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Recipes of dietary dishes from meat

Recipes of dietary dishes from meat

More and more people who keep the figure, refuse the use of meat. Yes, in it there are a lot of animal fats which not only promote increase of body weight, but still "hit" on heart and a pancreas, worsen blood circulation — especially if to fry it, to season with mayonnaise and to give with the "wrong" garnishes. But let's not forget about fast grades of meat! Dishes on their basis won't do harm to a figure and will make your diet balanced and useful. There are many recipes of the most tasty meat dishes. How to train them?

Meat in a dietary food allowance

Recipes of dietary dishes from meat

Meat — an irreplaceable product in a food allowance of each person. It is a source of animal protein and vitamins which are so necessary for normal functioning of an organism. Especially inclusion in the menu of meat is important for the athletes experiencing continuous physical activities.

And even those who cares of the figure, don't need to refuse the use of meat completely! And after all it is main "flaw" of many monodiets for weight loss when in food there are only vegetables. But if to take low-fat types of meat and it is correct to prepare a dish, you shouldn't lose pleasure to eat well without harm to a figure. The diet will be balanced — any emotional stress from "malnutrition" and harm for health. Proteins long are digested — thus a significant amount of energy is spent. Besides, without receipt in an organism of this nutrient it is extremely difficult to increase a muscular relief — and it is very important if in parallel with a diet of people trains in the sports hall.

What types of meat will be suitable for dietary food?

Recipes of dietary dishes from meat

The existing "meat" recipes allow to prepare the most different dishes on the basis of this product. The choice of its fast types is rather wide — the diet will be various and low-calorie. Of course, meat can't be fast in direct understanding of this word — as this term understand that product which contains a fat minimum.

What types of meat can be included in a dietary food allowance?

Caloric content — 180 kcal / 100. According to flavoring characteristics rabbit flesh is similar to chicken meat. But nutritionists find this type of meat more useful — an irreplaceable product in dietary and baby food. One more important advantage — in rabbit flesh initially isn't enough salt which use for a diet should be limited. Proteins thus are easily acquired by an organism.

Caloric content — 200 kcal / 100. Chicken meat is most often used in dietary recipes — it costs much cheaper than other types. Pay attention that the caloric content of a product will vary — everything depends on what part of chicken you take for preparation of a dish. For example, hips and shins are a little fatter than a breast.

Caloric content — 150 kcal / 100. Meat is vitamin-rich E and A, and protein in structure is quickly acquired by an organism — the turkey is considered the most useful product for preparation of dietary dishes.

Caloric content — 150 kcal / 100. Surely add veal to the food allowance — the product becomes a source of a large amount of vitamins of group B and minerals (iron, copper, zinc). The product will also promote normalization of level of sugar in blood that is very important at observance of a diet.

Caloric content — 200 kcal / 100. Useful substances in meat are acquired by an organism quickly — they promote normalization of acidity of a stomach and improve a krovoobrazovaniye. The only minus — many recipes assume long preparation of dishes on the basis of this type of meat.

Rules of preparation of dietary meat dishes

Include only those dishes which are prepared in due form in dietary food. What recommendations here the growing thin can make?

  • Postpone the use of fat mutton and pork, geese and ducks until "the best times".
  • Steam meat or bake in an oven, you cook and you extinguish. Fried dishes in oil won't be useful.
  • Any mayonnaise and ketchup at preparation of dishes!
  • Don't pickle meat before preparation in various sauces.

Don't forget and about the correct giving of ready dishes. The best garnish to meat — vegetables. And here if to add to dietary food meat with macaroni or potato, advantage for a figure it won't be exact!

Recipes of meat dietary dishes

Recipes of dietary dishes from meat

Ragout, cutlets, meatballs — all these dishes won't be high-calorie if to take low-fat meat and it is correct to prepare it. And your diet won't be "boring".

We will designate such recipes of meat dishes which should be added to dietary food:

Cutlets with vegetable marrows

You will need such products — 1 small vegetable marrow, 500 g of chicken breast, 1 small bulb, 2 h. l of breadcrumbs (it is possible to replace with a semolina or flour). Wash chicken meat, cut on slices and together with onions pass via the meat grinder. Now prepare a vegetable marrow — clear it of a peel, clean seeds from pulp, rub on a large grater, squeeze out liquid of the turned-out weight. Mix meat and vegetables, add breadcrumbs. Create forcemeat cutlets and steam them.

Veal with Brussels sprout

Prepare such list of products — 200 g of veal, 2 medium-sized tomatoes, 300 g is fresher than Brussels sprout. Wash meat, cut on portion slices on 2-3 cm, weld to readiness. Lay out boiled veal and cabbage on a baking sheet with an antiprigarny covering (it is so possible not to use oil). From above lay the tomatoes cut with thin circles on a dish. Bake it in the oven of 15-20 min. warmed to 180 °C. Give a ready dish, having powdered it with small chopped parsley.

Warm salad with chicken

It will be required to you — 200 g of chicken fillet, 400 g of broccoli, carrots. At first wash and boil meat in the added some salt water, cut it with small slices. Rub carrots on a large grater, divide broccoli into inflorescences — stew vegetables in a small amount of water of 10-15 min. When vegetables a little cool down, clean the remains of water and mix them with chicken. Sprinkle ready warm salad lemon juice and powder from above with the chopped fresh basil.

Turkey balls

You will need such list of ingredients — 500 g of fillet of a turkey, a half of a vegetable marrow, 1 stalk of a celery, a half of a bulb, 2 segments of garlic, 1 Art. of l of oat flakes. Wash fillet and cut slices. Peel vegetables of a peel and too crush. Pass all ingredients via the meat grinder. Add oat flakes to the turned-out forcemeat — carefully mix everything. From it create meatballs. Place them in a small pan and you extinguish in water to readiness — about 30 min. The ready dish can be given with vegetable salad.

Veal soup

For preparation of tasty soup take 450 g of veal, 4 tomatoes, 200 g of an asparagus, 150 g of spinach, a bulb, 2 stalks of a celery, 2 paprikas, a bunch is fresher than some cilantro. Lower the whole piece of meat in a pan with a little added some salt water. When broth begins to boil, merge it, and cut veal on small slices and you cook 30-40 min. in new water. Then add the crushed onions, carrots, paprika to soup and seldy. Scald tomatoes boiled water, rind with them and small cut — too send vegetables to cook. You weary a dish on slow fire of 20 more min. At the very end of cooking add the crushed spinach and cilantro to soup.