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Orange oil from cellulitis: recipes of application in house conditions and reviews of efficiency with a photo

Use of essential aromatic oils varies from medicine to cosmetology. In a rating of popular procedures which are applied in beauty shops, the first place belongs to sessions against cellulitis with orange oil. However such way is available and in house conditions — essential oil of an orange citrus and patience for this purpose will be required. Study recommendations, and you win a victory in a duel against "orange-peel" as sometimes call tsellyulitny roughnesses on skin.

The useful properties defining anti-cellulite action

Popularity of orange oil is explained by availability and simplicity in use. The effect from application is swept up after the first sessions, and fresh aroma does procedures with citrus air pleasant.

Orange oil from cellulitis: recipes of application in house conditions and reviews of efficiency with a photo

Aromatic oil of orange is applied in medicine and cosmetology

Except orange, in cosmetology essential oils and other citrus — a lemon, grapefruit, tangerine, a lemongrass are applied. However only for oil of orange the raised content of useful organic acids is characteristic. It caused properties of a radio product to raise a skin tone, to improve blood circulation on places of drawing and to struggle with cellulitis.

Orange oil from cellulitis: recipes of application in house conditions and reviews of efficiency with a photo

Except orange in cosmetology with success essential oils of a lemon and grapefruit are used

How the preparation affects problem zones?

  • Accelerates blood circulation.
  • Stimulates splitting of fats in cages of which tsellyulitny knots consist.
  • Intensifies secretory processes, liquid outflow as a result amplifies, toxins are removed.
  • The vitamin C which is a part of oil synthesizes collagen and increases elasticity of skin.
  • Slows down aging of skin, helps to eliminate extensions and wrinkles.

How to avoid acquisition of a fake

The key to success in fight against cellulitis by means of orange oil — natural means. The fake won't bring that result which is expected, or will do harm to skin. How it is correct to choose essential oil? 

  • Pay attention to packing — the product made on strict technology is spilled in dark glass bottles. The plastic container reacts with components of citrus air, and transparent walls of a vessel don't protect a product from the destroying influence of an ultraviolet.
Orange oil from cellulitis: recipes of application in house conditions and reviews of efficiency with a photo

The real oil of orange has to be in glass dark container to keep useful properties

  • Don't save on quality and you don't seek to get cheap means. It isn't excluded that the diluted or forged goods are behind low price.
  • To check, whether not counterfeit essential oil, apply a drop on a white napkin from paper. The real air will evaporate without trace, and the diluted product will leave fat spots.

Preparation of essential oil of orange in house conditions

Orange essential oil prepares on the specialized industrial equipment with observance of requirements of standards. The oil mix prepared in house conditions is an infusion solution of the crushed orange dried peel in oil — a basis. Such house preparation is useful for independent carrying out medical sessions. 


  • 2 oranges;
  • basic vegetable oil — 0,5 liters. 

As the basic is more often used olive oil, but also almond, coconut, grape, oil jojoba will approach.

  • Prepare ware — to bank or a bottle with a capacity of 1 liter, pure, dry and it is obligatory from dark glass.
  • Carefully wash up oranges, dry a paper towel.
  • Rind a thin layer, crush and fill in ware.
  • Fill in with vegetable oil an orange crumb, having covered "with top", put capacity in a dark cool place for 5 days.
  • Through the specified time get oil and heat on a water bath, without bringing to boiling.
  • Cool mix then filter and pour in container which is densely closed. You store aromatic structure in a cool place.

For preparation of house anti-cellulite means we advise to get olive oil of a cold extraction which wasn't exposed to thermal treatment and kept all useful substances.

How independently to make citrus oil (video)

How to apply against cellulitis

Orange oil from cellulitis: recipes of application in house conditions and reviews of efficiency with a photo

Ways of use of oil from cellulitis a little: wrappings, bathtubs, addition in ready cosmetics, massages

How to use, adding to cosmetics

Mix a portion of a cosmetic preparation with 4–5 drops of essential oil of orange. The traditional looking after means as a result of such enrichment gains anti-cellulite properties, and for a product which fights against "orange-peel", there is an action strengthening.

Add orange oil to creams, lotions, shower gels, srubs just before drawing on problem sites.

Orange oil from cellulitis: recipes of application in house conditions and reviews of efficiency with a photo

Orange soap with effect of a srub can be prepared in house conditions

Cream srub in house conditions

That will be required:

  • sea salt — 2 tablespoons;
  • the crushed orange dried peel — 2 tablespoons;
  • ground oat flakes — 1 tablespoon;
  • white clay — 1 teaspoon;
  • granulated sugar — 1 teaspoon;
  • vegetable oil (olive or almond) – 2 tablespoons;
  • vitamin E — 10 drops;
  • orange essential oil — 7 drops.

Place ingredients in bank from dark glass, mix, a period of storage — 7 days.

Solid soap srub + the step-by-step instruction on independent production with a photo


  • the basis for preparation washed in house conditions (or ready Children's soap) – 50 grams;
  • oil basic (almond, olive, sea-buckthorn) – 1 teaspoon;
  • essential orange oil — 5 drops;
  • bee honey — 0,5 teaspoons;
  • food dye of orange color — 10 drops;
  • granulated sugar — 100 grams. 

Tools and materials:

  • cup or glass for mixing;
  • stirring rod;
  • the capacities for molding from silicone or plastic oiled.

Anti-cellulite massage

Massage favorably affects skin, weakens and calms. The combination of classical preparations to oil of orange turns massage into the toning procedure which eliminates manifestations of cellulitis.

It is possible to carry out massage palms, special mittens, masseurs or brushes.

Orange oil from cellulitis: recipes of application in house conditions and reviews of efficiency with a photo

Procedure of massage will become more effective by means of essential oil of orange

Ways of massage with citrus oil

  • Apply drops of radio means on palms and pound sites with "orange-peel".
  • Add oil to massage cream.
  • Strengthen anti-cellulite effect, mixing aromatic products among themselves. Together with oil of orange use a juniper, a tea tree, rosemary, mint, a geranium.

Medical wrappings

The method is popular and in beauty shops, and as independent procedure in house conditions. The noticeable effect from wrappings requires 10 sessions, frequency — every other day.

Classical option of application

Sequence of performance:

  • to apply oil on the demanded zones with easy roundabouts;
  • to wrap up a film for 15 minutes;
  • carefully to wash away aromatic structure.

Honey and orange recipe

For this way strong anti-cellulite action is characteristic, skin becomes smooth and elastic.

How to carry out:

  • to mix 2 tablespoons of bee honey and 5 drops of oil of orange;
  • to apply on zones with manifestations of cellulitis, to massage;
  • to wrap up food wrap for 20 minutes;
  • to wash away a honey and citrus preparation warm water.

Preparation of structure against cellulitis in house conditions (video)

The weakening bathtubs

Addition in warm water before acceptance of a bathtub of 10 drops of orange essential oil — a simple and available method of fight against cellulitis. Aromatic baths are taken every other day, a course — 15 procedures.

The effect amplifies if to mix among themselves citrus oils — grapefruit, mandarinovy or lemon. In this case add each oil equally, the quantity of drops doesn't change. 

Orange oil from cellulitis: recipes of application in house conditions and reviews of efficiency with a photo

The weakening bathtub with essential oils renders antistress effect and helps to get rid of cellulitis

Take a curative bath of 15-20 minutes, thus it is desirable to relax and inhale aroma of orange a full breast. Flying radio substances improve mood, reduce stress.

Contraindications to use

The reasons for which it isn't recommended to apply orange oil.

  • Hypotonia — air lowers arterial pressure.
  • Cholelithiasis.
  • Epilepsy.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Allergic reactions.

How to be convinced, what the allergy to citrus products isn't present? Apply an oil drop on an internal surface of a wrist and in 30 minutes wash away. If in days symptoms of an allergy — reddening or rash — don't appear, it is authorized to use citrus oil.

Oils of a citrus differ in phototoxic properties. Not to allow skin burns, after carrying out medical sessions with application of radio means it is forbidden to leave days under direct beams of the sun.

Reviews of use of citrus means from cellulitis 

Oil from cellulitis — is reality! I use orange (sometimes in combination with grapefruit) for carrying out massage. The result noticeable already through some sessions, admires not only me, but also my friends and relatives. It is happy also that the product has low price, and thus it is unreliable necessary to go to salon, and it is possible to conduct independently "citrus" sessions in house conditions. 

Arina Galkina

I used mix of orange oil with simple liquid body cream and the effect was. The main thing — not to throw, and constantly to do this massage. I did it every day after acceptance of a shower. It is especially good if also to play sports, and to eat qualitative and correct products. Ability and work all will grind … even cellulitis.


I bought essential oil of oranges in a drugstore. Smelled very delicious, I added it to a bathtub, few times even I parted in shower gel, it is simple for a smell. Then I made to myself a big can of mix from shi and oranges with mandarinovy air, and here each two days I am smeared with it still. Any in general cellulitis, skin ideal.


Try to use citrus essential oils against manifestations of cellulitis, and you are convinced that such procedures are pleasant and help to reach positive result. Fresh aroma of orange gives cheerfulness, inflow of vital energy, and after use of oil skin gains delightful smoothness. Don't forget to supplement procedure with regular physical activities, the balanced food, and you receive the harmonous, tightened body and velvet skin.

  • Author: Natalya Ostrovova