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Bezuglevodny diet for weight loss: the list of products for food in house conditions and recipes of dishes

Bezuglevodny diet for weight loss: the list of products for food in house conditions and recipes of dishes

The Bezuglevodny diet for weight loss is a way to remove excess fat, limiting amount of carbohydrates in a diet, and replacing them with proteinaceous food. Such food is frequent athletes for drying as at it fats are very effectively burned during the trainings use. It is caused by the fact that the organism during physical exercises takes energy from carbohydrates, but if they is absent, then scoops necessary kilojoules from fatty deposits.

The Bezuglevodny diet is considered strict and does not suffer deviations. To achieve result, it is necessary to observe all requirements and to combine food with physical activities, otherwise the diet will be ineffective. It is necessary to observe the drinking mode, drinking 2 pure liters a day in intervals between meals. It is impossible to wash down food as excess water stretches a stomach.

Principles of a bezuglevodny diet

  • It is better to use vegetables and fruit fresh, it is necessary to steam food or to cook. As an exception it is possible to use a grill or to bake without oil;
  • if there is a need to add oil, then only linen or olive Extra Virgin is allowed;
  • food has to be fractional, not less than 5 times a day;
  • the last meal has to be in 2 hours prior to a dream, it is before going to bed allowed to drink water only;
  • it is impossible to exclude completely carbohydrates, standard daily rate – 250 grams.

Positive sides of a low-carbohydrate diet

  • Bystry weight reduction.
  • An opportunity to control appetite. The matter is that insulin which is produced is responsible for appetite, reducing sugar in blood. If carbohydrates in food are not enough, sugar always low therefore the strong feeling of hunger does not appear.
  • Weight long does not come back. During low-carbohydrate food exchange processes slow down, and the stomach decreases because of fractional food.
Bezuglevodny diet for weight loss: the list of products for food in house conditions and recipes of dishes

Bezuglevodny diet

What is authorized and it is forbidden to eat during a diet

Adhering to a bezuglevodny diet, it is necessary to exclude completely forbidden products. If the diet for any reason is broken, it is necessary to start everything anew. The list of products which are allowed for the use is given below.

The resolved products during a diet:

  • low-fat grades of meat (bird, rabbit, veal) and eggs;
  • liver, heart, language;
  • seafood, low-fat fish;
  • skim cheese, yogurt, kefir and cheese;
  • sour fruit and berries (citruses, green apples, pomegranate, cranberry, red and blackcurrant);
  • vegetables (sheet salad, cabbage, broccoli, vegetable marrows and zucchini, cucumbers, paprika, carrots, onions, fresh greens and dry herbs);
  • oil olive and linen;
  • nuts and seeds (walnut, almonds, cedar, pumpkin and sunflower sunflower seeds, sesame).

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Products which need to be limited on a diet:

  • potatoes;
  • cereals without gluten, rice and porridge;
  • beans;
  • bitter chocolate.
Bezuglevodny diet for weight loss: the list of products for food in house conditions and recipes of dishes

Bezuglevodny diet

The forbidden products:

  • sugar and products which support him, sweet fruit;
  • products from wheat and rye flour;
  • semolina, couscous, peanut;
  • semi-finished products and preserved foods;
  • sausages and pastes;
  • fast food and ready food;
  • sunflower oil;
  • alcohol, aerated water, purchased juice and other sweet drinks.

Sweet products are simple carbohydrates which are acquired without effort and are postponed in an organism in the form of fat. Eating of sweets and greasy food is frequent harms not only a figure, but also health of the person, provoking various cardiovascular diseases. All above-mentioned products are also digestible carbohydrates or unhealthy substitutes.

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Choosing products for a bezuglevodny diet, it is necessary to be guided by a concept of a healthy lifestyle. It is better to choose fruit and vegetables local, seasonal. Meat products, fish and seafood have to be cooled, fresh. Fermented milk products need to be bought without additives, and it is the best of all to train them in house conditions.

Why it is impossible to limit carbohydrates completely

Each person who decided to grow thin to such diet is concerned by a question how many carbohydrates it is possible to eat on a bezuglevodny diet, and not for nothing, completely to refuse them very difficult.

Despite the name of a bezuglevodny diet, complex carbohydrates all the same have to be present at a diet. Though the proteinaceous diet allows to remove excess fat quickly because receipt not of the necessary energy is limited, at prolonged use it causes serious problems with a GIT, depressions and memory blackouts.

Important! The brain of the person needs glucose normally to function. The complete elimination of carbohydrates leads to starvation of a brain and violations in its work.

The best type of carbohydrates – grain. They are long acquired by an organism and contain a large amount of cellulose, vitamins and minerals. Best of all buckwheat, rice, peas, porridge and a kinoa is suitable for a bezuglevodny diet. These porridges contain a large amount of vegetable protein.

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How to be prepared for a bezuglevodny diet

To lose weight on a diet without carbohydrates and not to do essential harm to health, it is necessary to be prepared for it. If the person still ate the food containing a large amount of fats and carbohydrates, then their sharp decrease will lead to a stress and serious consequences. For this purpose it is necessary within a week to Chala Bezuglevodna of a diet gradually to reduce amount of carbohydrates to 250 grams a day, also to try to pass gradually to boiled and baked food, refusing fried. It is necessary to leave a bezuglevodny diet also gradually, increasing amount of substances within a week. But for fixing of result nutritionists recommend to continue to adhere to healthy food constantly.

The menu for a week

The Bezuglevodny diet is useful and balanced, the table which illustrates the menu for a week, taking into account requirements of an organism of the adult is given below. Eating by such principle, it is possible to reduce in the shortest possible time weight without harm for health.


MealExample of a diet
BreakfastThe fat-free kefir, 2 small loafs.
Second breakfast2 egg whites, ½ grapefruits.
Lunch200 gr. buckwheat, 150 grams of a boiled breast.
Afternoon snack300 gr. fresh greens, cucumbers salad, tomatoes and paprika.
DinnerApple, 150 gr. cottage cheese.


MealExample of a diet
BreakfastPortion of yogurt, handful of nuts.
Second breakfastFruit.
LunchVegetable greens soup, slice of steam veal.
Afternoon snack2 egg whites, 150 gr. berries.
DinnerCottage cheese cream with greens 150 gr., small loaf.


MealExample of a diet
BreakfastPorridge on water with apple pieces, berry compote without sugar.
Second breakfastCitrus.
LunchBean turkey and vegetables soup.
Afternoon snackFresh vegetables health salad with addition of olive oil.
DinnerThe apple baked with cottage cheese.


MealExample of a diet
BreakfastOmelet with low-fat cheese and chicken breast, coffee with milk.
Second breakfast200 grams of fruit salad, with gas station from the fat-free yogurt.
LunchThe fish baked in a foil 150 gr., 200 gr. ragout from vegetable marrows, carrots, onions, cabbage and pepper.
Afternoon snackGlass of kefir, small loaf.
DinnerThe baked pumpkin 200 gr., egg white.


MealExample of a diet
BreakfastSmuz with bran, kefir and prunes of 200 grams.
Second breakfastVegetable salad, 2 egg whites.
LunchChicken and veal cutlet without breading, on couple, stewed cabbage with carrots.
Afternoon snackHandful of nuts.
DinnerCottage cheese with pieces of berries and fruit.


MealExample of a diet
BreakfastBuckwheat cereal of 200 grams, tea or coffee.
Second breakfast2 egg whites, apple.
LunchStewed meat, vegetable salad.
Afternoon snackYogurt with fruit 200 gr.
Dinner2 baked apples.


MealExample of a diet
BreakfastPorridge with berries and nuts, tea.
Second breakfastMarrow caviar, 2 small loafs, egg white.
LunchThe baked breast with cheese, cabbage salad, tomatoes and other vegetables.
Afternoon snackGlass of kefir.
DinnerVegetable stew from eggplants and other vegetables, except potatoes.

The Bezuglevodny diet allows to make independently the menu for every day taking into account wishes of the person and his personal needs, it is only enough to include imagination and to follow the rules of a diet, using the resolved products. Frequent receptions of nourishing food do not allow to appear to feeling of hunger ahead of time.

Contraindications and side effects of a bezuglevodny diet

Such diet is considered balanced, but it has a number of contraindications:

  • chronic diseases of a GIT and kidneys;
  • diseases of cardiovascular system;
  • serious neurologic illnesses;
  • endocrine violations;
  • children's age;
  • period of pregnancy and lactation.

In the presence of any diseases of internals, it is necessary to consult surely with the doctor as the bezuglevodny diet can negatively affect the weakened organism, as we know, any diet is a stress, even the most sparing.

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Despite all usefulness of a bezuglevodny diet, it suits not all and can provoke such side effects:

  • locks because of the use of proteinaceous food in large numbers;
  • irritability and decrease in working capacity due to the lack of glucose;
  • deterioration in immunity;
  • the exacerbation of diseases of kidneys is possible.

To avoid side effects, it is necessary to enter enough vegetables and fruit, proteins, fats and the minimum quantity of carbohydrates into a diet of a bezuglevodny diet, it is necessary to eat properly.

Recipes of cooking on a bezuglevodny diet

Tasty and various food will help to endure easily the period of weight loss and to achieve the best results. Possible recipes of dishes with the low content of carbohydrates are given below.


breast salad

Chicken breast needs to be boiled and cut with cubes. To dig lettuce leaves small pieces and to lay out on a plate, from above spread chicken, green peas, grated apple and 100 grams of a grated zyr. Salad the fat-free yogurt refuels.

Salad with language

Language to boil and cut small pieces, to mix with grated chicken protein, green peas, a fresh ugorts. To fill with low-fat sour cream or yogurt, to decorate with the crushed walnuts.

Chicken with mushrooms and zucchini

To cut mushrooms and to extinguish slightly with onions and a small amount of olive oil. To separately stew the chicken fillet cut on pieces with a vegetable marrow. In a form for roasting to lay out meat and to grease with low-fat sour cream, from above mushrooms. For a crisp it is possible to strew with cheese.

Vegetable chicken cream soup

To fill in a cauliflower, stryuchkovy haricot, carrots and onions with water and to boil to readiness on slow fire, having added a pinch of greens and spices at the end. Chicken fillet to grate salt and honest, to bake in a foil without oil addition. To shake up vegetables with broth in the blender and to give in warm in a view with slices of the baked chicken. The Bezuglevodny diet proved the efficiency what tell responses of the lost weight people who tested it about. Combining low-carbohydrate food and sports really to grow thin on 4 kilograms a week, without losing muscle bulk.