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That it is possible to eat after the delivery: food of the nursing mother in the first months /

Food after the delivery for the feeding woman has many features and a ban. After all the structure and amount of breast milk directly depends on it. Whims of the kid because of feeling sick, a short dream, locks – all this consequences of non-compliance with a diet by the feeding mother. So it is necessary to eat that the child was healthy and quiet?
That it is possible to eat after the delivery: food of the nursing mother in the first months / Food in the first months after the delivery has to be easy, but frequent, new products should be entered carefully, watching reaction of the child. You shouldn't forget and about restrictions on junk food. We will consider the basic principles of formation of the menu for young mother.

Why it is important to eat properly?

The healthy nutrition of mother after the delivery will provide a successful lactation, good health and health of the newborn child.

Everything that mother ate, gets to an organism of the kid with breast milk and can provoke negative consequences:

  1. Swelling of intestines and strong gripes.
  2. Lock or on the contrary, diarrhea.
  3. On some products there can be allergic manifestations in the form of rash. In more detail about an allergy at newborns →
  4. The food having sharp taste and aroma worsens taste of milk, and the child can refuse to suck a breast.
  5. Improper feeding of the nursing mother after the delivery can excitingly affect nervous system of the kid.

Adhering to a diet, the woman will also ensure also to the family good rest. After all the baby who doesn't suffer from gripes or a lock sleeps better, well eats and gains weight.

Such child quietly grows and develops, without suffering from an allergic itch and from constant a tummy pain, and mother isn't nervous, trying to calm the kid. Besides, the balanced and regular food excluding fried and fat, will help the woman to get rid of the extra kilos gathered during incubation of the child.

Food in the first three days after the delivery

The question of observance of a certain diet has to be considered by the woman not only after appearance of the child, and even during pregnancy. In bad analyses, the doctor can advise it to limit the use of some products not to provoke deterioration of a state.

Some days before childbirth it is better to refuse such excesses, as:

  • chocolate;
  • nuts;
  • coffee, strong tea, cocoa;
  • strawberry, tomatoes, red fish;
  • smoked or salty dishes;
  • citrus and various exotic food.

Too it is better to reduce the use of dairy products. So, you will save the newborn child from emergence of diathesis right after the birth.

Food in the first day after the delivery has to consist of freshly cooked and easy dishes, without hot and fragrant spices. After all during this period at the woman process of a lactation and schooling of the child to a breast is adjusted.

It is better to be limited to porridges on water, boiled egg or a slice of low-fat meat, it is possible to eat meatless soup without zazharka. From sweets baked apple, banana and simple galetny cookies is allowed.

That it is possible to eat after the delivery: food of the nursing mother in the first months /

There is an opinion that for milk addition, the woman needs plentiful drink. It not so as the use of a large amount of liquid can lead to inflow and zastoqm milk in a breast. After all the newborn baby eats very little.

Those who gave birth by Cesarean section, can't eat the products rich with cellulose: crude vegetables and fruit, black bread, bran. In the first days after operation it is better to be limited to water without gas.

End of the first week after the delivery

The feeding woman can't starve. Food after the delivery in the first days has to be frequent and fractional, in an ideal – after each feeding it is necessary to eat a little easy food and to drink warm tea or compote.

At the end of the first week after the child's birth it is possible for mother:

  1. The warm sweetened tea, cranberry drink, compote from dried fruits, herbs decoctions.
  2. Stewed vegetables: beet, a vegetable marrow or an eggplant, carrots, pumpkin with addition of couple of drops of vegetable oil.
  3. It is possible to do croutons to tea or soup of black or rye bread.
  4. To enter some slices of low-fat sea fish into a diet, watching health of the kid.
  5. Little mashed potatoes or pasta of good grades.
  6. Low-fat boiled beef.
  7. Fermented milk products (no more than 300 g per day).
  8. Once a day it is obligatory to eat low-fat soup or a borsch without cabbage.
  9. Carefully to enter nuts and firm cheese into the menu.
  10. To eat one banana and two baked apples in day.

You enter new products into the diet carefully, in the small portions, attentively watching reaction of an organism of the kid to them.

Portions have to be small that mother didn't gather extra kilos.

Food in the first 4 weeks after the delivery

Passed some weeks after the child's birth, the baby I grew up a little, and, apparently, mother can return to a diet, habitual for it, but isn't present. Food in the first month after the delivery also important, as well as in the first days.

During this period are allowed the feeding mother:

  • all porridges on water, except rice, corn and wheat;
  • in porridge it is possible to put a little butter;
  • low-fat slices of boiled beef or poultry;
  • milk, yogurt;
  • the baked fruit, green vegetables in the raw.

That it is possible to eat after the delivery: food of the nursing mother in the first months /

It is possible to do cheesecakes and casseroles of cottage cheese, adding dried fruits or berries there. It is allowed to add a little sour cream to dishes.

At input of new products in the diet it is necessary to be guided by a number of rules:

  1. To use a new dish in the first half of day, but it is better since morning, and attentively to watch reaction of the child.
  2. In day to add only one new product.
  3. If rashes were found in the child or he became nervous and whimsical, it is better to refuse the use of a new dish. For convenience of supervision and systematization of information it is necessary to keep the diary of food.
  4. To enter new products into the menu small slices. At good reaction of the kid, the portion can be increased in the following meal.

Breastfeeding period

Of course, food in the first month after the delivery very limited, but in 8-12 its weeks it is possible to expand significantly.

At this stage it is after the delivery allowed to add to food of mother:

  1. It is a little sweets (zephyr, fruit jelly, natural fruit candy). Choose a product with the minimum quantity of dyes, without foreign chemical smells, with a small period of storage.
  2. Dried fruits (raisin, prunes, dried apricots, dates). They can be eaten in the natural form, and also to add to various dishes. Don't forget to wash well dried fruits before the use, and it is even better – to douse them boiled water.
  3. To diversify the menu with other species of fish.
  4. A little boiled corn and young peas, without forgetting to note a condition of the child after introduction of new products.
  5. Fresh fruit on a season (peaches, apricots, plums, apples not of red grades). From berries – a honeysuckle, bilberry, white currant and a gooseberry.
  6. In four months after the delivery it is possible to enter freshly squeezed juice into the menu, but it is better to dilute them with boiled water and to drink no more than one glass in day.

That it is possible to eat after the delivery: food of the nursing mother in the first months /

Restrictions in food for the feeding mothers

With that it is possible to eat after the delivery, we dealt. And categorically the woman can't use these products when breastfeeding the kid:

  1. Alcoholic beverages and food from restaurants of a fast food. It is better to exclude them at a pregnancy stage to avoid problems with health.
  2. Citruses – strong allergens, them too it is necessary to clean from a diet of the feeding mother. During the autumn and winter period it is better to give preference to broth of a dogrose or sauerkraut, in them too there is a lot of vitamin C.
  3. Store pies, cream cakes and candies with alcohol should be replaced with simple cookies. If there is a strong wish, it is possible to bake a pie independently, having made a custard of low-fat milk.
  4. Many women have tea with milk addition, including this drink useful to a lactation. But it not so. Whole cow's milk is also considered allergen and it is necessary to use it extremely carefully, in small amounts. And it is even better to replace goat.
  5. Greasy, fried, smoked and salty food under a ban not only for the feeding mother, but also for the pregnant woman.

In the first days after the delivery food of the woman is strongly limited, it is necessary for good health of the woman in labor and the kid. The healthy food will help to adjust work of a gastrointestinal tract of the newborn and to avoid such unpleasant problems as gripes, swelling and a lock. Later the diet of mother will extend, having come to what was before pregnancy.

The main thing, you remember that your menu has to be balanced, and food regular. Even with the minimum list of the resolved products it is possible to eat tasty and variously.

Author: Alla Shevchuk,
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