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That it is possible to eat at diabetes and that is impossible: tables of products

Diabetes is a disease for which violation of an exchange of glucose is characteristic. All treatment is directed on that its level remained in norm. Therefore except use of medical means, the patient has to adhere to healthy nutrition. Sometimes only this measure can improve a condition of the patient and reduce illness symptoms.

Basic rules

That it is possible to eat at diabetes and that is impossible: tables of products

There are certain rules which the patient with diabetes has to observe. For example:

  • it is necessary to limit consumption of the products containing a large amount of carbohydrates;
  • it is necessary to reduce caloric content in food;
  • you shouldn't forget about vitamins;
  • it is necessary to eat 5-6 times a day, and every day it has to occur at the same time.

That is authorized

What it is possible to eat at diabetes? This question arises at many people who faced this dreadful disease. And if people can eat many products from a diet of the healthy person with a disease of 1 type (insulin is accepted all life), having excluded thus fried and greasy food, with the 2nd type it is more difficult. As with a disease 2 types the insulinoterapiya is shown to diabetics, the doctor has to calculate everything correctly. It becomes in order that the glucose level if deviates norm, only on the minimum values.

Each product has the glycemic index. Still it is called "grain unit". It is an indicator of how sugar level in blood after its use rises. It is possible to find the table in which the glycemic index of the most widespread products, and also their nutrition value on 100g is specified in the Internet. Thanks to this list of people with diabetes the diet which will strongly not influence glucose level in blood can pick up 2 types to itself. Products on GI last on three look:

  • with a low glycemic index which value doesn't exceed 49;
  • with average GI – value is from 50 to 69;
  • with high value of GI – more than 70.

What enters a list of foods which is allowed patients? It is simplest to find out it by means of the table:

That is possibleNameGUI
Bakery products and bread. It is desirable that it was black bread or intended especially for diabetics. Per day such product it is possible to use no more 300g. Such quantity will help to support glucose level in blood in norm.Grain bread40
Whole-grain bread45
"Borodino" bread45
Soups. The bigger preference is given, of course, vegetable since they are less high-calorie and contain a small amount of grain units. Besides 2 types are allowed diabetics soups which are cooked on low-fat meat or fish.Meat broth
Fish broth
Bird broth
Meat. Patients with such form of a disease can eat meat of low-fat grades.Veal
Rabbit flesh
Fish. It can be cooked, extinguished, steamed, baked in an oven. Generally, only not to fry. Thus it is possible to eat only low-fat fish.Cod
Pike perch
Eggs. You shouldn't abuse this product too since it raises cholesterol. However 1 boiled egg a day or an omelet are resolved. Besides, they can be added at preparation of other food.Egg48
Dairy products. Diabetics 2 types can eat products with the minimum fat content.The milk fat-free27
Low-fat cottage cheese30
Low-fat kefir25
Soy milk30
Natural yogurt of 1,5%35
Fruit and berries. And some of them not only don't raise sugar, but also reduce cholesterol level.Grapefruit22
Vegetables. Some of them can be consumed without special restrictionsCabbage10
Garden radish15
Oil creamy and vegetable. It is possible to eat it no more than 2 spoons in day. It is norm for diabetics.Butter51
Vegetable oil
Medical. It can be eaten, but too in very small amounts because its GI is rather high.Honey90
Drinks. Fresh juice, tea are resolvedGreen tea
Juice from a citrus40
Tomato juice15
Apple juice40
Juice carrot40


That is forbidden

That it is possible to eat at diabetes and that is impossible: tables of products

As a rule, at people with an illness 2 types arise a natural question: "What it is impossible to eat at diabetes?". What products need to be excluded from food? List too rather big.

That it is impossibleNameGUI
Sugar. It is forbidden in pure form. Instead it is necessary to use sakharozamenitel. Now it is possible to find a set of various such products in drugstores.Sugar70
Pastries. This food is under the most strict ban. First, it contains a lot of sugar, secondly, it very high-calorie. And it is very harmful at such illness.Rolls88
Fried pie88


Fat grades of meat and fish. In general, any greasy food needs to be excluded from food. Besides, it is necessary to skin a bird, so she usually too fat.Pork58
Fish cutlets50
Smoked products and canned food. It is worth refusing fried and smoked food, and also fish canned food with the content of oil and salty fish. They have minimum GI, but they contain a large amount of fats and calories that is also harmful at this illness.
Sauces. With such disease it is impossible to eat mayonnaise, fat sauces.


Dairy products. Whole milk, fat cottage cheese, fat sour cream and kefir also are in the list of the forbidden products.Fat cottage cheese55
Fat sour cream56
Glazed cheese curds 


Completely it is worth excluding semolina and the food cooked from it and also to limit consumption of pasta.Cream of wheat65
Macaroni from firm grades of wheat50
Macaroni premium 


Vegetables. Some vegetables can be used in the minimum quantities.Potatoes boiled65
Potatoes fried95
Beet boiled64
Fried vegetable marrows75
Fruit. Some fruit contains a large amount of sugar which influences an organism.Bananas60
Drinks. Carbonated drinks, sweet compotes are also not resolved.Compote from fruit60
Carbonated drinks74
Juice in packing70
Sneki. Chips contain a large number of calories therefore they also have to be excluded from a diet.Chips95
Sweets. It is impossible any sweets, candies, jam, ice cream.Ice cream




Milk chocolate70
Chocolate long loafs70
Alcohol. It shouldn't be abused. Full refusal, as a rule, too it isn't required. However the alcoholic drinks can be taken only in strictly limited doses.Champagne46

It is enough ban, but thus diabetics not necessarily have to limit themselves in everything. After all the list of the resolved products too not the small.

Correct diet

Food at such disease has to be fractional. It is best of all to eat food of 6 times a day, but not in the big portions. In this case the food will be gradually soaked up, and glucose will get also gradually to blood.

People with diabetes 2 types need to control the caloric content of the used products. After all one of symptoms at patients with such form of an illness is tendency to corpulence that is negatively reflected in all organism. For this purpose it is possible to make the diet according to the table of caloric content of products and to adhere to it constantly.

The doctor has to help the patient to pick up the correct diet taking into account the preparations accepted by it. After all everything together has to render a positive effect and yield result. Some people can independently control the state and a diet. For this purpose it is necessary to get the special table in which it is necessary to write down the caloric content of the eaten products and the indicators received at independent measurement of sugar. And then to find out that after all it is more preferable to eat.

Now there is a set of recipes low-calorie, but thus tasty food. Therefore if the expert appoints a diet, you shouldn't be upset. It is possible to support sugar level in blood in norm throughout all life, leading a healthy lifestyle and adhering to healthy nutrition.