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Slow and fast proteins. To use the list of products, as well as what proteins

Any girl who supports the figure in a tone, playing thus sports, is interested in parallel and healthy food. Of course, it is correct, after all because that is eaten and what life is led, depends not only beauty external, but also, the main thing, – health. Protein – one of the major construction substances in a human body which can be received from food.

Protein: its features, advantage for an organism

By scientists it is proved that a life basis on Earth is protein. Cages of all live organisms consist of it is concerns also the person. Protein is in all fabrics and bodies: bones, muscles, skin, hair etc.

He takes part in the following processes:

  • regeneration of integuments;
  • synthesis of various enzymes;
  • hemoglobin creation;
  • transportation of lipids, mineral salts, vitamins, medicines;
  • digestion of fats, etc.
  • Slow and fast proteins. To use the list of products, as well as what proteins

    Slow and fast proteins (the list of products in which they contain — in this article) — a life basis on Earth

    In turn, protein consists of 20 amino acids fastened among themselves with consistently chemical bonds, created in a certain order and which are carrying out various functions. Everyone plays the intended role, them only two:

  1. Formation of acid properties of molecules.
  2. Strengthening, transfer of fundamental properties of connections.

Experts recommend to watch in parallel with the use of a protein the level of vitamins of group B. If, for example, for weight loss the diet with the increased quantity of proteinaceous products is used, the need of an organism for vitamin B also grows, after all its role – to give to an organism help in a metabolism of proteins.

Slow and fast proteins. To use the list of products, as well as what proteins

Smoked products and sausages, despite high protein content, actually aren't useful to an organism at all

However, except advantage, protein can do also harm. A number of researches confirms that products with the raised content of substance influence development of chronic diseases, food allergies. It concerns some red meat, especially in the form of sausages, sausages, smoked products.

Similar food in large numbers increase threat of cardiovascular illnesses. The food with dietary protein – fish, a bird and bean, on the contrary, is useful to heart.

Slow and fast proteins: in what a difference

Besides classification of proteins by origin (animal and vegetable) they can be divided into 2 look on assimilation speed:

  • The slow – which are long split by an organism, promote prevention of catabolic processes, weight loss, help not to feel hungry a long time, thus to eat such proteinaceous food to turn out only small quantity.
  • The fast – they are acquired respectively, increase force, energy, promote prompt receiving a charge of cheerfulness, promote a slow set of muscle bulk.
  • Slow and fast proteins. To use the list of products, as well as what proteins

    The defining indicator in designation of speed of assimilation of protein products the coefficient of the process of the same name in an organism which calculates taking into account composition of the entering amino acids and completeness of digestion of proteinaceous connections plays an important role.

    If value 1,0 and less it means that such food is the most saturated source of a protein is appropriated to products. And knowing individual indicators of slow proteins, it is possible to create the list of products which with ease will help to gain weight and to grow thin, after all such protein promotes it.

    Fast proteins and the list of products suitable them is a high-speed way of restoration of forces after trainings and a sharp push of energy for increase of their efficiency.

    How many on time slow and fast proteins are acquired

    By experts it is proved that slow proteins are split on amino acids within 6–8 hours as the maintenance of calories in them is less, and energy the spent time for assimilation is spent more, from here more.

    The reference representative of slow proteins – skim cheese which on time of feeling of satiety wins first place in this list.

    Fast proteins have enough 60–80 minutes. It is possible to choose from the available list of products, for example, kefir as an excellent recovery protein after physical activity, and egg white as an energy drink before power exercises.

    Slow and fast proteins. To use the list of products, as well as what proteins

    Kefir is acquired a little more than an hour therefore treats "fast" squirrels and it is recommended for the use after physical activities

    The list of products with "slow" protein

    Slow squirrels are characterized by that they are acquired by an organism for a long time, demand an expense of a large amount of energy, in them it is less than calories, than in the fast.

    Feature of the use in food of a such protein is considered a supper, namely in 2–3 hours before going to bed as the organism in a night manages to digest food, at the same time muscles are fully enriched with amino acids. It is also good to use such type of protein during the periods when for a long time there is no opportunity to accept food, the feeling of hunger will be maximum not disturbing.

    You shouldn't forget that vegetable proteins, in particular, – grain which grains are dressed in a cover are considered as one of the slow. Before the use they are recommended to be presoaked, then their comprehensibility many times increases.

    The basis of slow protein is made by casein which is a lot of in cottage cheese, but unambiguously it has to be fat-free.

    It is important to know! Cottage cheese with the increased fat content belongs to the products containing fast proteins. And oat flakes, soy and practically all products of a phytogenesis are ranked as sources of a slow protein.

    Slow proteins

    List of productsRatio Proteins/fats/, Carbohydrates in 100 g of a productAssimilation coefficient

    The list of products with "fast" protein

    The advantage of a protein which is acquired quickly, is indisputable for athletes and the people constantly subject to physical activities. You want to feel for a short time inflow of forces, eat an animal origin of the food.

    Naturally, meat, fish and dairy products have to be not too fat. Besides fast and best assimilation will be helped by moderate heat treatment and crushing therefore protein cocktails are cooked surely in the blender.

    The presented list of products the main, it allows at desire to make enough dishes as a part of which there is a "high-speed" protein.

    Fast proteins

    List of productsRatio Proteins/fats/, Carbohydrates in 100 g of a productAssimilation coefficient
    Milk, kefir3/3/41,0
    Cottage cheese17/5/01,0
    Bird (chicken)21/9/00,92
    Fish (humpback salmon)21/8/00,90
    Pork (fast)16/28/00,63

    Pay attention! The best proteinaceous product always meets the requirements of presence of high coefficient of assimilation together with high content of protein and low fat.

    As the way of cooking influences comprehensibility of protein

    Comprehensibility of protein directly depends on a way of cooking:

    • Thermal influence when cooking dishes – here is important not to go too far in temperature and time as vitamins B products can practically not remain, and the food after all has to be useful.
    • In such cases for slow proteins, in particular the croup, will approach preliminary soaking in water, it will make a protective film of grains is more pliable and by that will reduce thermal influence for the purpose of safety of vitamins.

      In same the double boiler which provides the sparing mode of preparation of products can come to the rescue.

      Slow and fast proteins. To use the list of products, as well as what proteins

      Preparation of proteinaceous food in a double boiler helps to preserve its usefulness

      • Crushing will accelerate digestion of protein and its completeness, in kitchen blenders and meat grinders will be useful, the fibration is less, the quicker the organism digests and splits proteinaceous food.
      • Why it is better to combine different sources of protein at one time of food

        Golden mean in food – a combination of protein of various origin. It will allow to watch the weight and health.

        For this reason it is recommended to combine surely products of both animal, and vegetable type, and to make a diet in the corresponding proportion: 60–80% for 40–20%.

        Interesting fact! The people adhering to vegetarianism don't receive some amino acids as in the majority of slow (not fast) proteins of a phytogenesis (the list of products is given above) there is no balance of the last and splitting is interfered by various cover, in particular, cellulose.

        As well as what to use proteins if you want to grow thin

        Basis of a human body – water and proteins. The last, besides "construction" function, serve for prevention of aging, and also those muscles which help to burn calories "eat" them.

        For persons interested to lose weight proteinaceous low-fat products as the it is less in them than fat, the more protein are necessary. In particular at moderate quantity of proteinaceous food thirst for sweets which conduct to increase of body weight becomes dull.

        Also at weight loss of squirrels it is necessary in order that skin suffered less.

        Slow and fast proteins. To use the list of products, as well as what proteins

        Striking example of "fast" proteins — kefir, eggs, sea fish

        Fast proteins (the list of products is attached) best of all are suitable for this purpose:

        • the low-fat dairy – kefir of 1%, classical unsweetened yogurt;
        • fish – a hake, a limonella, a pollock;
        • eggs (boiled);
        • bird – chicken.
        • It is necessary to use other types of meat no more than 2 times a week. However there are adherents of a diet of "supersaturation" who consider that the additional quantity of a protein in an organism can also do good.

          Carefully! If not to consider tendency and predispositions of an organism, high-proteinaceous diets can provoke such diseases, as: gout, colitis, stones in kidneys and a bladder, atherosclerosis.

          Besides during such diet weight decreases generally at the expense of muscles.

          For prevention of negative consequences it is worth drinking enough water and there is more cellulose – slow proteins, the list of products:

          • vegetables – beet, pumpkin;
          • fruit – apple, a pear;
          • porridges – buckwheat, oat, corn.
          • Having decided on food, that who wishes to grow thin, the moderate use of a protein, somewhere 1–1,2 g on each kilogram of weight which for the person are considered as ideal daily norm is recommended. Therefore, it is necessary to use – 60–70 g of protein per day. But at one time food, for example, the breakfast, is acquired 35 g, it is no more.

            Slow and fast proteins. To use the list of products, as well as what proteins

            Buckwheat porridge - the representative of "slow" protein — is rich with cellulose

            As well as what to use proteins for growth of muscles

            Proteins form a muscular framework. Therefore the protein food is so necessary for professional athletes or those who constantly experiences the physical activities promoting fast disintegration of structure of muscular tissue.

            At the use of proteins for growth of muscles, it is necessary to consider 2 moments:

            • First, professionals in the field of sport and healthy nutrition advise to break meals into small portions and to eat more often, somewhere about 6 times a day, without oversaturating a stomach.
            • And if there is a feeling of weight and there is a suspicion about incomplete assimilation of protein, together with food it is possible to accept special food additives with enzymes which will allow to digest a protein naturally.

              Slow and fast proteins. To use the list of products, as well as what proteins

              For growth of muscles important vegetable proteins (nuts, bean) to combine with animals

              • Secondly, vegetable proteins have to be the main food: mushrooms, bean, nuts in combination with animals is any kind of meat, fish and various dairy products.
              • It is in addition allowed to apply an artificial protein which can be got in shops of sports food.

                Despite the purposes of the use of a protein it is never impossible to forget that only the combination of vegetable and animal food, and also observance of norms of caloric content, will allow the person to remain healthy and to achieve the necessary result: to grow thin or gain muscle bulk.

                Take care and good luck!

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