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Kremlin diet: table full (printable version), responses and results

 Whether it is possible to grow thin, using nourishing meat products? Whether it is possible to eat during "diet" to satiety and  not to starve? And how about delicacies in food, alcohol and sausage? All these questions are answered in the affirmative by the well-known Kremlin way of weight loss. It disproves well-known canons about weight loss and forces a body to lose weight promptly.

Features of "kremlevka"

Improbable results and the original name draw attention to this system of weight loss. "Kremlevka", a diet of Kremlin "inhabitants", "a diet of astronauts" is popular some decades.

 How nourishingly to eat and grow thin, books and practical guidances are published.  Those who, adhering to such power supply system tell about it, said goodbye to excess weight. Don't tell about it one — who thought up this way of weight loss? And what relation it has to the Kremlin or astronauts?

Kremlin diet: table full (printable version), responses and results

History and fiction

The diet belongs to power supply systems without author. Despite its popularity, high interest from the population, any doctor didn't put under it "signature". Doubtfully also the name "Kremlin" looks. It is obvious that  it hadn't a direct bearing on the party management of the USSR, there are no data that doctors of the Soviet Union protein-rich and fats food registered to someone from party elite.

Possibly, the name "kremlevka" arose in response to interest of the population of the country in everything, as for life of a party top. Perhaps, it was someone's "the cunning marketing mix" for drawing attention to the diet transformed from the principles of system of weight loss of Atkinson taking into account the Soviet, and then and Russian realities.

There is also other opinion. The menu for a week of the Kremlin diet is formed from tasty products, quite often delicacies, including meat, seafood, cheeses. Such food in last times was available only to a party top therefore there were associations with the Kremlin, a diet of "leaders" and "astronauts" which food always was balanced, nourishing and highly protein.

Kremlin diet: table full (printable version), responses and results

Principles of a diet

   Anyway, the Kremlin weight loss was widely adopted in the CIS countries. The attention to it is drawn by the following factors.

  •  It isn't necessary to impoverish a diet. "Doctors always said to us that for weight loss it is necessary to eat as little as possible eggs, oils, meat — the admirer of a diet, the author of the book about "Kremlyovka", the journalist Evgeny Chernykh comments. — But this paradoxical power supply system doesn't force to refuse them. Meat it is necessary to eat much, especially at first, not to limit and other proteinaceous food. And here the amount of carbohydrates should be reduced. Results are, and they are proved by tens my readers. Weight actively leaves in the first days of a diet".
  • Fat burns down. The author considers as a secret of intensive weight loss process of transformation of internal fatty tissue to energy. The organism loses the main source of obtaining energy — carbohydrates, and in their absence is compelled to find own reserves. And they in the form of fats at you there is a lot of.
  • It is possible alcohol. The alcoholic drinks forbidden in all diets are allowed here. It is possible to use both dry wine, and vodka, and brandy. But Evgeny Chernykh specifies that at alcohol intake appetite increases and to struggle with desire to eat something "tasty" from the forbidden products it becomes very difficult.
  • Is uncontrolledly it is impossible. In spite of the fact that the power supply system encourages the use of meat, fish, other proteinaceous products, is them without restrictions it isn't allowed. "Look at the palm — Evgeny Chernykh comments. — Here such there has to be your portion of meat".
  • Physical activities are important. "Kremlyovka" doesn't urge to spend hours in the sports hall, but to increase physical activity it is necessary. Growing thin it is recommended to go more on foot, to carry out a house set of exercises, to float, ride a bicycle. Than your daily loading is lower, for example, during the sedentary work, especially the intensive has to be additional.

The first results are noted for the fifth day of observance of a diet. Weight starts leaving together with volumes. Within the first week it is possible to lose to four kilograms. Rates of weight loss remain till second week, then decrease. At long observance of a diet you continue to grow thin, but more slowly, than at the beginning.

Kremlin diet: table full (printable version), responses and results


The essence of the Kremlin diet consists in investment of each product with cost in conventional units or glasses (points). They are defined not by the caloric content, but level of the content of carbohydrates. The system of c.u. is conditional, she doesn't specify the actual power value of a concrete product, but only its situation on "a ladder of admissible products" in this diet.

Having studied the table of the Kremlin diet which full printable version is given below, you will see that the minimum value in points all types of meat and an offal possess (from zero to two c.u.), the value of sausages, cheeses, dairy products is low. The assessment in points of dried fruits, jam, sweets is maximum.

The menu for a month should be made, proceeding from the following principles:

  • to forty points a day — there is an active loss of weight;
  • to sixty points a day — weight remains stable;
  • more than sixty points a day — weight grow.

Thus, you can include in a daily diet any products, proceeding from their "cost", but with that condition that totally within a day didn't "touch" necessary number of points.

When forming an individual diet consider the next moments.

  • The maintenance of points in hundred grams of a product. The table specifies, what number of points contains not in portion, and in hundred grams of a concrete product. That is, having drunk a glass of pasteurized milk fat content of 2,5%, with a capacity of 250 ml, you get not 4,8 points, but 12 points.
  • Activity during the day. The people occupied with active work or who got used to intensive sports loadings can increase diet "cost" to eighty and even hundred points, and thus won't recover. During the sedentary work it is necessary to adhere to the maximum recommended indicators strictly.
  • Observance of a thrice diet. It is impossible to starve on a diet, it is important to eat not less than three times during the day. If there is a wish to have a bite late at night or after a while after a breakfast, make it.

"When you will reach desirable weight, eat everything that you want, but for general "sum" of sixty points a day — Evgeny Chernykh continues. — You watch the weight if remains stable, you can afford the sweet on holidays. But if weight starts increasing, reduce number of points per day to forty".

Products for the Kremlin diet

The full table of ready dishes of the Kremlin diet includes meat, fish, a bird, cheeses, dairy products.

Kremlin diet: table full (printable version), responses and results

To increase, download the table (printable version)

  • First courses. The maximum cost in points of pea soup, minimum — meat and chicken broths. Preferable first courses — solyanka meat and mushroom, Russian cabbage soup from a sorrel, fresh and sauerkraut, a borsch, meat okroshka and kefir or kvass, soups dairy with cabbage, rice, macaroni, pumpkin. The cost of these dishes makes to seven points.   Soups have maximum "cost" of from fifteen to twenty points of first courses mushroom, tomato, pea.
  • Meat dishes. Meat fried, boiled, stewed possesses zero "cost". Steaks, beefsteaks, beef, pork, mutton, the chicken prepared in any way belong to such dishes. Addition of grain considerably increases points of each dish, so "cost" of meatballs with rice already of 18 c.u., as well as pilaf. Highest "price" of dishes with flour addition: rasstegais with meat and onions, meat pies are estimated at thirty six points.
  • Kashi. All types of porridges possess high food "cost" in this diet. So minimum "price" of liquid "Oat-flakes", makes ten points on hundred grams, and millet, rice and yachnevy porridges cost already twenty three — twenty six points. As the weight of an average portion makes about two hundred grams, one portion of porridge provides daily "cost" in a diet. For this reason of porridge exclude from the menu of the Kremlin diet completely.
  • Vegetable dishes. With vegetable dishes too not all is unambiguous. At first sight, they are low-calorie, however vegetables are rich with carbohydrates therefore in all versions of the menu of the Kremlin diet on days for a week vegetable dishes are used in limited quantity. " Initially you should forget about vegetables, especially sweet — "Kremlevki's" theorist Evgeny Chernykh specifies. —  But then it will be possible to return to them".
  • Grain, farinaceous dishes. The diet excludes possibility of the use of all dishes which part flour is. They possess highest "cost" in the table of points. So minimum price of the soy fat-free flour makes 22 points whereas products from usual flour raises approximately twice. With a minimum "value" of thirty four points bread rye, maximum — wheat, in fifty points is characterized.
  • Grain. Grain contains the maximum quantity of carbohydrates. Nutritionists carry them to carbohydrates "long" that distinguishes them from carbohydrates simple or "short", containing in pastries and products from white flour. In an organism such carbohydrates don't cause sharp jump of insulin, thus provide long feeling of satiety. But in the Kremlin technique of weight loss of grain under a rigid taboo as all of them possess high "cost".
  • Canned food. In comparison with grain tinned products possess smaller "cost" therefore their use in a diet is allowed. It concerns to tinned fish, meat, and also vegetables.
  • Meat, fish offal. Can be used as the main products of this diet as enter the list of proteinaceous dishes. It is allowed to use them in a fried, boiled look, added some salt, dried.
  • Cheeses. Recipes of dishes for the Kremlin diet often include cheeses. It is possible to use them safely, and absolutely different types as according to an apportion of points, the majority of them possesses zero "cost". Cheeses belong to such Biysk, Dutch, Kostroma, Latvian, Redneck, Baltic, the Roquefort cheese, Russian, Uglichsky, Cheddar, Yaroslavl, Swiss. Maximum "cost" of cheeses doesn't exceed four points.
  • Dairy products. The table of the Kremlin diet, a full printable version, pays much attention to dairy products. From more than thirty names only at several "cost" in points exceeds thirty conventional units. Cream, glazed cheese curds and all types of condensed milk belong to such. Usual milk is estimated at 4,9 points, butter — 0,8 points, milk cheese sheep cheese — 0,5 points, sour cream — 3,9 points.
  • Sausages. "Kremlevka" — nearly the only diet which doesn't exclude, and opposite, recommends the use of sausages. All popular grades of sausages, including boiled, boiled and smoked, half-smoked, sausages, sausages are allowed. Maximum "cost" of sausages in a diet — only 2,5 points.
  • Jam. The diet excludes the products containing sugar therefore all types of jam are overrated in it — from sixty five to seventy five points from a diet. The exception makes apple puree without sugar addition, its "price" — nineteen points.
  • Vegetables. "Kremlevka" doesn't exclude the use of vegetables, however it is noted that melon, bean and other types of vegetables contain a large amount of carbohydrates therefore it is necessary to use them moderately and  not regularly. The minimum quantity of points allocated all grades of cabbage, sheet salad, siliculose haricot, all types of greens. Maximum — potatoes prepared in any way.
  • Sweets. There is no diet which would allow to eat the sweet. Kremlin — not an exception. The use of sweets it is tabooed because of the high contents in them fast carbohydrates which cause sharp emission of insulin in blood, stimulate appetite, promote storage of fatty tissue. The most "expensive" product in a diet — sugar, it is estimated at 99 points. "Cheapest" — ice cream, its cost is in limits of thirty points.
  • Dried fruits. One more product, which "price" doesn't keep within a diet of the growing thin. Dried fruits are rich with natural sugars, respectively, and carbohydrates. They are estimated from fifty three points for dried apricots to sixty six points for raisin.

 It is necessary to include the resolved products in the menu. To examine that the Kremlin diet and  what it is necessary to refuse allows, you can in the table.

Kremlin diet: table full (printable version), responses and results

Advantages and contraindications

Reviews of the Kremlin diet show its efficiency. Adhering to this system of weight loss, many people managed to cope with excess weight. The author of the book about "Kremlyovke" Evgeny Chernykh who itself got rid of excess weight with its help points to it.

There are also other advantages of this system of weight loss.

  • It is a lot of products in a diet. Unlike the majority of the diets limiting a range of products Kremlin allows to eat a huge number of dishes. Among them meat, fish, dairy, the first, vegetable, canned food, sausages. You can make the various menu for 10 days, month and longer term.
  •  Not hungry. The diet excludes need to starve, moreover, is indicated the need to eat on appetite.
  • Habitual and familiar products. In a diet there are no unfamiliar or expensive products. The menu is formed from usual dishes except for pastries, bread, sweets, some types of vegetables.

Addressing to this diet, it is necessary to consider also its contraindications. Its observance at pregnancy, breastfeeding isn't allowed. It isn't recommended to adhere to a low-carbohydrate diet at diseases of kidneys, tendency to locks, other violations of work of a digestive tract.

Kremlin diet: table full (printable version), responses and results

Recommendations of nutritionists

" Presently about the Kremlin diet I didn't write only lazy — comments on a question the dietitian Lyudmila Denisenko. — But among these people there is no doctor who would recommend this power supply system for decrease in excess weight".

Certainly, such diet has advantages.

  • Real weight reduction. Most of people manages to grow thin, without limiting itself in consumption of meat products.
  • Attention to own diet. Observance of this diet forces to pay attention that you eat, and to estimate impact of food on your health. The advantage in this case consists in a complete elimination from a diet of sweets, carbonated drinks, chips, pastries and other high-calorific products. The diet forms food habits to which our organism adapts within twenty one days. We get used not to eat sweet and flour, and it is already big plus.

Kremlin diet: table full (printable version), responses and results

"But harm which is done to an organism by the Kremlin diet, much more" — Lyudmila Denisenko notices.

  • Calculation of points. At first sight, there is nothing difficult in their calculation, after all it is possible to use the table of ready dishes. But it is important to consider that in this table points on hundred grams of weight of a product are given, that is before food it is necessary to weigh products, to count points, to understand, how many it is possible to eat this or that dish, and how many it is impossible. "Many people, having been tired of constant trouble with weighing and calculations, simply pass to meat products — Lyudmila Denisenko comments. — Also stop eating not only bread and grain, but fruit, vegetables rich with carbohydrates".
  • Deficiency of food fibers. Absence in a diet of enough cellulose which source only vegetables can be, leads to violation of work of intestines. The structure of microflora changes, there are locks, swelling and a meteorizm disturb.
  • Deficiency of vitamins. Actively the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" advanced the Kremlin diet in Russia. In a cycle of articles with the description of the principles of food need to include minerals and vitamins as in their daily menu it is critically not enough in a diet was noted.
  • Organism intoxication. All low-carbohydrate or proteinaceous diets are aimed at intensive burning of fatty mass of an organism. It is provoked by lack of intake of carbohydrates with food, necessary for a mental and physical activity of a body. Fatty masses starts collapsing, but because of metabolic disorders in the course of their combustion new connections — ketonovy bodies are formed. These substances are aggressive in relation to  our cages, are capable to cause injuries of a liver and a brain, but especially aggressively influence kidneys. The ketonovykh of bodies in an organism is an education sign a general malaise of the person on a proteinaceous diet. There are a headache, nausea, weakness.
  • Lack of food for a brain. Carbohydrates — the main source of energy for our body and a brain. Having excluded the products containing carbohydrates from a diet you lose energy for work, both physical, and intellectual. For this reason such diet can't be recommended to the people occupied with brainwork and an active physical activity.

Besides, that "Kremlevka" recommends protein-rich food, it doesn't limit fats in a diet. The fattest products, such as fat, beef fat, butter, possess, according to the table of points, zero "cost". The unlimited use of fats dangerously to cardiovascular system as causes increase of level of cholesterol, formation of atherosclerotic plaques.

"There is a common truth — continues the analysis of a subject the doctor endocrinologist-nutritionist Elmira Haybulina. — At weight loss the organism has to lose only fat. Within a week the mass of fat can decrease by 500-700 grams. If as a result of a diet you dump more, so you lose not only fat".

Kremlin diet: table full (printable version), responses and results

What can lose our body at intensive weight loss?

  • Liquid. Low-carbohydrate diets deprive of us glycogen stocks in muscles. This substance is not only a source to fast energy, but also reserves water in muscles. Only one gram of a glycogen is capable to hold nearly three grams of water in our body. Losing a glycogen, the organism is actually dehydrated, "dries out" with what the effect of fast weight loss on a low-carbohydrate diet is connected. The effect of "shrinkage" is used, by the way, by bodybuilders before competitions more accurately to allocate drawing of muscles. But they cause short-term dehydration of a body, literally for two days whereas on a diet you provoke intercellular and cellular dehydration within several weeks and months.
  • Muscle bulk. "The organism cruelly revenges for experiments with itself — Elmira Haybulina continues. — Loss of muscle bulk happens much quicker, than fatty". At first sight, weight leaves, but  actually you lose fabric which first of all is interested in consumption of energy in your body. Muscles — most "gluttonous" in relation to carbohydrates, they extend seven times more energy, than fats. But  them our body leaves where more willingly, than fat therefore at sharp change of a diet, decrease in consumption of carbohydrates, the volume of muscular tissue decreases much quicker, than fatty.

"One more important point — the doctor endocrinologist-nutritionist Elmira Haybulina specifies. — Carbohydrates are necessary for work of the pancreas developing insulin. Lack of carbohydrates excludes possibility of normal production of insulin, and without this hormone the food in our organism can't correctly be acquired. The probability of dissonance of endocrine system, and it already — very serious violations is high".

Results of the Kremlin diet are short-term also dolgosrochna. At the first stage you will really note weight reduction which will leave not so much with fatty tissues, how many with water and muscle bulk. The more long you will remain on low-carbohydrate food, the you will do bigger harm to the body in the form of disorder of digestion, deficiency of minerals and vitamins, violation of work of endocrine system.

Before starting a diet in which the content of proteins and fats is extremely high, and availability of carbohydrates is limited, consult to the dietitian. It is unlikely the expert will approve such decision, but will recommend other menu including the balanced composition of carbohydrates and protein, correct fats is perfect.