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The program of trainings for weight loss for girls in a hall

Even daily physical activities in a hall will be inefficient for weight loss if not to accompany them with competently picked up food. It is a separate subject, it is extensive and difficult, in this article we will mention her obzorno. We will in detail discuss as the program for women directed on fat burning has to look.

Principles of food

The physical form is much more important for the woman, than for men. Girls diligent work in a gym, can keep for months to diets, torment themselves in all known and unknown ways. And all this for the sake of symmetry and smartness.

The program of trainings for weight loss for girls in a hall

However, if to approach process of loss of weight after careful consideration, it will stop being torture and won't create an excessive stress. It is especially important for girls as the most part of failures happens just owing to rigid restrictions.

The key principles of food for weight loss are as follows:

  • Decrease in caloric content of a diet. It is considered safe reduction of quantity of calories by 20% of habitual norm.
  • Reduction amount of fast carbohydrates and saturated fats, increase in amount of protein in a diet.
  • Replacement of the harmful refined products by the useful natural.

In general, the healthy diet doesn't suffer extremes. It is impossible to exclude, for example, completely carbohydrates and to pass to one proteinaceous products. Or to cease to eat the fat. Fat is also necessary for an organism. Food has to be various, moderate and balanced. Then extra kilos will start leaving naturally.

When in the course of weight loss the fatty layer starts leaving, muscles will become visible. If they distrofichny and flabby, the figure looks not in the best way. Physical trainings in a hall and proteinaceous feed are important for preservation of muscles. Of course, when you will grow thin, the part of muscles all the same will leave (it is impossible to force an organism to spend for 100% only fat). However, the correct weight loss sets before itself the purpose as much as possible to keep that stock of muscles which is available for you.

Also it is important not to be overzealous in disposal of excess fat. After all our internals are surrounded by a fatty capsule which is necessary for them for normal functioning. Besides, for girls existence of a quantity of fat (about 13%) is important for normal functioning of reproductive system.

The program of trainings for weight loss for girls in a hall

Thus, simply the diet can be presented so: small deficiency of calories, is more than protein, it is less than carbohydrates. Fats – moderately that nonsaturated fatty acids and substances necessary for ligaments and joints came to an organism.

Now we will pass to physical activities.

What trainings it is better?

Any trainings in a gym, whether it be power, or all-strengthening, lead to an expense of calories. Therefore all this will be training for weight loss. At the expense of it it is possible to burn a quantity of subcutaneous fat.

The program of trainings for weight loss for girls in a hall

What loading is better for girls? Complex of general exercises, or something other?

It is known that power exercises with burdening (namely base), spend many calories. Really, heavy exercises demand huge power expenses. Only often to do base it won't turn out as power limits of an organism are very limited. Such trainings are important. But if your purpose is weight loss and consequently, in a diet there is a deficiency of calories, they will very quickly exhaust you. That is, power exercises during decrease in weight are given is dosed.

And here long loadings on average speed (run, aerobics, work with easy scales in a large number of repetitions) – don't exhaust an organism so strongly as power therefore having given them a priority it is possible to lose weight more effectively.

It is so possible to be engaged more often and more long therefore the final fat-burning effect will be stronger, than when using base and other heavy the technician.

There is such concept as a fat-burning zone of pulse. These are 60–70% of the maximum heart rate. She can be found, having taken away the age from 220. Having calculated then percent, on average you receive 120–130 beats per minute. It is considered that with such frequency of heartbeat the organism takes the maximum quantity of energy from fat.

Any physical activities in a hall and out of it are useful and important for weight loss as they spend energy.

As it is correct to make the program for weight loss

The principles by which it is necessary to be guided at creation of a complex of burning of fat for women a little differ from the man's. They a little others, though are based on the same physiological laws.

The program of trainings for weight loss for girls in a hall

  • The principle "don't do much harm". To follow it, so it is reasonable to use a set of exercises and restrictions in food for achievement of effect of burning of fat. Training for weight loss has to help to achieve a harmonious figure, but not to do much harm to health.
  • Aim load of problem zones. For girls it is internal part of a hip, buttock, a stomach and sides, back part of hands. The program is under construction in such a way that the main accent of loading in exercises is given on these areas.
  • Age features. It isn't necessary to give for girls age of 20 years the same physical activities for weight loss that for women in 40 years. It, at least, is inefficient. Each organism is individual, but nevertheless the person is more senior, the more carefully it is necessary to approach loads of heart and the articulate and copular device. The set of exercises needs to be adapted under physiological features of an organism.
  • Work with addictions. Smoking or frequent alcohol intake will negatively affect process of weight loss and no set of exercises will be able to compensate harmful effects.
  • It is also necessary to consider the hormonal status, absence or existence of deviations in work of endocrine system and degree of their weight. In such situation preliminary consultation of the doctor is necessary.
  • At pregnancy it is necessary to give the sparing loading that training for weight loss didn't damage to a fruit and I didn't provoke premature birth or an abortion. At this time it is better to refuse completely the hall and to be limited to special gymnastics for pregnant women, water aerobics, yoga and pulmonary gymnastics.
  • It is also necessary to pay attention to predisposition to completeness, or to leanness. In each case the natural metabolism will be the. The general standard diet and the program of trainings (complex) for burning of fat can't be ideally suited for all types of a metabolism.

Features kardio for girls

Cardioloading in a hall – important part of training for weight loss of girls and women. Depending on age and specific features someone has enough 20 minutes on an ellipsoid, and and 40 minutes will seem to someone the imperceptible.

If at you any heart troubles, with blood system, it is possible to standardize loading and to do kardio before training within 30–40 minutes and after – 15–20 minutes.

If there are heart troubles – the trainer has to give you test loading to understand possibilities of your organism. After that in an individual order to select loading, necessary for burning of fatty deposits.

The program of trainings for weight loss for girls in a hall

For example, start working with walking at a racetrack. Walk 5 minutes an average step. You increase gradually speed, you won't feel weight in a breast yet. It isn't necessary to disperse a path more. It is the first limit. Gradually it will need to be overcome.

The set of exercises calculated on weight loss surely has to include kardio. The program has to begin and come to an end with similar loading.

Universal program for weight loss

It is more preferable to be engaged in a hall three times a week. For example, if trainings for burning of fat take place in Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The program of trainings for weight loss for girls in a hall

This program is directed on formation and a relyefoobrazovaniye of muscles of all body with the emphasis on problem female zones.


  1. Kardio – 30–40 minutes.
  2. Knee-bend with a bar – 3 on 15 (weight lungs).
  3. Knee-bends of a plie – 3 on 15.
  4. Attacks with dumbbells – 3 on 20 on each foot.
  5. Giperekstenziya – 2 till 20-30.
  6. Bending of hands with dumbbells or hammers – 3 on 20.
  7. Press – 3 on 30. Raising of a trunk on the Roman chair and raising of feet lying.
  8. Kardio – 15 minutes.


  1. Kardio – 30 minutes.
  2. Giperekstenziya – 2 on 20.
  3. The Romanian draft or dead draft – 3 on 15.
  4. Data of feet in the exercise machine – 2 on 20.
  5. Press of dumbbells lying – 2 on 20.
  6. Cultivation of hands with dumbbells on a horizontal bench – 2 on 20.
  7. Cultivation of hands with dumbbells on a bench at an angle 30 degrees – 2 on 20.
  8. Extension of hands on the block – 3 on 20.
  9. Slanting twisting – 3 on 20 on each party.
  10. Raising of a trunk on a floor – 4 on 20.
  11. Kardio – 10 minutes.


  1. Kardio – 20 minutes.
  2. Press feet (feet on the top part of a platform, are placed widely) – 2 on 15.
  3. Leg extention in the exercise machine – 2 on 20.
  4. Bending of feet in the exercise machine – 2 on 20.
  5. The data and cultivation of feet in the exercise machine – 2 on 20.
  6. Rise on socks on calves – 4 on 30.
  7. Press of dumbbells sitting – 3 on 20.
  8. Cultivation of dumbbells through the parties – 3 on 15.
  9. Kardio – 20 minutes.

This program – a complex for burning of calories for girls in a hall. It is calculated so that between exercises on feet passed 2 days, that is muscles of feet are loaded on Monday and Friday. We don't recommend to postpone these days to Monday and Wednesday.

If the program is given hard – it is necessary to clean on one approach from each exercise, and after a while to add it with the minimum quantity of repetitions (for example, with 5), gradually bringing repetitions to the necessary quantity.

Between exercises it is desirable to maintain a break of 45-60 seconds, between approaches – 30–45. At such speed training will take from you 40–45 minutes (without taking into account kardio), muscles to be tightened, and you will become the owner of the beautiful dried body. Of course, if you adhere to the principles of healthy nutrition, but not any diets. It is the optimum mode for fat burning.

Such complex will help you to improve health and will present a figure of your dream.