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Liyepaysky diet: to live with taste, but to know when to stop

Text: Olga Kim

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The Liyepaysky diet is surrounded with an aura of riddles and paradoxes: her author avoids publicity, and the resolved diet includes sandwiches, canned food, mayonnaise and even nonalcoholic beer. On this menu since the end of the eightieth years the European political elite grows thin, and information on a method is handed down, being confirmed by eloquent changes of appearance of the growing thin: the champion of a liyepaysky diet managed to dump more than 120 kilograms, continuing to eat habitual food.

  • Liyepaysky diet: to live with taste, but to know when to stop

    The main secret of a liyepaysky diet consists in the combination of products which is picked up in a special way allowing not to suffer from hunger and not to be reconciled with "tasteless" dietary food. Sports loads of time of observance of a diet are forbidden including not to urge on need of an organism for calories. The main objective of the growing thin — to get used it is necessary to that is less, but it is possible to support habitual family and social life, dividing a meal with relatives. However, having armed with a measured glass and a ruler for definition of the correct portion.

Liyepaysky diet

Duration: 3-4 months, the menu for the second half of a diet in an ideal are selected in author's clinic;

Features: usual products in strictly measured small portions measured on volume, but not on weight on each day of the week the menu are used;

Cost: low, doesn't demand additional separate expenses, the diet can be integrated into usual family food;

Result: depends on initial weight;

The recommended frequency: 1 time in life, upon termination of — the supporting fitness and a constant control of the size of portions;

Additional effect: change of food habits, correction of a metabolism;

Doesn't approach At any chronic diseases, pregnant and feeding. More concrete contraindications aren't present in view of specifics of the menu, individual consultation with the attending physician is necessary!

Liyepaysky diet: "father" and "sons"

Lev Yakovlevich Hazan who was glorified by a "liyepaysky diet", so doesn't love media exposure that some time even was considered as the fictional character. He seldom and reluctantly communicates with journalists and doesn't act in popular programs, however not only exists actually, but also is well and conducts reception as the practicing nutritionist. Today to Lev Hazan it is possible to register in consultation in Moscow and Nizhnevartovsk. According to some information, behind recommendations about fight against excess weight to it there come influential people of the country — but not from those whom we see in entertainment events. Including therefore "father" of a liyepaysky diet is called quite often "the most closed nutritionist of Europe".

Doctor Hazan got an education at Tartu University on office of sports medicine. After the termination of higher education institution I worked fifteen years the endocrinologist in the Latvian port city of Liepaya. Probably, taste of life on the picturesque coast of the Baltic Sea also inspired Lev Hazan on development of a diet at which observance it is possible to eat everything.

Having opened in 1986 in Riga the Latvia's first private medical office, doctor Hazan offered the patients the new plan of food called in honor of the seaside city. "The Liyepaysky diet" became known thanks to "gossip hotline": the first "graduates" of Hazan who dumped tens kilograms turned into walking advertizing of his technique.

The Russian journalist Alexey Bogomolov became the popular writer of dietary approach of Lev Hazan. In 2008 he weighed 218 kg and, having tried a set of diets, already despaired to grow thin. But once one of readers sent the letter where "the liyepaysky diet" was described to edition where Bogomolov worked. Having become interested in unusual recommendations, the journalist "sat down" on Hazan's method and as a result in three years got rid of 70 kilograms! The Liyepaysky diet, and also mysteriousness of her founder so carried away Alexey Bogomolov that he wrote the whole book about the plan of food which was for it saving. And during its preparation, adjusted by professional passion, nevertheless I found for Lev Hazan and it was convinced of his existence and that recommendations really have the author and are supported with his medical experience.

In one of the not numerous interviews Lev Hazan published record minuses on scales which the liyepaysky diet gave. The winner among men lost 123 kg, in female category the anonymous Muscovite who managed to get rid of 113 kg best of all tried.

By the way, searching for information on a liyepaysky diet, it is quite often possible to meet the name "liyepaysky diet of Audryus Yozenos". However the Latvian psychiatrist isn't the founder of this technique — it also was at first the patient (I lost 50 kg with an initial weight 140), and Lev Hazan's pupil then betrayed. Now Yozenos practices as the nutritionist in Kazakhstan at full approval of "founding father" of a liyepaysky diet, helping to get rid of excess weight to Asian elite.

"McDonald's" among diets

Lev Hazan's approach to the menu on a diet can puzzle with the paradoxicality first. He is sure that separate food, a ban on meal after six evenings and in general any restrictions leading to sufferings and hunger became outdated, are harmful and deprived of sense. The doctor in general strictly forbids sports loadings while the liyepaysky diet lasts. According to philosophy of a liyepaysky diet excess weight is an illness, a metabolism illness, and sport won't bring benefit to the patient. To train it is necessary to begin, having already grown thin to facilitate a task to bone and muscular systems, and also heart with vessels.

At the same time, the author of the plan of food emphasizes that treats not an illness, but its consequences. Doctor Hazan tries to avoid definitions "healthy nutrition", specifying that properly it is possible to eat from the medical point of view, only lying in a hospital, and it is inaccessible to the modern person and it isn't necessary. Therefore in a diet of a liyepaysky diet usual products from a table of the average working Russian: salads, juice, canned food, sandwiches. The Liyepaysky diet is available, calculated on masses (according to Hazan, "as McDonald's") and can sustain it everyone, without spending money for rare especially useful ingredients and without suffering from taste of unusual and unloved dishes.

The approach to food helping to grow thin Lev Hazan defines cynically, but in fact is true: "to grow thin, it is necessary to guzzle less". It compares a habit of the modern person is without measure and carelessly with a condition of the pregnant woman who needs to feed one more being in herself. And in a body suffering from excess weight as if the "additional person" demanding food sits. Therefore to grow thin, according to Hazan, it is necessary quickly and resolutely that "another" understood that the food won't be any more, and I ceased to demand it.

Basic rules of a liyepaysky diet

The Liyepaysky diet is known that on it grow thin promptly, without hungering. Main conditions:

  • accurately to observe the menu painted on days of the week;
  • to watch the volume of portions;
  • there are three times a day with an interval no more than 5,5 hours;
  • to sleep not less than 8 hours, to rise and lay down at the same time;
  • not to allow any having a snack between meals;
  • not to take any alcohol;
  • to drink at least 1,75 pure liters a day in the winter and in the fall and 2 liters — in the summer and in the spring (besides the coffee provided by a diet and juice);
  • to watch skin, without allowing an obvisaniye, to do cosmetic procedures;
  • from second month of a liyepaysky diet to accept polyvitamins;
  • daily to measure pulse and pressure, weekly — sugar level in blood.

The full liyepaysky diet is calculated on 3-4 months, thus the first two months of the menu is formed on the basis of concrete dishes in a certain quantity, to each day of the week there corresponds the invariable menu (see below). After 8 weeks the basic diet changes taking into account the pokhudatelnykh of achievements a little — it is supposed that Lev Hazan develops continuation of a diet individually for each of the patients. It not against persons interested to lose excess weight followed its technique in absentia, however is sure that articles and books about a liyepaysky diet are only capable to set the correct direction, but only direct contact with the doctor will allow to avoid mistakes and to cope with difficulties.

Liyepaysky diet: basic week plan of food

Pay attention — a vegetable garnish, vinaigrette and meat salad for all days prepare according to the basic recipes specified in the menu of the first day of the use, the bread slice always has the size 60kh90kh15mm, and any additive to it allowed by the plan - 60h90h12 mm.

  • Breakfast: 200 ml of tea or coffee without additives, oil and cheese sandwich (bread — 60h90h15 mm, the slice of cheese is 3 mm thinner).

  • Lunch: more hotly from any kind of meat with any sauce, total amount — 160 ml, 120 ml of a vegetable garnish from three or more types the melkonarezannykh of vegetables (the recipe for all days - beet and a cauliflower can be boiled, green peas it is possible tinned. Gas station — only lemon juice). On snack — 1 glass of any juice.

  • Dinner: 120 ml of vinaigrette (the recipe for all days: boiled potatoes, beet, carrots + sauerkraut, a pickle and onions, refuels 1 St of l of any vegetable oil), 1 St of l of any fish caviar or a little fish canned food, 1 slice of bread (the size see the Breakfast), 1 glass of any liquid (kefir, juice, mineral water, nonalcoholic beer, tea or coffee — with milk).
  • Breakfast: 200 ml of tea or coffee without additives, oil and meat sandwich (or sausage without fat inclusions). The size of bread and meat — see Monday.

  • Lunch: more hotly from fish or seafood with any sauce, total amount — 160 ml; a vegetable garnish (see Monday), 1 glass of juice from any fruit.

  • Dinner: 120 ml of meat salad (the recipe for all days — boiled potatoes in a uniform, boiled meat or sausage, green peas, egg, a pickle, gas station of a portion — 1 St of l of mayonnaise or sour cream), 1 glass of any liquid (see Monday).
  • Breakfast: 200 ml of tea or coffee without additives, 2,5 eggs.

  • Lunch: 160 gr hot from meat with sauce, 120 ml of a vegetable garnish, 1 glass of juice.

  • Dinner: 120 ml of vinaigrette, 1 Art. of l of caviar or a little fish canned food, 1 slice of bread, 1 glass of any liquid (see above).
  • Breakfast: 200 ml of tea or coffee without additives, oil and meat sandwich.

  • Lunch: more hotly from fish with sauce, 160 ml, a vegetable garnish, 120 ml, 1 glass of juice.

  • Dinner: 120 ml of meat salad, 1 glass of any liquid.
  • Breakfast: 200 ml of tea or coffee without additives, oil and cheese sandwich.

  • Lunch: 160 ml hot from meat with sauce, 120 ml of a vegetable garnish, 1 glass of juice.

  • Dinner: 120 ml of vinaigrette, 1 Art. of l of fish caviar or little fish canned food, 1 glass of any liquid.
  • Breakfast: 200 ml of tea or coffee without additives, oil and meat sandwich.

  • Lunch: 160 ml hot from fish with sauce, 120 ml of a vegetable garnish, 1 glass of juice.

  • Dinner: 120 ml of meat salad, 1 slice of bread, 1 glass of any liquid resolved in the evening.
  • Cottage cheese day: 300 gr cottage cheese, 2,4 St of l of honey, 10 walnuts, 2 apples, 0,5 liters of milk to divide into 5-6 meals through equal intervals. To drink, as usual, 1,75 liters of simple still water.

Any terrible carats for violation of a diet it isn't provided, calculation only on responsibility and commitment of the growing thin: each ease prevents to lose kilograms so quickly as it could be. If you overset the day plan of food, the liyepaysky diet generous allows to forgive itself, to draw conclusions and to return to the ordered menu next day.