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Internal part of a hip of exercise for weight loss

I think, one of the most problem parts on a body — it just our inside of a hip. It is possible to tell, the most problem, after a stomach of course. At least in my case. This part can't be pumped up as a press or usual knee-bends, after all it works at this time a little.

Therefore, I decided to write article on this subject as it is necessary to deal with this problem somehow. For this purpose there are certain exercises which need to be done systematically. I am engaged in it 2 weeks, result, by the way, on the person. So also I advise you.

So in this article I will in detail describe to you these exercises, their advantages and result.

Rules which should be remembered before exercises for weight loss of lyashka

Internal part of a hip of exercise for weight loss Just before performance of the main exercises it is necessary to make warm-up well to prepare muscles for occupations and not to feel further discomfort. Warm-up includes turns of a trunk and head, inclinations, attacks forward on each foot, walking on foot edges. Knead feet 3 minutes. Muscles will be warmed and will be ready to performance of more difficult exercises.

During occupations it is necessary to provide an organism with water, prepare a small bottle with water in advance.
Restore breath, it has to be quiet, equal, inhale through a nose, exhale through a mouth.

Now you were prepared for starting carrying out the main complex.

It is recommended to carry out exercises for hip inside at first to 6 times a week, and then for fixing of result 2-3 times. It is possible to use also exercises for feet and hips. Women who are tormented by deposits of fat from outer side of hips, can recommend exercises how to clean ears on hips.

The main complex — exercises for hip inside

  1. Internal part of a hip of exercise for weight lossSo, we will start doing exercises for weight loss of lyashka which will already shortly make our hips harmonous and beautiful. For this purpose get up directly, to straighten shoulders, to put hands on a waist, to move apart feet on width of shoulders. Transfer weight to the left foot. Develop a sock of the right foot on yourself and make the movements towards the left foot, from 15 to 20 times. Then you change a foot and you do the same.
  2. Stand directly, record hands on a waist, widely place feet and slowly start squatting so, how it for you is possible. Avoid pain. To carry out 10-15 times.
  3. Situation as in the second exercise, feet are parallel each other. Deeply we squat, we transfer weight to the left foot, then, without rising, we roll over on the right foot, we unbend the left foot in a knee. We carry out on 15 times each foot.
  4. Sat down on a floor, behind we lean on hands, feet are extended forward. To raise both feet at once on height of 10 cm, and we part them in the parties as far as it will turn out, then we connect them back. To do 10 movements.
  5. Lay down on the left side, a support on the left hand, right put ahead of yourself. We put the right foot on a floor ahead of the left knee, and we start lifting and lowering the extended left foot, without concerning a floor. The sock will be turned to you, muscles are strained. Then we change situation and we carry out everything the right foot.
  6. Lay down on a floor, a support on elbows. Raise the extended feet up to 90 degrees and we start carrying out the crossing, x-shaped movements by feet.
  7. Sit down on edge of a chair, backs to straighten, a foot separately. Knees clamp the thin book or other similar subject. Straining muscles of hips, we squeeze a subject, and we keep 30 sec. in suspense, then we relax muscles and again we repeat exercise. To do not bolee15 time.

If you want to grow thin, don't use food after classes hour 4.

Carrying out data at a prazhneniye for hip inside, you will achieve that your feet will become tightened, will take attractive, womanly shape.

— forget the most effective exercises for weight loss of lyashka about transport

Still such council: you go on foot on a ladder, forget about the elevator. Thus straighten a foot in a knee completely, or walk through a step.

Nobody promises that it will be easy, it is necessary to stock up with patience and to have a certain endurance then to enjoy a type of the feet. All the time represent what will become your legs after classes, and laziness itself will leave. Also remember, you do it not for someone, and for yourself.

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Expert's response

The muscle giving a hip or so-called "internal part of a hip", it is quite simple to develop. For this purpose it is enough to include in the training program knee-bend with natural statement of feet, that is not with artificially "parallel" feet, and from a rack with an easy turn of socks in the parties.

Thus it isn't obligatory to execute squats in equipment of a plie or sumo at all, that is artificially to increase width of statement of feet. Of course, in a wide rack these muscles will better work, but in this pose and it is more difficult to sustain the sufficient depth that is a priority in a squat.

Implementation of data of hips in the exercise machine, tightenings of a fitbol by feet and the other isolating movements isn't necessary for most of women at all. The specified exercises isolate work of the muscle giving a hip, and usually it doesn't lead to desirable visual effect, that is to reduction of volume of hips. On the contrary, the last, especially in the top part of a hip, usually increases.

Usually "data" and other isolation on muscles of hips are "prescribed" those who has it is critical thin feet with "gleam" between them, but not that who wants to reduce the volume of hips.

Moves from an aerobic arsenal (from a standing position and lying, reduction of a hip inside) aren't good exercise for those who wants to grow thin. They involve is insignificant small percent of muscles, and not too influence your expense of calories. Therefore it is better to include in training not them, and general exercises.

The home exercise machine of type Laid down the Master generally isn't intended for the power, forming loading muscle. It can give only easy increase of pulse and work to "slow" muscle fibers, that is trainings in it are usual, more expensive analog of jogging.

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How to pump up internal part of a hip in the conditions of the house?

V – figurative extension

The extension of an internal surface of a hip will help you to accelerate considerably the period of restoration of muscles of feet after loading.

For this purpose sit down on a floor and as much as possible place direct feet on the parties, so that they formed the letter "V". Then straighten a back, strain muscles of a stomach and incline a trunk forward so far as far as it at you will turn out. Having reached the moment of the greatest tension, be late for 10 – 15 seconds and return back. Also you remember that never you shouldn't stretch on the verge of pain or discomfort.

Extension of a butterfly

Internal part of a hip of exercise for weight loss

Sit down on a floor, bend feet in knees and press a foot the friend to the friend. Part knees in the parties and put on them palms. Accurately pressuring them, press knees to a floor, trying to achieve full contact on all external surface of a foot.

Be late for 10 – 15 seconds and weaken pressure. Immediately stop if suddenly you felt pain.

Frog extension

This exercise symmetrically extends your internal surface of hips.

For its performance lay down on a back and press feet of feet the friend to the friend. Then relax knees and pull a foot so close to a groin as far as it is possible. Stop in such situation on 10 deep breaths exhalations.

Hip extension

This exercise stretches sgibatel of a hip, part of the top and internal surface of hips and a trunk in three directions.

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For its performance get up directly, take away the right foot back, transfer the weight to the left foot and bend it in a knee. Strain buttocks and as much as possible lower a body down. For additional loading it is possible to raise both hands over the head up.

Hold a position during three deep breaths exhalations, and then repeat from the right foot.

Knee-bend plie

This exercise will allow to pump up an internal surface of a hip, quadriceps, bicepses of hips and a buttock.

For its performance get up directly, feet are widely placed, feet are turned out outside on a corner 45 C, shoulders are relaxed, a back direct. Extend hands before yourself and slowly sit down until, yet you won't feel a muscle strain and the line of your hips there will be no parallel surface of a floor.

In the lower point in addition squeeze buttocks and return to a starting position. Carry out a knee-bend plie within one minute. To increase efficiency of exercise and payload, in addition take in each hand on dumbbell.

Serial attacks of feet

Internal part of a hip of exercise for weight loss Exercise is focused on buttocks, hips and a stomach. Get up directly, feet are densely pressed to each other, a back direct. The right foot take a deep step forward, bending a foot in a knee until the right angle is formed, thus the left knee has to concern a floor surface practically.

When feel a muscle strain of feet, be late for a moment and return to a launching site. After, keeping balance of a body, execute a long step to the right, having redirected body weight on the right foot and bending it in a knee to a right angle.

In the lowest point with a force squeeze buttocks, make a start a heel and return to initial situation. Repeat 10 – 14 times before beginning performance of exercise with the left foot.

Get up at distance of 40 - 50 cm behind a chair, undertake its back and bend a little forward. Then transfer balance to the left foot, and right you will a little expose before yourself.

Strain muscles of a stomach and start carrying out the pendulum movements by the right foot before yourself. Make 12 – 15 repetitions before passing to performance of exercise from other foot.

Tightening of knees

Sit down on edge of a chair with a direct back and the bent feet. Squeeze the hands put by the lock or a ball between knees. Strain muscles, most strongly squeezing feet in knees within ten seconds.

Then slowly weaken pressure to that level to hold a ball. Execute 2 – 3 approaches on 8 – 12 repetitions.

Internal raising of feet

The following exercise are an effective way that is isolated to concentrate and pump up internal part of hips.

For this purpose lay down on the right side, bend the left foot and throw through right, having delivered to stop before a knee. Bend the right hand and enclose under the head, and rest the left hand against a floor in that place where it is most of all convenient to you. Strain muscles of the right foot and raise it up by 10 – 15 cm. Be late for a moment and lower a foot.

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For some centimeters to a contact with a floor surface, start carrying out new rise. Execute 15 – 18 repetitions and turn over on the other side.


Lay down on a back, strain muscles of a stomach and nestle a back on a rug. Relax an upper body and put hands on a floor near hips palms down. Raise feet by 45 degrees from the earth, part them in the parties as far as it perhaps, and then reduce them together, having crossed left over the right foot.

After again place feet separately, and after again cross, but already right foot over the left. Continue alternate crossings before completion of 20 repetitions. Only 2 - 3 sets.

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