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Kefiric and cucumber diet

The kefiric and cucumber diet — one of the best-known and demanded, after all it does possible loss of excess weight in rather short time. Nutritionists also call it emergency — it approaches to improve the form before an important event, to dump couple of kilogram before visit of a bath, beach, or other place where it is necessary to undress at people and to look good thus. But, as well as the majority of monodiets, kefir with cucumbers for weight loss constantly can't be used, it is necessary to repeat it only in 4-5 months.

Why it works?

Both kefir, and cucumbers represent dietary products, they practically don't load an organism with excess calories, but thus gently belong to a gastrointestinal tract. Kefir allows to keep microflora of a stomach, gives soft laxative effect. The cucumber, more than for 90% consisting of water, gives diuretic effect, and the potassium and sodium containing in it feed an organism.
Kefiric and cucumber diet
Ogurtsovo-kefirnaya the diet not simply allows to grow thin quickly, it cleans an organism from the toxins which accumulated in it, slags, other harmful substances. It clears not only a stomach, but also intestines on which peculiar pile can accumulate from 1,5 to 7 kg the kalovykh of masses (it depends on weight, a way of life and food, frequency of "cleanings"). Only present that you carry all this "stock" of the harmful substances poisoning an organism with yourself!

As consumption of calories for the period of a diet is much lower than daily norm (compare — norm in day — 1200 kcal, and in 100 g of a cucumber there are only 15 kcal), an organism gets to a situation of a stress and starts burning own fatty tissues gradually. Depending on your completeness, fat percent in an organism, one can be recommended - three - or a five-day diet. It is impossible to sit on cucumbers with kefir more long — the organism will start burning muscular tissue.

Weight loss happens effectively and fine due to properties of each of diet participating products.


  • Contain cellulose which improves digestion and accelerates advance of food on a digestive tract. Besides the cucumber possesses property to absorb in itself all harmful substances which are found to it. After they are brought out of an organism from the remains of products.
  • Cucumber tartronovy acid isn't developed in an organism independently, and, meanwhile, plays an important role. It doesn't allow carbohydrates to join fatty tissues, that is interferes with formation of new reserves of fat in an organism.
  • Cucumbers contain vitamins of groups C and B, the last have special value during dumping of weight. Also they provide an organism with copper, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc.
  • Thanks to cucumber diuretics, it helps to wash up excess salts (it promotes health of joints) from an organism, to eliminate hypostases.

Kefiric and cucumber diet


  • Improves work of a gastrointestinal tract thanks to the high content of substances probiotics, keeps intestinal microflora, provides normal acidity. A problem of many low-calorie diets with a large number of vegetables and fruit that they aren't acquired, properly, and therefore all efforts are vain. Kefir promotes that intestines performed the work for hundred percent — digestion of vitamins was made, fats and carbohydrates were digested.
  • Improves a metabolism of fats, promotes their splitting (that is new fats don't join organism stocks).
  • Proteins which contain in kefir, are easily acquired, providing an organism with the minimum necessary quantity of protein.
  • Also the potassium and calcium containing in kefir are useful.


The cucumber and kefiric diet for weight loss happens various types. In the most severe looking it means the use for day of 1,5 — 2 kg of cucumbers (depending on initial body weight) and 1 liter of kefir. Also daily norm in 2 l of liquid as won't be enough for its organism is necessary.

One-day diet

In fact, a diet in one day — it at all and not a diet, but only a fasting day with the use of a limited circle of products. For this day eat not less than 2 kg of cucumbers — they can be eaten simply, having cut rings, and it is possible to prepare salad. Add small cut celery, cilantro, a basil and other greens to the cucumbers cut by half rings. Salad can be filled with lemon juice and several drops of olive oil, and it is possible — the same kefir. Use of salt and seasonings is forbidden — sharp negatively influences a stomach, and salt connects and holds water in our organism. Don't forget about liter of kefir which also should be drunk in days.

Such fasting day is capable to clean only 1 — 1,5 kg, but thus there is a cleaning of an organism, the stomach "is restarted".

Three-day diet

Reviews of a kefiric and cucumber diet for three days — the best as it is enough this time for unloading of an organism, dumping of 3-5 kg of excess weight, and thus cucumbers and kefir don't manage to bother. In three days burning of fatty tissues starts happening, the organism is cleared.

By rules of a monodiet, the use of foreign products for its time is forbidden. In an ideal it is necessary to exclude everything, except kefir, cucumbers and a large amount of water, grassy chaёv (any black, green tea or coffee).
Kefiric and cucumber diet
But to sustain similar rhythms happens rather difficult, besides it is difficult for organism to do almost without protein (after all quantity of proteins in kefir liter much less a daily dose). Therefore the use in day of 1-2 boiled eggs, one slice of bread is allowed. Kefir can be added with unsweetened and low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese. But if there is an opportunity to sustain all three days only on kefir and cucumbers — better and to make.

Five-day diet

The five-day cucumber and kefiric diet yields results at once — for this term it is possible to grow thin for 5-7 kg, completely to clear an organism of toxic substances, salts of heavy metals, slags. But it is also necessary to consider that except harmful substances from an organism also calcium, sodium, phosphorus, all types of vitamins are washed away, and not all these substances in enough are restored by cucumbers with kefir. Therefore before to go on such long and strict diet, it is necessary to start drinking vitamins.

To facilitate and diversify a diet, it is possible to do cucumber salads according to the recipe higher or to drink peculiar "cocktails" when in the blender cucumbers and kefir are milled. It is possible to cook also cold soup. To fill in small cut cucumbers, greens, the Beijing cabbage with 1-2 glasses of kefir, not to salt and not to pepper. It is possible to add also a garden radish. It is possible to add cinnamon to kefiric and cucumber cocktails — it promotes loss of appetite and weight loss.

Try to eat and have a bite 4-5 times a day, fractional food — the best way not to suffer from feeling of hunger, and thus not to eat the superfluous.


To grow thin on kefir and cucumbers it is possible quickly enough, but, as well as any monodiet, this diet subjects an organism to a stress. The diet isn't recommended:

  • At cystitis and other diseases of kidneys as load of this body for the period of a diet strongly increases.
  • To mothers expecting the child and in the period of a lactation as it will break a metabolism and won't give a necessary minimum of useful components to the child.
  • The kefiric diet with cucumbers isn't recommended to people with gastritises, colitis, an ulcer and other diseases of a gastrointestinal tract as it is capable to cause an exacerbation of these diseases.

It is also best of all not to begin a diet during monthly, in such situation the organism transfers a stress much heavier.

Advantages of a diet

Kefiric and cucumber diet

  • Opportunity quickly to dump from 1,5 to 7 kg.
  • Improvement of microflora of a stomach due to the use of kefir.
  • Moderate feeling of hunger.

Diet shortcomings

  • Washing away from an organism together with harmful substances of vitamins, minerals which will demand restoration.
  • Short duration of effect at the wrong exit from a diet.
  • Contraindications at diseases of a stomach and kidneys.

How it is correct to prepare and leave a diet?

In 5-7 days prior to start of a diet stop to salt food, fill to reduce portions at first by 25%, and after and for 50%. It isn't necessary to begin at once five-day "post" — try to arrange couple of fasting days on a cucumber and kefir. If you feel normally — you pass to three-day option, and only at good feeling prolong it about five days.

For the period of a diet it is necessary to exclude excess physical activities therefore campaigns to the sports hall and should be postponed for dances. Amount of proteins which are required for an organism at sports activities, much more, something which contains in kefir. Process of burning of fats will in that case be accelerated and the organism will pass to stocks of muscle bulk.

During an exit from a diet it isn't necessary to pass to heavy products at once: if yesterday you ate only kefir and cucumbers, and today you absorb unlimited number of chicken feet with fried potato, the organism won't tell thanks to you. After three - or a five-day diet fill to enter into a diet similar dairy products — fermented baked milk, cottage cheese, yogurt. Except a cucumber start eating cabbage, a garden radish, add greens, eat fruit (apples, oranges). In couple of days add porridges, boiled potato, small slices of bread.

What effect the kefiric diet with cucumbers gives? Responses practicing this way of weight loss testify generally in its advantage.