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What it is impossible to eat categorically at pancreatitis?

Chronic pancreatitis – quite serious disease. The started case at what there is a dying off of cells of a pancreas is considered. The body ceases to function normally, the patient badly feels. As consequences of a disease are very dangerous, it is necessary to know the basic rules of food at pancreatitis.

Features of a disease

Pancreatitis is a widespread disease at which the pancreas inflames. There is it because of the enzymes developed by a pancreas. In norm they have to come to intestines, and at pancreatitis they make destructive impact on gland. Disintegration products together with blood are carried on all organism, doing harm to healthy bodies.

What it is impossible to eat categorically at pancreatitis?

Most often pancreatitis is shown at the people who are excessively taking alcohol. As a result equally the liver and a pancreas poisons. If there is a cholelithiasis, as a result of it there can come pancreatitis.

We will give some more reasons which can lead to a pancreas inflammation:

  • Intoxication
  • Viral diseases
  • Fungal infections
  • Organism infection with parasites
  • Surgeries which cause these or those complications
  • Receiving injuries in the field of a pancreas arrangement

To distinguish the beginning of a disease, it is necessary to pass regular inspections, to make tests, to carry out ultrasonography of a pancreas.

At pancreatitis there are pronounced symptoms – the constant aching pains in the top department of a stomach, and also strong vomiting. Most often hurts at the left. Skin color can get slightly yellowish shade.

The disease proceeds sharply but if the correct treatment isn't received and habits and a way of life aren't changed, pancreatitis can become chronic. Symptoms at a chronic form are less expressed, but there are phases of an aggravation and remission. The patient constantly feels pain in a pancreas, nausea, loses flesh, in general badly feels.

It will be possible to cure completely chronic pancreatitis hardly, but to support the organism and possibly to improve quality of life by means of a special diet. The pancreas is capable to be restored, but it will be impossible without healthy nutrition.

The forbidden products at pancreatitis

What it is impossible to eat categorically at pancreatitis?

If at inspection the diagnosis was confirmed, the doctor will appoint treatment. But therapy of pancreatitis isn't limited to reception of medicines. To accelerate recovery, and also to prevent development of complications it is necessary to keep to a certain diet.

At a sharp form of a disease in the first few days after an attack full refusal of food is shown. Then the patient is transferred to the sparing diet in which products don't make the irritating impact on sick body.

At pancreatitis it is possible to carry to the forbidden products:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Strong coffee and tea which contain a large amount of caffeine
  • Food with high content of animal fats. Animal fats completely under a ban, vegetable oil is allowed, but in absolutely small amounts. Butter as vegetable, it is admissible in the minimum quantities.
  • Fried food
  • Fast food
  • The products containing margarine (confectionery)
  • Fat milk
  • Nuts and sunflower seeds - because of high content of fats in them
  • Avocado - for the same reason
  • The high-concentrated meat broths
  • Pork, beef and mutton – red grades of meat under a ban
  • Sugar
  • Aerated water
  • Products with artificial fragrances, dyes
  • Sharp and smoked products
  • Pickles and marinades.

What it is impossible to eat categorically at pancreatitis?

White loaf isn't recommended to be used, it is better to replace it with bread from whole grain with addition of bran. Flour products shouldn't be too fresh, stale bread is more useful to a pancreas. Spices and rich pastries under a ban at pancreatitis.

What it is possible to eat?

There can be an impression that at a pancreas inflammation almost everything is forbidden to be eaten. But it not so. The list of the resolved products is great. We will consider in more detail that it is possible to eat at pancreatitis:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruit
  • Fast meat
  • Fish
  • Fermented milk products are resolved without restrictions
  • Cereals – buckwheat, porridge, rice, a semolina. Are eaten in the form of the porridges cooked on water. Are undesirable at pancreatitis millet, barley grits, corn grain, pearl barley.
  • Eggs – are used in the form of an omelet or the welded soft-boiled. They should be eaten in moderate quantities, no more than 1 is better in day.
  • Macaroni – too there is no restriction on the use in food
  • Vegetable broths (to cook soups, borsches without use of meat)
  • Fat and strong cheeses

The main thing by drawing up the menu is correct to combine products, at the same time it is necessary to eat variously. It is necessary to keep to a diet at pancreatitis constantly, only this way it will turn out to support the health and to avoid frequent aggravations.

Vegetables and fruit

What it is impossible to eat categorically at pancreatitis?

It is necessary to consider some groups of products in more detail. There are types of vegetables which categorically can't be used at a pancreas inflammation:

  • Garden radish
  • Radish
  • Onion
  • Sorrel
  • Rhubarb
  • Paprika
  • Spinach
  • Horse-radish

With some restrictions it is necessary to use in food sick pancreatitis:

  • Corn
  • White cabbage
  • The bean
  • Tomatoes
  • Eggplants
  • Cucumbers
  • Greens

Other vegetables can be eaten without restrictions. Are resolved at pancreatitis:

  • Potatoes
  • Beet
  • Carrots
  • Pumpkin
  • Cauliflower
  • Vegetable marrows

What it is impossible to eat categorically at pancreatitis?

Vegetables in the raw can excessively irritate a digestive tract therefore recommend to subject them to heat treatment. As the fried food is forbidden, steam vegetables or bake in an oven.

Under a ban some fruit and berries which possess sour taste. The baked apples, kissel will be useful to a pancreas, berry jelly, compote from dried fruits.

It is necessary to remember that in the raw fruit and vegetables can cause an exacerbation of an illness.

Meat and fish products

Among meat and fish dishes under a ban there were a beef, pork, mutton and all species of fat fish. It isn't necessary to eat also fat bird (a duck, a goose).

Offal will be insalubrious at pancreatitis (a liver, kidneys, brains). Sausage and sausages are forbidden, as well as fish canned food. Neither salty, nor smoked fish you shouldn't use.

Meat which can be used in a diet:

  • Chicken breast
  • Rabbit
  • Turkey (in small amounts)

Meat and fish are steamed in the crushed look (cutlets, meatballs, quenelles). It is categorically forbidden to fry food. To add salts to a dish it is a little. Not to add spice.

Drinks and sweets

What it is impossible to eat categorically at pancreatitis?

The most suitable drinks during an exacerbation of pancreatitis is a usual water without gas, compote from dried fruits, herbal tea, green tea in small amounts of weak tea leaves, kissel. The use of black tea, coffee, cocoa, fat milk, carbonated drinks, grain kvass, alcohol isn't allowed. Beer is completely excluded.

Chicory, though is advertized by producers as useful drink at pancreatitis and other diseases of a gastrointestinal tract, it is worth refusing its use as its influence is similar to influence of coffee.

Among sweets it is possible to eat fruit jelly, dried fruits, medical. All confectionery (cakes, pies), fancy bread, chocolate, ice cream are forbidden. It is better to replace sugar with fructose.

Recommendations about food

Any diet isn't always pleasant, but it is worth estimating a condition of the health soberly. At any diseases of a digestive tract not to do without special diet.

If the diagnosis - pancreatitis was made, it is worth thinking over the diet carefully. To stock up with useful products, to get rid of the insalubrious.

As supportive applications it is recommended to get a double boiler. After all the food steamed is very useful at pancreatitis.

Of course, at first the food without spices with the low content of salt, low-fat, will seem fresh and tasteless. It is necessary to get used to any diet at first then many correctly prepared products will seem very tasty.

Alcohol won't poison more an organism with toxins, and at an exception of a diet of sweets it is possible to get rid quickly and forever of excess weight.

I peep to use in a warm look better, very cold or hot food irritates internals. It is necessary to eat fractionally, several times a day, portions thus of the small size. It is impossible to wait for a strong feeling of hunger, it is necessary to have a bite something useful, for example, cottage cheese or yogurt. The food can't be washed down with water as so it is more difficult to it to be acquired.

Before going to bed you shouldn't eat, it is better to spend the last meal in 3 hours prior to withdrawal to a dream. Otherwise the pancreas should work all night long to digest the eaten dinner. The body which is inflamed, has to have a rest at night.

In such food not always there are enough vitamins and some elements necessary for an organism therefore the doctor can appoint reception of the vitamin complexes acquired in a drugstore.

During viewing of video you learn that such pakreatit.

If to follow all these simple rules, it is possible not to be afraid of frequent attacks of an exacerbation of pancreatitis. The health will be fine, and life long.