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The menu of the feeding mother on months: products and diet

Mother's milk is the ideal, most balanced and adapted for individual requirements food for the child.

The menu of the feeding mother on months: products and diet

Thus, the structure of children's food directly depends on the menu of his mother and that both of them were healthy and happy, it is necessary to approach it deliberately and rationally own food.

The basic principles of a diet of the feeding mother

Actually the question of the maternal menu during feeding by a breast includes 3 aspects:

  • health and health of the kid;
  • lactation;
  • psychological comfort of mother.

As if it didn't seem for some it is strange, but the comfort of mother is key.

The matter is that successful feeding by a breast of the baby perhaps exclusively in the presence of milk, and it is developed enough only in a case, when in norm oxytocin level (a happiness hormone).

Decrease in its development is influenced by stresses, a sleep debt and a depression.

As the food is one of basic pleasures from little available to young mother, she should pay much attention, especially considering that at first the list of restrictions in the menu is really great.

The only exit is the compromise.

Knowing that food in general is organized correctly, mother has to know that occasionally if there is a strong wish, she is able to afford an undesirable product, without feeling like the criminal.

5 main principles of food of the feeding mother:

The menu of the feeding mother on months: products and diet

  1. Safety. Completely it is necessary to exclude alcohol and those products which can ferment in a gastrointestinal tract and contain harmful additives (amplifiers of taste, preservatives, dyes etc.). Potentially dangerous products for emergence of allergic reaction need to be tried in small doses and to watch reaction of the kid. In case reaction isn't present, this product isn't individual allergen and can be quite entered in this special menu.
  2. Quality. Only healthy, fresh and healthy food is allowed. It is necessary to exclude: semi-finished products, fast food, smoked products, ready sauces, canned food and aerated water.
  3. Variety. The menu of the feeding woman has to comprise all necessary groups of products – meat and fish, vegetables, berries and fruit, dairy and fermented milk products, grain, eggs, bakery products, vegetable oil, suitable sweets.
  4. Mode. It is recommended to feed only fractionally, at what on small portions of 5-6 times a day. Optimum time — for half an hour before feeding of the kid.
  5. Identity. Gradually, gradually trying new products, mother will define that they suit her kid and are comfortable for her. There are children to whom doesn't deliver the slightest discomfort the salad eaten by mother from cabbage with a cucumber, but in the meantime they are poured on a harmless vegetable marrow.

The subject of food of the feeding woman is discussed also in a video topic:

The products promoting normalization of a lactation

To raise a lactation, the woman should adjust the drinking mode, first of all.

The plentiful warm drink (tea, broth, juice) drunk for half an hour before feeding according to most of mothers, is the most effective stimulator of a lactation.

At the same time, some products are considered promoting increase in production of milk.

Treat them:

  • crude almond, walnut and pine nuts (they should be used in small quantities, they can cause a lock and the increased gas generation in the child);
  • buckwheat;
  • fermented milk products (Adygei cheese, sheep cheese);
  • carrots;
  • gerkulesovy flakes;
  • lettuce leaves.

The forbidden products for the feeding woman

The menu of the feeding mother on months: products and diet

They can be divided into some groups conditionally:

  1. Allergens: red fruit, citrus, honey, smoked products, chocolate. They are potentially undesirable, whether therefore they can be tried and found out carefully the child reacts to them.
  2. The products promoting a meteorizm – a white cabbage, melon, cucumbers, a garden radish, bean. They are entered gradually after three-months age.
  3. The products changing taste of milk — an asparagus, garlic and onions. The kid can refuse milk.
  4. The products causing locks – rice.

About products and their choice for the woman who nurses, the speech in the next video topic will go:

Drinking mode

This factor is extremely important not only for a normal lactation, but also for health of the woman.

In day mummy has to drink from one and a half to two liters of liquid.

It can be: water, broth, tea, kefir, compote or juice.

Even the glass of usual clear water drunk for half an hour before feeding will promote increase of production of milk.

If problems with a lactation are already available, consultants for breastfeeding also advise to drink a glass of warm drink during feeding (both day, and night).

As the most useful drinks for a lactation are considered:

  1. Compote from dried fruits. Its recipe is extremely simple — it is necessary to fill in the washed-up dried fruits with water of 60-80 degrees, and to trouble in a thermos within several hours.
  2. Herbal teas. Despite abundance in drugstores of special drinks with fennel, practically all herbal teas approach.

Further we will in detail describe all nuances of the menu of the feeding mother on months.

Menu of the first and second month

The menu of the feeding mother on months: products and diet The first month is the most strict in mother's diet.

It is connected with that gastrointestinal and fermentativny tract of the kid aren't familiar yet with any nutrients, except sterile amniotic liquid.

Mother has to help it easier to transfer the adaptation period to new conditions.

According to many pediatricians, in the first month young mummy should keep the rigid diet, entering products on days definitely.

They insist that such approach will save from kolik and food allergies and will help "to be started" correctly to a gastrointestinal tract of the child.

Food in the first days after the delivery

The first 3 days a basis of food have to make boiled vegetables (better to make them on couple) and porridges (buckwheat, wheat).

It is possible to indulge himself with baked apple and wholegrain small loafs in reasonable quantity.

Addition in a diet of fresh greens will help to remove gas generation.

Also bran will help to improve an intestines vermicular movement, they can be added to porridge or lenten soup.

For the fourth day it is possible to start entering new products.

They are entered on one in day by small proportions, carefully tracing reaction of the baby.

So, from the fourth day it is possible to try:

The menu of the feeding mother on months: products and diet

  • low-fat fermented milk products – kefir, curdled milk, yogurt;
  • cottage cheese;
  • firm cheese;
  • crude sunflower seeds.

Since second week, it is possible to enter meat and fish into the menu.

Are admissible:

  • rather weak beef broth (we cook without bones);
  • beef (boiled or steamed);
  • the low-fat fish made on couple.

By third week after the delivery it is possible to taste crude fruit and vegetables except for a white cabbage, tomatoes and cucumbers.

The fourth week is marked by formation at the newborn of intestinal microflora and the beginning of work of fermentativny system.

Mother can add to the menu: The menu of the feeding mother on months: products and diet

  • potatoes baked "in uniforms";
  • porridge;
  • beet;
  • boiled yolks;
  • galetny cookies;
  • fruit drinks from berries.

The approximate menu of the feeding mother since a month

  1. Kashi – millet, buckwheat and oat.
  2. The boiled, steamed or stewed low-fat meat. Rabbit flesh and veal are ideally suited.
  3. Fermented milk products. Cottage cheese — 3 times a week is preferable.
  4. Fish (a cod, a hake, a pike perch) – 2 times a week.
  5. Compotes from dried fruits.
  6. Eggs – 3 pieces a week.
  7. Rye bread and products from flour of a rough grinding.
  8. The macaroni made of firm grades of wheat.
  9. Vegetable oils – 2 tablespoons a day.
  10. Butter – 30 grams per day.
  11. Fresh and boiled vegetables (beet, a vegetable marrow, pumpkin, potatoes, carrots) – 450 grams a day.
  12. Almonds – occasionally on a small handful.
  13. Natural zephyr and fruit candy – gradually to 2 times a week.

Also, it is necessary to remember what it is necessary to eat only those vegetables and fruit that grow in the region.

Exotic delicacies so far — a taboo!

Diary of food

The menu of the feeding mother on months: products and diet Many specialists in chest feeding recommend to all mummies to keep the diary of food.

However, not everyone listens to it.

Really, if the child eats with appetite, has no gripes, and doesn't show allergic reactions, mother can quite not trouble herself additional records.

In the same case if the kid is disturbed often by a tummy or since the birth problems with skin are observed, surely it is worth getting the diary of food and to fix in it a Date of Introduction of a new product and reaction of the child to it.

To try the new follows in the morning in the small portions.

Then within 2 days to observe reaction of the kid.

In the diary data on a chair (a consistence, availability of slime or greens, frequency rate, color), skin reaction (existence/absence of rash) and behavior of the child (a capriciousness, gripes, an abdominal distension and t register. d).

The list of the forbidden products for mother in the first 3 months

The use of these products with high degree of probability can cause in the kid of colic, the increased gas generation or to become the reason of allergic reaction:

In the video given below about food and not only one of mummies will share the impressions and councils:

Diet of the second – the sixth months

Since two months a food framework considerably extends, however it isn't necessary to forget about the principles of healthy food and introduction of new food in the small portions.

The menu of the feeding mother can be added:

  • the fast borsch filled with tomato juice (tomato paste it is undesirable to use!);
  • nuts (except for pistachios and a peanut);
  • fowl;
  • house jam;
  • honey;
  • vegetable and fruit juice;
  • fresh onions;
  • fresh and dried herbs (marjoram, celery, mint, tarragon, basil, thyme, melissa).

The list of the forbidden products is actual till 3 months.

The menu of the feeding mother of half a year about one year

The menu of the feeding mother on months: products and diet The diet becomes more and more various and it is already possible to indulge himself with fried delicacies occasionally.

Greasy food still should be avoided.

In general, base of the menu still there is a boiled, stewed and steamed food.

It is possible to enter gradually into the menu new exotic fruit, seafood, chocolate, garlic and bean.

The list of the forbidden products becomes rather a list undesirable.

They can't be abused, portions have to be minimum and, of course, after it is necessary to watch reaction of the kid especially attentively.

Doctors recommend to refrain from:

  1. Condensed milk.
  2. Canned food.
  3. Processed cheeses.
  4. Sausages.
  5. Mayonnaise.
  6. Sweet carbonated drinks.
  7. Spreads, margarine.
  8. Sahara.
  9. Fast food and semi-finished products.
  10. Ice cream.
  11. Pickles.
  12. Smoked products.
The menu of the feeding mother on months: products and diet Chicken meat is considered most easy for perception of a stomach. Try to prepare a dietary dish from it. Gentle chicken souffle: recipes for excellent health!

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Food of a year before the end of feeding

After to the kid year is executed, mother can return to a habitual diet.

Certainly, in an ideal, the menu has to be healthy and useful.

So, food of the feeding mother, of course, has a number of restrictions.

However it isn't necessary to forget that first of all it is necessary to be guided not by fears and conjectures, but common sense and desire to give to the child the best.

And now we learn opinion of the expert advising on breastfeeding and care of kids: