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Recipes of dietary desserts from apples

Many diets for weight loss assume strict observance of a certain diet. And desserts in them definitely aren't present - sweets become now real "obstacle" in a way to success. But if you chose a diet which included apples why not to add with its recipes of dietary desserts? Very tasty it is also not high-calorie!

Diet without harm to health: advantage of apples

Recipes of dietary desserts from apples

Apples join in many diets for effective weight loss. Fruits often use and for carrying out fasting days - such "unloading" helps to send to 1,5 kg a day. Well and that, adding tasty fruit to the diet, you not only fight against extra kilos, but also you bring big benefit to an organism.

Dietary properties of apples are caused by their low caloric content - only 40-50 kcal in 100 g of a product. In fruits there is a lot of cellulose which promotes fast removal from an organism of slags and normalization of work of a digestive tract. Apples are vitamin-rich groups B, A and C - they promote strengthening of immunity and active work of a brain. The whole range of microcells (iron, magnesium potassium) helps to support a whiteness of teeth and to lower the level of "bad" cholesterol.

And in spite of the fact that apples considerably increase appetite, surely include them in a diet for weight loss - the advantage for health is guaranteed. And recipes of tasty desserts if it is correct to pick up ingredients and a way of preparation, will only add such "poor" diet of dietary food.

Simple recipes: rules of preparation of desserts with apples

That dietary recipes were really dietary, it is important to follow a number of rules at preparation of dishes. Recommendations such:

  • Use only green apples - in them less sugar.
  • If aren't sure of quality of fruit, from fruits it is better to cut off a peel - in it the chemicals used at cultivation of fruit-trees can collect.
  • Shouldn't be present at dishes - sugar, dairy and fermented milk products with the increased fat content, butter.
  • Be not afraid to supplement simple recipes with spices. Cinnamon, a sage, ginger, a turmeric, a carnation - not only will impact to dishes original relish, but also will promote fast digestion of food.
  • Dietary properties of a dish "will strengthen" a citrus.
  • As a way of preparation choose processing of a dish on couple, roasting in an oven.

Recipes of tasty dietary desserts from apples

Recipes of dietary desserts from apples

Of course, it is possible to call not all desserts with apples in structure dietary. For example, the well-known charlotte will be quite difficult to be carried to this list. But you still have enough options! Don't refuse to themselves pleasure to try tasty useful dishes.

Try the following simple recipes of dietary desserts with apples:

  • The baked apples with cinnamon and honey

You will need the following components - 3 green apples, 1-2 Art. of l of liquid flower honey, 1 h. cinnamon l. Rind apples, cut out from them cores with stones, cut segments. Add cinnamon and honey to a dish, mix - each segment has to be in honey and cinnamon weight. Lay out a dish on a baking sheet an even layer and put in an oven for 10-15 min. (temperature - 180 °C).

  • Fruit salad

It is one of the simplest recipes of tasty desserts. Cut in cubes 1 large green apple, add a cinnamon pinch, 1 h. l of liquid flower honey and 1 Art. of l of the fat-free natural yogurt. Before giving on a table put a dessert for half an hour in the refrigerator.

  • Apple fruit candy

There are recipes more difficult - just the fruit candy concerns to that. Will be required - 1,5-2 kg of green apples, vanilla and cinnamon to taste. Rind fruit and take out cores, cut them on segments. Lay apples in a pan, having poured in a quarter of a glass of water. You stew apples of 10-15 min. (under the closed cover). Then crush them in the pyureobrazny weight (use the blender), add on 1/2 h here. l of vanilla and cinnamon. Mashed potatoes have to pine on slow fire before full evaporation of water. Lay out weight on a wide baking sheet and send it to an oven (temperature - 100 °C). The fruit candy will be ready in 15-25 min.

  • The baked apples with cottage cheese and pomegranate

The dessert according to this recipe can be prepared and in the microwave oven, and in an oven. Take 4 green apples, 1 grenades, 400 g of skim cheese, cinnamon to taste, 2 h. vanilla l. At first divide into kernels of grenades. Mix them with cottage cheese, vanilla and cinnamon - the stuffing turned out. Now prepare apple "pots" - cut off from top fruits, get pulp (walls of fruit have to be about 1 cm). Accurately lay a stuffing in apples, cover them with the remained tops. Preparation of a dessert in a microwave will require only 4 minutes - it is possible to give on a table.

  • Apple sorbet

The recipe of apple sorbet of very few people leaves indifferent - the tasty refreshing dish turns out. For preparation take 3 green apples, a glass of water, 3 lemons, 100-150 g of a sakharozamenitel. From apples clean a peel, cut fruit in cubes. Pour 100 g of water in a pan, squeeze out in it lemon juice, a vsypta a sakharozamenitel, lower the cut fruit here. You extinguish mix on slow fire of 10-15 min., constantly mixing. Now crush everything the blender. Put "semi-finished product" for sorbet for 3-4 h in cold. After this time take 100 ml of water, squeeze out in it juice of the remained 2 lemons, add vanilla. Boil solution, and then cool. The final stage - connect lemon water and apple puree. Clean ready sorbet at some o'clock per the freezer.

  • Apple krambl

You will need such ingredients - 3 green apples, 2 Art. of l of liquid flower honey, 2 Art. of l of raisin, 2 Art. of l of oat flakes, 1 h. cinnamon l. Rind with apples and grate them. Add raisin and cinnamon to weight. Lay out mix in a small baking sheet, level it. In separate capacity mix oat flakes and honey. On krambl in a baking sheet from above lay out honey and oat mix. Put a dessert in an oven for 20-30 min. (temperature - 190 °C).

  • Apple dessert with a perchinka

Preparation will require the following components - 5 green apples, 4 Art. of l of cowberry (it is possible to replace with a cranberry), to 1 Art. of l of a horse-radish, on a pinch of cinnamon, black pepper, salt and a carnation. Wash up 4 apples, cut them on halves, remove cores - cups have to turn out. Rind the fifth apple, get stones, connect to pulp from 4 other apples. Crush everything in the blender to a condition of mashed potatoes. Add other components to weight, shake up everything the mixer. Lay the turned-out mix in apple cups, decorate with cowberry - the juicy dessert is ready.

Who told, what diets can be "tasteless"? Try apples desserts - and you are convinced of the return!