-out medical complex, but also the big list of illnesses which can be eliminated with its help. Medicinal subcutaneous injections help to clean:

  • cellulitis,
  • postnatal hems,
  • extensions.

At the moment this option of cosmetic procedure is considered the alternative solution of modern plastic surgery, and comments on him speak only about good result. Action of a mesotherapy is directed on elimination of roughnesses, hillocks on skin and return to structure of an epithelium of necessary elasticity and a tone.

Cosmetologists claim that when carrying out treatment in the course of which medicines are used, there is a gradual decrease in lump of a body. It is also possible to observe such effects:

  • reduction of volumes of hips,
  • improvement of health,
  • normalization of functions of a digestive tract.


Structure of a medical injection

Injections against cellulitis happen several types:

  • the homeopathic;
  • the heteropathic.

Homeopathic injections represent a medicinal complex from phytogenesis components. It can be both extracts, and infusions. Data of mix from natural material in full promote saturation of an integument vitamins and other useful and nutritious particles.

Heteropathic injections are full-fledged complexes of vitamins, vasodilating mixes, lipotik for splitting of fats and other structures. For elimination of cellulitis the expert selects elements which help to eliminate completely stagnation of a lymph, will remove puffiness and microblood circulation normalization will promote. Also the doctor can offer the patient the rejuvenating cocktails which part the main components are:

  • collagen;
  • hyaluronic acid.

The conducted researches showed that injections against cellulitis are the best choice from all existing cosmetic techniques. Besides the injected drugs help to clear an organism of toxins and carry out effect of improvement. Therapy by means of intracutaneous pricks is used in all medical areas and nearly 15% of the European scientists use a mesotherapy in esthetic medicine.


Any concrete contraindications and cautions to application of a mesotherapy against cellulitis aren't present. Doctors appoint carrying out such complex actions even to those people who suffer from the increased sugar level in blood or have a pronounced allergy. However, despite it, certain structures which are used for pricks, can be forbidden in the presence of specific diseases.

Pricks from cellulitis: how they act?

Mesotherapy for elimination of cellulitis

If the mesotherapy is aimed at fast elimination of cellulitis and decrease in level of body weight, medical mix may contain zhelchegonny components which use is forbidden in the presence at the patient of an illness of a gall bladder. In that case when it is necessary to conduct a mesotherapy course, it is necessary to report to the attending physician about all available chronic diseases, and only the doctor will make the decision on possibility of carrying out anti-cellulite actions.

Experts in the field of cosmetology made the list of illnesses in the presence of which it is necessary to be careful with anti-cellulite pricks. This list so looks:

  • pathological fear of a needle;
  • illness of a gall bladder;
  • pathology of vascular system (chronic);
  • hemophilia;
  • third trimester of incubation of the child;
  • regular reception of dezagregant and anticoagulants;
  • chronic renal failure;
  • nephropathy.

Before starting carrying out a mesotherapy, the doctor is obliged to lead preparatory discussion with the patient. In its process he will tell about the mesotherapy, will make all necessary medicines tests and will check allergic reactions to components of structures against cellulitis.

Pricks from cellulitis: how they act?

Pricks against an orange-peel

Complex carrying out a mesotherapy includes compositions of medicinal mixes which are entered under skin during 10-15 procedures for one a week. In especially started cases the doctor will advise to do on two procedures in 7 days. Sometimes it is recommended to patient to pass a control session against cellulitis which can be carried out not earlier, than in half a year after the first treatment.

Side effects

Despite positive responses, after carrying out a course of anti-cellulite pricks the following unpleasant consequences can be shown:

  • insignificant reddenings (disappear approximately in an hour after a mesotherapy);
  • traces having stuck (2-3 days can be noticeable);
  • bruises on a stomach and hips;
  • mild pains on a place of pricks;
  • fever;
  • slight dizziness.

In day of visit of a session of a mesotherapy the patient is forbidden to carry out any other cosmetic and medical procedures. Also after a course of anti-cellulite pricks it is impossible to visit a sauna, a bath and to take a hot bath or a shower. Besides, doctors don't recommend to go to massage and to play sports within 2-3 days after a mesotherapy session.


Assistants and opponents of a mesotherapy

Anti-cellulite actions are perfectly supplemented with a lymphatic drainage, and it has excellent responses, both from patients, and from doctors. Experts consider that before a mesotherapy it is necessary to visit not less than 10 procedures of lymphatic drainage massage. This integrated approach to a problem with rough skin will give the chance to experience all efficiency of this method.

Despite it, nevertheless it will be required to combine injections, massage and hardware techniques with care. After all otherwise non-compliance with recommendations will cause decrease in effect of a mesotherapy and some unpleasant consequences. At the moment it is possible to find without effort reviews of a mesotherapy and independently to make the decision on its use.