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The menu of the feeding mother at gripes at the child

Communication between an organism of mother and the child is very close as during pregnancy, and appearance of the child on light. A food standard for the baby is breast milk of mother which contains all necessary nutrients and immunoglobulins forming immunity of the child from the first days of life.

The menu of the feeding mother at gripes at the child

The structure of breast milk directly depends on qualitative and quantitative structure of a daily food allowance of the feeding woman. The use of some products provokes emergence of intestinal gripes in the baby. Statistically, in the first 3 months from the moment of the birth not less than 90% of babies face this problem.

This statistics by that the gastrointestinal tract of the newborn child is still insufficiently mature is connected, and doesn't provide development of necessary amount of digestive enzymes.

What is the intestinal gripes

The similar state is characterized by strengthening of gas generation in the child's intestines therefore the abdominal distension (meteorizm) develops. Excessive accumulation of gases in intestines is followed by pain and feeling of a raspiraniye.

The menu of the feeding mother at gripes at the child

It is necessary to consider intestinal gripes at children of chest age as part of physiological process of growth and maturing of an organism as process is natural, and gives in to elimination by means of revision of food of the feeding woman.

Symptoms of gripes

To point to that intestinal gripes started disturbing the child the following symptoms can:

  • sudden beginning of a painful attack;
  • the child becomes uneasy, turns in legs to a stomach, cries and groans;
  • at survey of the child it is possible to define visually and to the touch an abdominal distension and its hardness at easy pressing;
  • the child's face reddens from the excessive tension and crying;
  • in some situations it is possible to hear sounds of an abdominal murmur of the kid;
  • after an otkhozhdeniye of a chair or gases all symptomatology disappears independently.

The menu of the feeding mother at gripes at the child

Diet of mother

Degree of probability of development of intestinal gripes in the newborn child therefore the matter has to be one of the most priority depends on rationality of food of the feeding woman. It is necessary to eat to the woman in the period of a lactation often and small portions, on 5-6 times a day, paying special attention to each eaten product. For full assimilation, it is necessary to eat food not less than in 30-40 minutes prior to feeding of the child.

As much as possible to protect the child from risk of developing of intestinal gripes, each nursing mother has to will take care of the food, keeping to rather strict diet. Despite need of restriction of some products, starvation is categorically contraindicated, and can lead to serious consequences for an organism of mother and the child.

The menu of the feeding mother at gripes at the child

That it is recommended to use

  • Vegetables. The use of vegetables guarantees intake of the vitamins and minerals necessary for ensuring important physiological processes of an organism. The daily use of vegetables in the baked or boiled look is recommended to the nursing mother. Under restriction tomatoes and a white cabbage which promote excessive formation of gases get.
  • Fruit. The special preference should be given in a choice of fruit to apples which need previously to be baked in an oven.
  • Meat products. Low-fat grades of meat are an obligatory component of a diet of the feeding woman. It is better to give preference to chicken meat, indyushiny, rabbit flesh and veal. Better to steam meat or to extinguish, abstaining from frying and roasting.
  • Dairy and fermented milk products. During feeding by a breast it is better for woman to refuse the use of whole milk, and to give preference to sour-milk production (yogurt, kefir, curdled milk). Yogurt and curdled milk can be prepared in house conditions. The daily use of cottage cheese which fat content doesn't exceed 5% is recommended.
  • Bakery products and porridges. The daily use of porridges is obligatory for the feeding woman. It is recommended to cook porridges only on water, without milk addition. It is necessary to give preference to white yesterday's loaf.
  • Fats. It is recommended to limit vegetable and animal fats during breastfeeding, but not to exclude completely. It is daily necessary to use a small amount of creamy and vegetable oil, adding it to food.
  • Drinks. Observance of the drinking mode is an important component of successful breastfeeding. Not to provoke colic at the child, it is recommended to the feeding woman to use rather weak black and green tea, fruit compotes and fruit drinks. Cocoa and coffee need to be excluded from a diet completely.

That it is necessary to exclude

It is possible to carry to the products which are under a ban for the feeding woman:

  • the products containing cocoa powder, confectionery;
  • hot spices, sauces, ketchups, mayonnaise, mustard;
  • condensed milk, ice cream;
  • carbonated drinks irrespective of they contain sugar or not;
  • barmy products from dough;
  • eggs;
  • rye and fresh white bread;
  • citrus and fruit juice.

Keeping to the specified diet, it is important to the feeding woman to remember that the overfeeding can be not less probable cause of emergence in the child of gripes. Insufficient production of digestive enzymes provokes violation of the act of digestion of breast milk, leading to excessive gas generation in intestines of the kid.

Under a ban for the nursing mother there is an alcohol intake and tobacco smoking which leads to development of serious consequences for the child's organism. The feeding woman can receive more detailed power supply circuit on internal consultation of the medical expert who will make a diet.