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That is possible and it is impossible to eat at pancreatitis: lists of products

Pancreatitis is an inflammatory disease of a pancreas. As gland directly participates in digestion of food, food has major importance in treatment. Everyone having this disease the question disturbs — that it is possible to eat at pancreatitis and what products at pancreatitis are most useful? The diet at pancreatitis depends and on a disease form as products which can be eaten at permanent remission, can be absolutely contraindicated at an acute inflammation of gland and an aggravation of a chronic form of pathology.

That is possible and it is impossible to eat at pancreatitis: lists of products

The products recommended by the doctor and correctly prepared provide fast recovery and long remission at pancreatitis

Diet at an aggravation and a sharp form of pancreatitis

At an exacerbation of a disease the first three days are recommended be not to eaten at all to provide the maximum rest to a pancreas. Further in small doses it is necessary to enter the most acceptable products not to aggravate already serious condition of the patient.

After the expiration of 10 days from the beginning of a disease and in process of subsiding of pain, it is necessary that the diet contained dishes which are safe at gland inflammation, but thus provide an organism with necessary substances.

Food of patients with pancreatitis has to be regular, small portions. It is desirable to use dishes not hot and not cold, with the temperature from 40 to 45 °C.

What products are resolved at sharp pancreatitis

The dishes used at pancreatitis have to contain many proteins and vitamins, with small amount of carbohydrates and fat. The diet means reasonable restriction of salt in dishes, it is also necessary to drink about 2 pure liters daily.

That is possible and it is impossible to eat at pancreatitis: lists of products

Water provides normal functioning of all bodies and systems of a human body

The list of the resolved products at sharp pancreatitis includes:

  1. Bakery products: dried or daily prescription bread, crackers, not rich rolls, pies with a low-fat stuffing, a cracker, galetny cookies.
  2. Dairy products with low interest of fat: kefir, curdled milk, yogurt, cottage cheese and milk. Before the use milk needs to be diluted with water 1:1. It is possible to eat qualitative butter, but no more than 15 grams per day.
  3. Fish with the lowered content of fat: pike, flounder, cod, pollock, pike perch, etc. It is necessary to eat fish either welded, or prepared in a double boiler.
  4. Semi-viscous and liquid krupyany porridges. Grain is resolved: buckwheat, oat-flakes, semolina and rice. To cook porridges on water, or the diluted milk.
  5. Eggs: it is possible an omelet from proteins, to prepare which it is necessary on couple. It is desirable to use quail eggs, it is easier for pancreas to acquire them, than chicken. It is necessary to eat eggs not too often, at most to 4 pieces a week.
  6. Meat without streak and fat. Low-fat grades are resolved: beef, chicken meat, turkey, rabbit flesh, and also veal. It is necessary to cook meat in a double boiler or to boil.
    That is possible and it is impossible to eat at pancreatitis: lists of products

    For preparation of meat dishes it is better to choose low-fat chicken fillet or a breast

    The ground
  7. grain soups or with macaroni. It is necessary to train them either on water, or on vegetable or rather weak chicken broth.
  8. Origin vegetable oil: corn, sunflower or olive. To use in small amounts.
  9. Sweet ripe fruit: water-melon, strawberry, pineapple, etc. Not sour red apples can also be eaten, it is desirable to bake them. Fruit should be eaten in small amounts.
  10. Vegetables: vegetable marrow, pumpkin, cucumbers, potatoes, carrots, beet, green peas. They should be frayed in mashed potatoes, to bake, or to boil.
  11. Cheese: it is authorized to eat low-fat grades without addition of hot spices.
  12. Dogrose in the form of infusion or broth, fruit and berry juice, compotes, mousses.
  13. From the sweet: jam, jam, jelly, a fruit candy, a zephyr — all in small amounts.
  14. Broccoli, color or Beijing cabbage.
  15. Rather weakly made tea (black, green).
That is possible and it is impossible to eat at pancreatitis: lists of products

Green tea not only possesses pleasant taste, but also contains a set of substances, useful to an organism

At an inflammation of a pancreas it is necessary to use the boiled, stewed or steamed dishes. It is possible to bake products without fat. Also it is recommended to use the ground or crushed food, so it will be acquired easier.

Aggravation: that it is impossible to eat at pancreatitis

The diet at a sharp form of a disease strictly forbids fried, fat, sharp and too salty dishes. They can cause an inflammation of already weakened pancreas.

The list of the forbidden products:

  1. The meat containing a lot of fat: mutton, pork, goose. Fried, dried, smoked meat, also a shish kebab is forbidden. Under a ban canned meat.
  2. Fresh white loaf, pastries from puff or fancy pastry. Bread from wholegrain flour, because of the high content of cellulose in it is contraindicated.
  3. Fish of fat grades: mackerel, trout, som, sturgeon and salmon. Fish smoked, fried or dried is forbidden. Cod-liver oil can't also be used.
    That is possible and it is impossible to eat at pancreatitis: lists of products

    Smoked fish is absolutely contraindicated sick pancreatitis

  4. Fat meat broths, and also soups from them, fish soup. Russian cabbage soup, a borsch and milk soups are undesirable.
  5. Ice cream at pancreatitis should be excluded, as well as drinks with ice. Also forbidden dishes: excessively hot soups, tea, or compote.
  6. The bean: lentil, peas, haricot, and also tinned green peas.
  7. Sausages and other sausages: sausages, sausages, etc.
  8. Vegetables: white cabbage, tomatoes, spinach.
  9. Mushrooms and dishes them containing.
  10. Fruit: fig, banana, mango, grapes, citrus.
  11. Cottage cheese: sour or with a high share of fat.
  12. Mayonnaise, and also other hot sauces to dishes.
  13. Whole or condensed milk.
  14. Grain: pearl-barley, yachnevy and wheat.
  15. Hot and spicy spices.
  16. Animal fat, fat.
  17. Alcohol and cigarettes, carbonated drinks.
  18. Coffee, cocoa, chocolate, sugar, candies.
That is possible and it is impossible to eat at pancreatitis: lists of products

At an inflammation of a pancreas it is necessary to refuse candies, chocolate, confectionery with the high content of sugar

At pancreatitis the spinach so popular in dietary food is strictly forbidden.

Despite the seeming soft taste, spinach treats products which are included into the list absolutely forbidden at any form of pancreatitis. Besides a huge amount of vitamins, spinach contains solid cellulose and oxalic acid which complicate assimilation of food, and cause an inflammation of mucous membranes of digestive organs. Spinach also promotes accumulation of bile in channels that is one of the pancreatitis reasons.

Chronic pancreatitis: that it is possible to eat

The diet of the patients with steady remission suffering from a chronic form of an inflammation of gland already is a lot of years, allows some eases. In addition to the list of the resolved products at an aggravation, it is in addition allowed to eat:

  • Seeds and oil of flax which have anti-inflammatory effect on a pancreas, thanks to the antioxidant properties. Also they serve for prevention of locks from which patients often suffer. To drink oil or broth of seeds it is necessary during food.
That is possible and it is impossible to eat at pancreatitis: lists of products

Linseed oil has the revitalizing effect on all organism

  • Fruit: pears, bananas, melon, sweet grapes, cowberry, dried fruits.
  • The prunes which is making active a metabolism in an organism and removing slags that help treatment of pancreatitis.
  • Seafood: shrimps, squids and mussels which contain a set of minerals and vitamins, useful to an organism.
  • Germinated wheat. It is especially useful to drink at pancreatitis kissel from it, in view of its healing properties.
  • Coffee and cocoa, is desirable with milk.
  • Spices: cinnamon, turmeric.
  • Celery, fennel, parsley.
  • Peanut, cashew, walnuts.
  • Qualitative boiled sausage.
  • Onions, eggplants (after heat treatment).
That is possible and it is impossible to eat at pancreatitis: lists of products

Carbonated mineral water can make negative impact on digestive organs

That else it is necessary to eat and drink at pancreatitis

The diet of patients with chronic pancreatitis allows application of mineral water in the medical purposes. The use of mineral water directly from a source will be effective, but also bottled too will approach, however it is necessary to drink it after a while after opening in order that there was a gas. The doctor has to determine duration of reception and a dosage, choose independently – what mineral water to drink at pancreatitis – it isn't recommended.

It is necessary to drink water slowly, small drinks, not in a volley. Mineral waters Yessentuki 17, Arkhyz, Slavyanovskaya, Borjomi are especially useful.

Useful product at chronic pancreatitis are also black caraway seeds, in the form of oil or tincture of seeds. Has zhelchegonny effect and ability to dissolve dry bile which collects in bilious channels because of a pancreas inflammation. But it is necessary to remember that black caraway seeds are categorically contraindicated at an exacerbation of a disease.

Curative properties in treatment of chronic pancreatitis cinnamon which clears all zhelchevydelitelny system possesses and adjusts digestion, than helps a pancreas at an inflammation. It is possible to use it in a remission stage as as seasoning, and to drink in the form of tincture for what the spice tablespoon on a glass of water undertakes.

That is possible and it is impossible to eat at pancreatitis: lists of products

Broth of a dogrose strengthens immunity and promotes reduction of symptoms of an inflammation

If there are no individual contraindications, the dogrose, in the form of infusion or broth will become excellent curative drink at pancreatitis. The dogrose has zhelchegonny effect, and kills bacteria. It is possible to drink it both during the day, and before going to bed.

The diet plays very important role how quickly the patient will leave a stage of an exacerbation of pancreatitis, and its remission will be how steady. Very important not only not to use the products forbidden at a pancreas inflammation but also to use the correct ways of preparation of the resolved dishes. It is also necessary to drink enough liquid, and about all changes in a diet to consult on the therapist or the gastroenterologist.

In video it is told about rules of preparation of an omelet in a double boiler: