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Food of the feeding mother in the first month: that is possible, and that isn't present.

Food of the feeding mother influences health and health of the baby. After all together with milk the kid receives elements of food which is eaten by mother. It can be both useful and valuable vitamins, and harmful substances. Therefore it is necessary to watch closely the menu, especially in the first month after the birth of the kid. After all at this particular time the organism of the newborn adapts for new food.

Food of the feeding mother in the first month: that is possible, and that isn't present.

First week

In the first days after the delivery food of mother is exposed to the most strict restrictions. The organism of the woman starts being restored, and the newborn's organism – to get used. In the first day it is possible to drink milk drink without additives. However it is impossible to drink cow's milk when breastfeeding as it contain strong allergen. Some pediatricians don't recommend to drink milk till 5-6 months after the birth of the kid. It is also possible to drink a glass of compote.

The volume of the drunk liquid before "arrival" of a lactation shouldn't exceed 800 ml! In the first days it is developed molozlivo.

Full-fledged milk arrives in three-five days after the delivery. Breast milk after kesarevy section comes is later.

At this time it is possible to eat:

  • boiled macaroni without seasonings and additives;
  • buckwheat and rice to a croup, prepared on water;
  • bananas and green apples in heat treatment (baked);
  • cauliflower and broccoli, potatoes and vegetable marrows puree;
  • soups with above the listed vegetables and greens (parsley, fennel);
  • dairy drinks, except kefir;
  • it is swept away by fat content to 15%; low-fat cottage cheese and cheese;
  • the crushed rabbit flesh and turkey, veal and beef in a boiled or stewed look;
  • drinking water, green tea and compotes from dried fruits.

The feeding mother categorically can't use in the first 7-10 days after the delivery:

  • crude fruit and vegetables;
  • dried fruits;
  • nuts;
  • milk of a cow and kefir;
  • fish;
  • eggs;
  • seasonings and hot spices;
  • porridge and semolina, millet, pearl-barley and yachnevy porridges, porridges on milk;
  • pork, chicken, meat offal and fat;
  • coffee and black tea, sparkling water and juice, alcohol;
  • tinned products and offal.

The complete list of the forbidden and resolved products at a lactation you will find according to the link/.

First month

A week later after the delivery it is possible to start expanding a diet. Vegetable soups and meat broths, porridges on water will become suitable dishes vegetable marrows, potatoes and pumpkin vegetable purees.

In more detail, what porridges the feeding mother can eat, read here.

It is possibleIt is impossibleDaily norm
KashiMillet, pearl-barley, yachnevy, rice and buckwheat on water or on water with milk 1 to 1Semolina and oat porridges, porridges on fat milk50-60gramm
MacaroniIn a boiled look without spice and additivesFried, with cheese and other additives50-60 grams
VegetablesCauliflower and broccoli, vegetable marrows and pumpkin, potatoes and greens (parsley, sheet salad, fennel), green peas (not tinned!); with care – carrotsTomatoes and cucumbers, white cabbage and paprika, garlic and onions, beet and eggplants300-500 grams
MeatRabbit flesh, chicken or turkey, veal, beef tongueMutton and pork, kidneys, brain, etc. offal, fat150-200 grams
Dairy and fermented milk productsDairy drinks without sugar and additives, low-fat cottage cheese and cheese, sour creamCow's milk, kefir, dairy drinks and yogurts with additivesdrinks – 25 ml; cottage cheese – 100 gr.; sour cream – 30 gr.; cheese – 50 gr.;
Fruit and berriesApples, bananas and pears in the baked look, white currant, a gooseberry and cowberryFruits of bright flowers, citrus and exotic fruit200-300 grams
Dried fruitsDried pears and apples, soft dried apricots, prunesRaisin50-100 grams
DrinksThe green tea, rather weak black tea, water, freshly squeezed juice from apples and pears half diluted with water compotes and fruit drinksCoffee, strong black tea, carbonated drinks and alcohol, purchased juice1,5-2 liters

In the first month of a lactation it is impossible to eat fish, eggs and nuts. It is strictly forbidden to use products with the content of preservatives, dyes and other chemistry. Bread it is possible black or white without cereals. Dishes are recommended to be eaten only in the boiled, stewed or baked look. It is possible to add sunflower, olive or butter.

The feeding mother in the first month after the delivery can apply a hypoallergenic diet which diet only safe products enter. This food is suitable for mothers and children with problems in in digestion, at a favor to an allergy. You will find the detailed menu for a week in article" the Hypoallergenic diet when breastfeeding".

Food of the feeding mother in the first month: that is possible, and that isn't present.

Recipes for the feeding mothers in the first month of a lactation

  • Baked pudding with cottage cheese and rice

Very nourishing and easy dish in preparation for which one glass of rice, 150 grams of cottage cheese, two egg whites and sugar to taste is required (on average 3-6 tablespoons). For a start boil rice to a porridge consistence. As it is correct to prepare rice porridge, read in the article "Rice at Chest Feeding".

We mix cottage cheese with porridge and we add sugar. We beat egg whites and we pour in weight. We mix and spread in the form which is previously oiled. We prepare in an oven of 30-40 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees.

  • Potatoes and pumpkin cream soup

Take three average tubers of potatoes, 250 grams of pumpkin without stones and separately pumpkin sunflower seeds, greens (parsley or fennel). We cut potato and pumpkin on slices and we fill in with water that that covered from above vegetables on two fingers. We put to cook and we bring to boiling. Then we pour broth in other container, we crush vegetables to a mashed potatoes consistence.

In the received mass of vegetables we pour in broth again and we mix, we add pumpkin sunflower seeds, salt and greens. As gas station it is possible to use the crushed ginger and sour cream.

Food of the feeding mother in the first month: that is possible, and that isn't present.

  • Turkey with rice and vegetables

Neosystem of ragout or risotto optimum is suitable for the feeding mothers as ingredients pass heat treatment. However when breastfeeding it is impossible to use traditional for pilaf and ragout of seasoning. For preparation of a dish take 200-300 grams of fillet of a turkey, one glass of the steamed rice, one carrots and 100 grams of green peas and salt to taste.

To boil rice to readiness, to wash out under water and to reject in a colander. To cut carrots on small slices and together with peas to put in the added some salt boiling water. To cook to softness. To cut a turkey on slices, slightly to fry and extinguish. To add vegetables and rice to meat, carefully to mix and extinguish under a cover of 3-5 minutes.

  • Meatballs with sauce

For meatballs take forcemeat of a turkey, chicken, beef or rabbit flesh. When breastfeeding it is possible to use only house forcemeat. Besides, rice, dried fennel and salt to taste is required. Boil one glass of rice and mix with 500 gr forcemeat. Salt, add fennel and carefully mix. Then create round teftelk and lay out in a form for roasting.

Food of the feeding mother in the first month: that is possible, and that isn't present.

Juicy and original relish to a dish will be impacted by the pumpkin swept-away sauce. For preparation of sauce prepare pumpkin puree. Mix 400 ml of mashed potatoes from 400 ml of sour cream. Salt and sauce meatballs. Then put a dish in an oven for 50 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees.

  • Sweet dessert

The easy and tasty dessert will lighten mood and will give to cheerfulness. Take on 0,5 kg of apples and pears. Cut fruits on two parts and cut out a core. We stack on a baking sheet. Apples from above can be covered with circles of bananas. We bake in an oven of 15-20 minutes. The dessert is ready!

Food of the feeding mother in the first month: that is possible, and that isn't present.

Further food at a lactation

Every week expand a diet and add new products. At introduction of new products to a diet you watch closely reaction of the baby. For the first time try a small portion. If within two days the health of the child didn't worsen, the product can safely be entered into the menu. At negative reaction the use of new food needs to be postponed. It is possible to repeat introduction attempt in a month.

Remember that the diet at a lactation has to be full and various. The full complex of vitamins and useful elements will provide normal growth and developments of the newborn, will help the woman to be restored rather after the delivery. However don't overeat as it will cause an allergy and diarrheas in the chest kid.

Observe the drinking mode. The daily norm is equal to two-three liters which half is made by simple water. You will find detailed food of the nursing mother on months according to the link/.