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Recipes at stomach ulcer: dishes for patients, the menu

Food of patients with stomach ulcer has to be easy and useful to give to the weakened organism all necessary substances and at the same time to minimize manifestations of an ulcer. This illness brings to the patient a lot of discomfort and inconveniences: nausea, vomiting, pains, heartburn, an eructation, the increased gas generation. Therefore the diet needs to be made competently that the food didn't irritate mucous a stomach and I helped the healing processes.

Recipes at stomach ulcer: dishes for patients, the menu

Menu and rules of food

The menu at stomach ulcer is formed from the products resolved by the doctor. These are generally dietary dishes:

  • the stewed;
  • the boiled;
  • steamed;
  • received by roasting (sometimes).

That the ulcer cicatrized, and the patient was on the mend, it is necessary to adhere to a medical diet not less than a year. At the first stages of treatment the food has to be ground that the stomach could digest and acquire it quicker. The first reaction of yazvennik who learn that they should reconsider completely food and to learn that such a strict diet — a despair. At most of patients causes a stress to refuse chops, fried potato, a pickles.

Many think that the dishes steamed and ground — tasteless and unappetizing. But this delusion. Ways of preparation of tasty and at the same time useful foods which will help to win against an ulcer — great variety. They prepare from simple products which are available to everyone and don't demand difficult technologies of processing.

Recipes of first courses for patients with stomach ulcer

First courses are especially useful to people with stomach ulcer, after all they are easily acquired by an organism, delicately influence the mucous. It is only necessary to adhere to several recommendations at their preparation:

  1. Exclude addition of spices.
  2. Limit salt to a minimum.
  3. Broth has to prepare the lung which aren't concentrated, differently it will irritate a stomach.

At an exacerbation of an illness doctors recommend to eat mucous soup, that is welded on grain. It, boiling soft, forms slime which envelops walls of a stomach and "calms" an ulcer.

The wiped rice meat soup

This recipe — one of the most popular and simple in preparation. Algorithm following:

  • Wash out 1 tablespoon of rice, weld grain and wipe through a sieve;
  • Crush 100 grams of boiled beef in the blender or via the meat grinder;
  • mix rice with meat and once again boil thoroughly;
  • mix 65 milliliters of milk and 0,5 eggs;
  • add a butter teaspoon floor;
  • salt and mix with the ground rice. It is authorized to give toasts to soup.

Rice grain is extremely useful to yazvennik. In it the high content of mix of protein with starch which is emitted during long cooking. Slime shrouds a stomach in a protective film, and the ulcer gradually cicatrizes.

Pearl barley milk soup

Way of preparation:

  • heat 1,5 glasses of water;
  • add 40 grams of pearl barley;
  • you cook until grain becomes soft;
  • cast away boiled pearl barley on a sieve;
  • in the remained broth pour in 150 grams of milk and boil;
  • mix everything, fill with a small amount of butter.

Pearl barley will load an organism with A, V, PP, D vitamins, E. Like rice, grains at a razvarivaniye emit slime which envelops a stomach therefore the dish is ideally suited for a diet of yazvennik.

Potato soup

Recipes at stomach ulcer: dishes for patients, the menu Scheme of cooking:

  • cut some cleared potatoes with cubes;
  • weld in water (1,5 glasses) with salt;
  • mash potatoes, add sour cream. It is authorized to give with toasts.

Potatoes — a well of cellulose, starch, pectins and vitamins. Its components possess anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties. Starch softens and the stomach, therefore potatoes — one of the main products recommended to yazvennik calms.

Second courses for yazvennik

It is better to steam second courses, it is possible and to bake in an oven, but not to bring to a firm golden crust. It is preferable to fray the second. Use vegetables, fowl and a rabbit or low-fat veal, eggs.

Potatoes and carrots puree


  • Clear 4 potatoes and 2 carrots and weld, salt;
  • merge water, and grind potato and carrots;
  • add a glass of milk and a floor of a teaspoon of butter.

Use a dish as a garnish to boiled meat or prepare steam cutlets. Except as with carrot, combinations will be tasty: mashed potatoes with apple, a cauliflower or from vegetable marrows.

Carrots, gastroenterologists consider, helps a stomach to cope with loadings. It is all about the zinc which is in structure of carrot. It intensifies healing processes, and mucous a stomach includes the protective opportunities.

The chicken baked with apples

To salt chicken fillet also greens. To clean 2-3 apples and to cut them with segments. To wrap up everything in a foil and to prepare in an oven of 50 minutes.

Chicken meat — gentle and low-fat therefore won't do much harm the mucous. It consists of fibers which absorb in themselves the acid corroding stomach tissues. Meat of chicken can be boiled, baked. From it also the easy analog of cutlets — steam or stewed meatballs will turn out excellent. With meat the combination of salads from boiled vegetables will be harmonious. Apples should be taken sweet grades because excessive acid will harmful affect a condition of a stomach.

Rice baked pudding

Way of cooking:

  • mix a glass of water and milk;
  • in this liquid weld a glass of rice and cool;
  • Pound 5 egg yolks with 100 grams of sugar;
  • add to rice;
  • beat the remained whites and gradually add to the main rice sweet weight;
  • the received dough to bake about half an hour in an oven.

Mix from potatoes and beet

Boil 1 small beet and 1 potato, clear of a peel and cut in small cubes. Mix, add a little greens, salts and vegetable oil. Salads from these products will help to normalize work of a gastrointestinal tract, to reduce acidity level in a stomach.


Recipes at stomach ulcer: dishes for patients, the menu To mix 1 egg, 1 teaspoon of sour cream, as much torments, to salt. The liquid dough on consistences reminding sour cream has to turn out. Pour out it in the oiled mold and you cook on a water bath.

Eggs help to take off pain and inflammatory processes. They can be cooked soft-boiled, to use for seasoning of soups and even to use in the raw. Both chicken, and quail eggs are useful.


Sweets aren't forbidden yazvennik. Of course, the speech doesn't go about chocolate and cream cakes, but the apples here baked, easy biscuits, fruit mousses and jelly can be eaten. A little sugar won't do much harm to an organism and even will help to cope with a stress.

Currant jelly

In cold water dissolve 1 teaspoon of gelatin. Separately connect 5 tablespoons of water and 2 teaspoons of sugar, you zakipyatit and add 2,5 tablespoons of juice of currant. In mix pour in gelatin and well mix. Pour jelly in molds and leave to stiffen.

Gelatin is used very actively in medical cookery as it doesn't provoke the increased release of gastric juice.

Pudding from a semolina with a pear

To bring 3 glasses of milk to boiling, to fill up a glass of semolina and to cook before solidification. To grind 3 yolks with 1 glass sugar and to add to porridge, there to send and the sliced pears (5 pieces). To beat whites to cool foam and to enter into bulk. To grease a form with butter, to lay out there semolina grushovuyu mix and to cook on a water bath of 30 minutes.