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That it is possible to eat at a diet for weight loss

Nutritionists even recommend to use ½ part of grapefruit or 2–3 slices of fresh pineapple before going to bed, this fruit it is possible to have a bite at work. You will work or sleep, and the food will work on your figure and burning of excess weight. Invitingly, truth?

If to include 2–4 fruit or 300 grams of berries in the daily menu, thirst for the sweet will decrease. Slices of fragrant fruits can be added to drinks, it is useful to prepare from them juice and kissel, to put in cottage cheese or baked puddings from it.

Dietary fruit dishes for breakfast: smuz, salads, baked apples.

Vegetables for excellent health

That it is possible to eat at a diet for weight loss

Eat many vegetables

Legendary Whisk salad in 5 days will clear an organism, will fix a problem of locks and will help to dump some kilograms of excess weight.

In what secret? It is simple: a certain set of vegetables influences process of a metabolism. Vegetables accelerate the process of a lipoliz known as splitting of fats. So, for example, if to eat boiled fat pork with a garnish from vegetables, fats will lose 1/3 part of the destroying influence.

It is possible to add their low caloric content, full comprehensibility and feeling of sense of fulness to all pluses of vegetables.

But not all vegetables help with weight loss process, it is necessary to reduce consumption of vegetable marrows, bush pumpkins, mushrooms can be eaten only as addition to a main course. And it is better not to use tinned corn, peas, bean cultures and potato, marinated and salty vegetables at all.

Without restrictions you can eat any kinds of cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers and an asparagus, fragrant greens, beet, onions, a radish.

Dietary vegetables dishes for a lunch (all dishes prepare meatless): pilaf, vegetable okroshka where kvass or kefir is added, ragout, fresh salads, it is possible to fill them with sour cream, cellophane noodles with noodles, lazy stuffed cabbage, a borsch.

In total about advantage of protein and products in which he contains

That it is possible to eat at a diet for weight loss

Meat contains a lot of protein

Meat – the most valuable source of protein and amino acids which serve as the base for all sections in an organism.

It is impossible to refuse meat during a diet, the squirrel leads a shortcoming to accumulation of fatty deposits, and here muscle bulk is burned. Meat by right is considered one of the best products for a diet. Even if to eat 200 grams of low-fat veal with a garnish, within 5–6 hours satiety is felt. The main thing governed at the use of meat products – huge "basin" of salad. The more vegetables, the protein is acquired better, and the fat containing in it is split.

Of course, keeping to a diet, it is better to refuse fat types of meat:

  1. Chicken it is possible to eat without skin and to give preference to white meat (breast). You judge, 100 grams of chicken breast contain 110 kcal, and in hips – 186 kcal.
  2. To sausages, sausages, ready canned meat boycott is declared. They contain a large amount of unnecessary seasonings, preservatives, soy and impurity of fat.
  3.  Fat shish kebab, meat with a crust.
  4. Jelly from fat meat. An exception – aspic from chicken, low-fat pork (contains in 100 grams of a product from 120 to 180 kcal).

It is possible to eat beef, meat of a rabbit and turkey, chicken breast, low-fat pork.

We will note that during weight loss the way of preparation of meat is important. For preparation of soup it is necessary to cook separately vegetables and pork, the last is cut and shifted in vegetable broth. Other ways of preparation is a boiling, roasting, suppression or pro-frying on a grill. If available there is a crock-pot or a double boiler, meat is cooked quietly in it.

The second source of protein – dairy products and eggs.

You can drink kefir, add it or sour cream to salads, eat natural yogurts, unsalted cheeses. Dietary meat and dairy products dishes for dinner: steam meatballs, cutlets, boiled meat, the pork baked with vegetables, cottage cheese casserole, vegetable okroshka on kefir, cheesecakes.

Restriction of the use of light carbohydrates: in total about dietary sweets

That it is possible to eat at a diet for weight loss

Milk chocolate belongs to light carbohydrates

Light carbohydrates are substances which are quickly acquired by an organism. Treat light carbohydrates:

  1. Confectionery, exception in what there is no cream if flour of a rough grinding became their basis.
  2. Milk chocolate, candies with nuts, ice cream, except fruit ice, a peanut in chocolate, jam, condensed milk.
  3. Bread fresh, unleavened wheat cake (277 kcal / 100), sweet drinks, rolls.

A lot of farinaceous food in a diet inevitably leads to a weight set. But whether it is possible on a diet a zephyr, sweet croutons or halvah? Yes, during a diet you are able to afford to eat with tea such sweets once a day:

  1. Natural fruit jelly.
  2. Small loafs with a thin butter layer or honey.
  3. Vanilla crackers without raisin.
  4. Hematogen without addition of nuts, raisin etc. The delicacy is divided into 2 meals.
  5. Honey is recommended to be put in tea and salads, to smear with a thin layer on ship's biscuits. It is possible to replace with honey sugar, in the morning you can drink a glass of honey water (1 spoon of honey on 200 ml of water) which will lower appetite and will improve a metabolism.

Kashi – a source of difficult carbohydrates and cellulose

That it is possible to eat at a diet for weight loss

Dietary muesli can be eaten every day

It is worth noticing that for receiving difficult carbohydrates it is necessary to eat grain daily: rice, oat, peas and buckwheat, also flakes and dietary muesli. They are trained on milk, water, eaten with a garnish. It is recommended not to add oil and soy sauce to porridges.

Fish during a diet

That it is possible to eat at a diet for weight loss

Fish needs to be taken average fat content

Fish during a diet is necessary as it keeps muscle bulk and contains a lot of phosphorus, amino acids and vitamins A, In.

You can eat such grades of fish and seafood:

  1. Fish of average fat content: trout, pike perch, perch. Average fat content of this group from 100 to 150 kcal on 100 g.
  2. Fish with low fat content: bream, pike, cod, pollock. Average caloric content in this group from 70 to 100 kcal.
  3. Crabsticks, shrimps.

Fish dishes: steam cutlets, the trout baked in a foil.

What is strictly forbidden to eat during weight loss?

That it is possible to eat at a diet for weight loss

Pelmeni high-calorific therefore you shouldn't eat them

Process of burning of fat slows down alcohol therefore it is forbidden to drink beer, low alcohol drinks, sweet wines, Vermouths, liqueurs.

From sauces it is impossible to eat ketchup, mayonnaise, sharp and salty sauces. You shouldn't eat salty cheeses, caviar of fish, butter, pelmeni and pies because of the high caloric content and the content of salt. Coffee during a diet isn't forbidden, but it isn't necessary to abuse a tonic. It is better to have tea, juice and mineral water without gas.

On a question of, whether it is possible to ruminate, gnaw sunflower seeds, nuts, to chew olives we will answer "Isn't present!". The matter is that during chewing gastric juice is emitted, and there is an awful feeling of hunger. Fitness and the correct set of products is necessary for a beautiful figure. All of you still continue to starve? Not to a muchta of, nourishing and effective weight loss becomes fashionable!