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What products can be eaten at diabetes 2 types — the table

In treatment of diabetes a lot of things depend on structure and a diet. Let's consider, what products can be eaten 2 types at diabetes. The table that is possible that is impossible, regime recommendations and symptoms of diabetes with which you surely have to address to the doctor — all this you will find in article.

The main breakage at this pathology — bad digestion of glucose in an organism. Diabetes which doesn't demand lifelong replacement therapy by insulin — the most frequent option. It is called by "insulinnezavisimy", or diabetes 2 types.

To keep diabetes under control, it is necessary to make efforts and to replace a diet. Medical low-carbohydrate foods — a basis of high quality of life within long years.

This article describes a low-carbohydrate diet at diabetes of the 2nd type. It not the same that a classical diet a table 9 where only "fast carbohydrates" are limited, but remain "slow" (for example, many types of bread, grain, root crops).

Alas, at the modern level of knowledge of diabetes it is necessary to recognize that the classical Diet the 9th table is inadequate in the loyalty to carbohydrates. This soft system of restrictions is contrary to logic of pathological process at diabetes of the 2nd type.

Understand the main thing about the state!

The prime cause of complications which develop at diabetes of the 2nd type — the high level of insulin in blood. To normalize it quickly and for a long time it is possible only a strict low-carbohydrate diet when intake of carbohydrates from food decreases as much as possible.

And only after stabilization of indicators perhaps some ease. It concerns a narrow set of grain, crude root crops, fermented milk products — under control of indicators of glucose in blood (!).

You want to pass to the table of the resolved food at once?

Press point No. 3 in a table of contents below. The table should be unpacked and hung up in kitchen.

In it the detailed list is submitted, what products can be eaten 2 types which is issued conveniently and laconically at diabetes.

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Benefits from the adjusted low-carbohydrate food

If diabetes 2 types is revealed at an early stage, such diet is full treatment. Reduce carbohydrates to a minimum somewhat quicker! And you shouldn't drink "tablets handfuls".

In what insidiousness of a system illness of an exchange?

It is important to understand that breakages affect all types of an exchange, and not just carbohydrate. The main targets of diabetes — vessels, eyes and kidneys, and also heart.

The dangerous future of the diabetic who couldn't change a diet — is neuropathy of the lower extremities up to gangrene and amputation, the blindness, heavy atherosclerosis, and is already direct way to a heart attack and a stroke. Statistically the listed states on average take away till 16 years of life from badly compensated diabetic.

The competent diet and lifelong restrictions of carbohydrates will provide the stable level of insulin in blood. It will give the correct metabolism in fabrics and decrease in risk of heavy complications.

If necessary be not afraid to accept preparations for control of production of insulin. Scoop motivation for a diet and that it allows to lower a dose of preparations or to reduce their set to a minimum.

By the way, metformin — frequent appointment at diabetes 2 types — are already investigated in scientific community as the possible mass defender from a system senile inflammation even for healthy people.

Principles of a diet and choice of products

You are afraid, what restrictions will make your diet tasteless?

In vain! The list of the resolved products at diabetes 2 types is very wide. You will be able to choose from it appetizing options for the useful and various menu.

What products can be eaten 2 types at diabetes?

Four categories of products.

  • Proteinaceous products

Various meat, bird, fish, eggs (entirely!), mushrooms. The last should be limited if there are problems with kidneys.

At the rate of receipts of protein of 1-1,5 g on 1 kg of body weight.

Attention! Figures 1-1,5 grams — are pure protein, but not weight of a product. Find tables in a network where is specified how many the squirrel in that meat and fish which you eat.

  • Vegetables with low GI

In them to 500 grams of vegetables with the high content of cellulose, whenever possible crude (salads, smuz). It will provide stable feeling of saturation and good clarification of intestines.

  • Useful fats

Say no "!" a trance fats. Say yes "!" to vegetable oils where an omega-6 no more than 30% (alas are presented, but popular sunflower and corn oil don't treat them).

  • Unsweetened fruit and berries with low GI

No more than 100 grams a day. Your task – to choose fruits with a glycemic index to 40, occasionally — to 50.

From 1 to 2 r / week it is possible to eat diabetic sweets (on the basis of a stevia and an eritritol). Remember names! Now it is very important to you to remember that the majority of popular sakharozamenitel are hazardous to health.

Always we consider a glycemic index

To the diabetic it is vital to deal with the concept "glycemic index" of products. This number shows average reaction of the person to a product — glucose in blood after its reception how fast raises.

GI is defined for all products. There are three gradation of an indicator.

  1. High GI — from 70 to 100. The diabetic has to exclude such products.
  2. Average GI — from 41 to 70. The moderate use at the reached stabilization of glucose in blood — occasionally, no more than 1/5 all food in a day, in the correct combinations to other products.
  3. Low GI — from 0 to 40. These products — a diet basis at diabetes.

What increases product GI?

What products can be eaten at diabetes 2 types — the table Culinary processing with "imperceptible" carbohydrates (a breading!), maintenance by high-carbohydrate food, temperature of the use of food.

So, the cauliflower boiled on couple doesn't stop being the nizkoglikemichny. And her neigbour fried in crackers isn't shown to the diabetic any more.

One more example. We underestimate meal GI, accompanying food with carbohydrates in the powerful portion of protein. Salad with chicken and avocado with berry sauce — an available dish at diabetes. And the same berries which are shaken up in seemingly "a harmless dessert" with oranges, only a spoon of honey and sour cream — already bad choice.

We cease to be afraid of fats and we learn to choose the useful

Since the end of the last century the mankind rushed to fight against fats in food. The motto "without cholesterol!" only babies don't know. But what results at this fight? The fear of fats led to growth of deadly vascular accidents (a heart attack, a stroke, TELA) and to domination of diseases of a civilization, among which in the first three diabetes and atherosclerosis.

It is connected with that consumption a trance fats from the hydrogenated vegetable oils strongly increased and the harmful distortion of food in surplus an omega-6 of fatty acids took place. Good ratio omega3/omega-6 = 1:4. But in our traditional diet it reaches 1:16 and more.

Your task — it is correct to choose fats.

The accent on an omega-3 will force out surplus an omega-6 and will help to level a diet to a useful ratio of omegas.

To remove a trance fats and if to fry, on coconut oil which is steady against long heating.

The table of products it is possible and it is impossible

Once again we will make a reservation. Lists in the table describe not an archaic view of a diet (a classical Diet the 9th table), and modern low-carbohydrate food at diabetes 2 types.

It includes:

  • The normal use of protein — 1-1,5 g on each kg of weight;
  • The normal or increased use of useful fats;
  • Full removal of sweets, grain, pasta and milk;
  • Sharp reduction of root crops, bean and liquid fermented milk products.

At the first stage of a diet your purpose on carbohydrates to keep within 25-50 grams a day.

For convenience the table has to hang in kitchen of the diabetic — near information on a glycemic index of products and caloric content of the most frequent recipes.

It is possible to eat
Restrictedly it is possible (1-3 r / week)
at stable figures of glucose within a month
GrainThe green buckwheat steamed of boiled water for the night, a kinoa: 1 dish from 40 grams of a dry product 1-2 times a week.
Under control of glucose in blood in 1,5 hours.
If you fix rise from initial on 3 mmol/l and more — exclude a product.
root crops, greens,
the bean
All vegetables which grow over the earth.
Cabbage of all versions (white, red, broccoli, color, a kohlrabi, Bruxelles), fresh greens, including all types sheet (garden salad, arugula, etc.), tomatoes, cucumbers, vegetable marrows, paprika, an artichoke, pumpkin, an asparagus, green beans, mushrooms.
Crude carrots, celery root, radish, girasol, turnip, radish, sweet potato.
Black beans, lentil: 1 dish from 30 grams of a dry product 1 r / week.
Under control of glucose in blood in 1,5 hours. If you fix rise from initial on 3 mmol/l and more — exclude a product.
Avocado, lemon, cranberry.
More rare strawberry, wild strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, red currant, gooseberry.
You divide into 2 receptions and accompany with proteins and fats.
Good option — sauces from this fruit to salads and meat.
No more than 100 g/day + not on an empty stomach!
Berries (blackcurrant, bilberry), plum, water-melon, grapefruit, pear, fig, apricots, cherry, tangerines, apples of sweet-sour grades.
Seasonings, spicesPepper, cinnamon, spices, spicy herbs, mustard.Dry seasonings for salads, house mayonnaise on olive oil, avocado sauces.
Dairy products
and cheeses
Cottage cheese and sour cream of normal fat content. Firm cheeses. More rare — cream and butter.Sheep cheese. Dairy drinks of normal fat content (from 5%), it is desirable, house ferment: 1 glass a day, better not daily.
Fish and seafoodNot large (!) sea and river fish. Squids, shrimps, crayfish, mussels, oysters.
Meat, eggs and meat productsEggs entirely: 2-3 pieces a day. Chicken, a turkey, a duck, a rabbit, veal, beef, pork, an offal from animals and birds (heart, a liver, stomachs).
FatsIn salads olive, peanut, almond cold first extraction. Coconut (on this oil it is preferable to fry). Natural butter. Cod-liver oil — as a food additive. Cod liver. More rare — fat and melted animal fats.Fresh linen (alas, this oil quickly is oxidized and concedes to cod-liver oil on bioavailability of omegas).
DessertsSalads and the frozen fruit desserts with low GI (to 40).
No more than 100 grams a day. Without addition of sugar, fructose, honey!
Fruit jelly without sugar from fruit with GI to 50. Gorky chocolate (cocoa from 75% and above).
PastriesUnsweetened pastries on buckwheat and nut flour. Fritters on a kino and buckwheat flour.
SweetsGorky chocolate (Real! From 75% of cocoa) — no more than 20 g/day
Almonds, walnuts, filbert, cashew, pistachios, sunflower and pumpkin sunflower seeds (no more than 30 grams a day!).
Flour nut and from seeds (almond, coconut, a chia, etc.)
DrinksTea and natural (!) coffee, still mineral water. Drink from soluble sublimated chicory.

What it is impossible to eat at diabetes of the 2nd type?

  • All bakery products and the grain which isn't specified in the table;
  • Cookies, fruit candy, zephyr and other confectionery, pies, cakes, etc.;
  • Honey, not specified chocolate, candies, it is natural — white sugar;
  • Potato, fried vegetables, the majority of root crops in a carbohydrate breading, except stipulated above;
  • Store mayonnaise, ketchup, zazharka in flour soup and all sauces on its basis;
  • Condensed milk, store ice cream (any!), store products of complex structure with a mark "dairy" since it is hidden sugar and a trance fats;
  • Fruit, berries with high GI: banana, grapes, sweet cherry, pineapple, peaches, water-melon, melon, pineapple;
  • Dried fruits and candied fruits: fig, dried apricots, dates, raisin;
  • Store sausages, sausages and other where there is a starch, cellulose and sugar;
  • Sunflower and corn oil, any refined oils, margarine;
  • Large fish, canned food in oil, smoked fish and seafood, the dry salty snek popular under beer.

Don't hurry to wave away from a diet because of strict restrictions!

Yes, it is unusual. Yes, absolutely without bread. And even buckwheat it is impossible at the first stage. And then suggest to get acquainted with new grain and bean. Also urge to penetrate into structure of products. And oils are listed by the strange. And the unusual principle is offered — "fats it is possible, look for useful" … Continuous bewilderment and how to live on such diet.

To live well and long! The offered food will work on you in a month.

Bonus: you will eat many times more qualitatively than age-mates whom diabetes didn't press yet, you will wait for grandsons and you will increase chances of active longevity.

Understand, diabetes of the 2nd type can't be underestimated.

By this illness many have risk factors (among them our sweet and flour food, with bad fats and a lack of protein). But there is an illness most often at mature and elderly people when in an organism also other weak places were already created.

Without being taken under control, diabetes actually will reduce life and will kill to term. He attacks all vessels, heart, a liver, won't allow to grow thin and will critically worsen quality of life. Decide to limit carbohydrates to a minimum! The result will please you.

How competently to build a diet at diabetes 2 types

When forming food for the diabetic it is favorable to estimate, what products and ways of processing bring to an organism the maximum benefit.

  • Processing of food: we cook, we bake, on couple.
  • No — frequent frying on sunflower oil and to strong salting!
  • Emphasis on crude gifts of the nature if there are no contraindications from a stomach and intestines. For example, to eat to 60% of fresh vegetables and fruit, and to leave 40% on thermally processed.
  • Carefully we choose species of fish (the small size insures against excess of mercury).
  • We study potential harm of the majority of sakharozamenitel.
  • We enrich a diet with the correct food fibers (cabbage, psillium, pure cellulose).
  • We enrich a diet with fatty acids an omega-3 (cod-liver oil, medium-sized red fish).
  • No — to alcohol! Empty calories = the hypoglycemia, a harmful state when there is a lot of insulin in blood, and glucose — isn't enough. Dangerously by a faint and the accruing starvation of a brain. In the started cases — up to a coma.
What products can be eaten at diabetes 2 types — the table

When and how often to eat during the day

  • Divisibility of food during the day — from 3 times per day, it is desirable at the same time;
  • No — to a supper! A full-fledged last meal — in 2 hours prior to a dream;
  • Yes — to a daily breakfast! It promotes the stable level of insulin in blood;
  • We begin a meal with salad — it constrains jumps of insulin and quicker satisfies subjective feeling of hunger that is important for obligatory weight loss at diabetes 2 types.

How to spend day without hunger and jumps of insulin to blood

We prepare a big bowl of salad and 1 recipe with the baked meat — from all set of products in a day. We form relatives on volume a breakfast, a lunch, a dinner of these dishes. Having a snack (a mid-morning snack and the 2nd breakfast) on a choice — a drinking bowl of boiled shrimps (to sprinkle mix of olive oil and lemon juice), cottage cheese, kefir and a handful of nuts.

Such mode will allow to be reconstructed quicker, comfortably to grow thin and not to hang in kitchen, mourning habitual recipes.

We remember the main thing! Decrease in excess weight at diabetes 2 types — one of the main factors of successful treatment.

We described the working method how to adjust low-carbohydrate food of the diabetic. When before eyes the table, what products it is possible to eat 2 types at diabetes, it is absolutely simple to make the tasty and various menu.

On pages of our site we will also prepare recipes for diabetics and we will tell about modern views on addition to therapy of food additives (cod-liver oil for the sake of an omega-3, cinnamon, alpha lipoic acid, pikolinat chrome, etc.). Watch updatings!