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That it is possible to eat at pancreatitis: list of useful products

1 The diet purpose at an illness

At identification of a chronic form of pancreatitis it is up to the end impossible to cure such state. However manifestations of a state can be reduced to a minimum level by means of reduction of an inflammation. Due to use of a diet and carrying out therapeutic measures to use of enzymes there is a prevention of manifestation of an illness.

In case of an illness it is necessary to refer the following to the principles of the use of food:

  • products at pancreatitis which are eaten by the patient, have to be with high protein content;
  • it is necessary to lower considerably carbohydrates and fats in food;
  • completely to exclude alcoholic beverages;
  • to observe the restrictions connected with the use of fats, oils;
  • to accept vitamins and lipotropny means;
  • there are often, 5-6 times a day;
  • strict observance of the established indicator of caloric content of food, 2500-2600 kcal per day.

2 Recommendations about food

We will consider in more detail that it is possible to eat at pancreatitis, and we will analyse the list of products. The resolved products:

  • dietary meat;
  • grain and cereals;
  • vegetables in which high concentration of starch is observed;
  • dairy products with the low content of fats;
  • stale bread.

That it is possible to eat at pancreatitis: list of useful products

We recommend to examine

Meat at an illness is accepted in food only in a boiled look and without skin. Meat of chicken, a rabbit, turkey are the resolved products. Special usefulness the porridges prepared on water possess. Practically all cereals are allowed for the use. The most useful is pearl barley. The structure of the recommended vegetables join boiled potatoes, carrots on couple, beet, broccoli, etc. Rice broth is very useful.

Some bean, in particular peas, haricot and lentil, are the forbidden products at pancreatitis, especially in case of an exacerbation of an illness. The reason is that the bean are characterized by the high content of cellulose which promotes improvement of functioning of a stomach. As a result emergence of irritations of a mucous membrane acts, gases strenuously start being emitted.

Reaction of the presented way of food the strengthened production of enzymes acts as a pancreas that provokes emergence of new processes of an inflammation. However at a stage of remission of an illness bean bravely it is possible to include in food.

That it is possible to eat at pancreatitis: list of useful products

3 what it is necessary to refuse?

We will consider the list of products at pancreatitis which are forbidden to be used. When diagnosing an illness are forbidden to the use:

  • the meat which is characterized by a high fat content: a stewed meat, a shish kebab, cutlets (besides, an offal and soups cooked on rich broths is forbidden);
  • grades of fish with the high content of fat, caviar, canned food;
  • eggs which were fried or cooked in the cool;
  • mushrooms in any kind;
  • fresh flour products and prepared from rye flour;
  • dairy products with a high fat content, cheeses, ice cream, cocktails from milk;
  • vegetables with the high level of cellulose, crude;
  • crude fruit, especially sour;
  • spices;
  • fast food;
  • sweet products;
  • coffee, cocoa, strong tea.

That it is possible to eat at pancreatitis: list of useful products

The special attention needs to be paid to a ban on alcoholic beverages.

It is connected with that under their action there are bad attacks of pain. It is important to focus attention on allocation of that it is possible to eat at pancreatitis and that is impossible. In this case the table with the accurate indication of products can be made. Thanks to it the diet will join products, useful to an organism, and there will be no confusion with a food choice.

4 General rules

What eat at stomach diseases and how to eat properly? The necessary moment is the correct cooking. The products allowed for the use are exposed to heat treatment with use of a double boiler or are boiled in water. In case of remission of an illness the food can be baked in an oven with addition of small volume of oil, the best option is cooking in own juice. It is impossible to use very cold or hot food, temperature has to correspond room or to be warm. Treatment of an illness a diet assumes possession of data on what way of food the correct. Portions of the used food have to be absolutely small, meal frequency - about 6-8 times per day.

That it is possible to eat at pancreatitis: list of useful products

Duration of observance of a strict diet has to make 2 months and more. In case of a heavy form of an illness such way of food is observed longer time, that is of half a year till 8 months. The special attention needs to be paid to meal at recession of an illness. Thus join in structure of the resolved products:

  • eggs not only chicken, but also quail, prepared in the cool;
  • puddings and jelly natural;
  • fermented milk products;
  • the broths prepared from a dogrose, compotes, kissels;
  • light teas, coffee.

Besides, there are no restrictions on some types of products and a dish. It belongs to the porridges prepared on water, to the vegetables puree prepared both from one product and together with dietary meat. It is necessary to observe restrictions in the use of salt, sugar, sweet products.

The structure undesirable at treatment of an illness joins the following products: cool broths, white cabbage, caviar, etc.

That it is possible to eat at pancreatitis: list of useful products

5 Councils at an aggravation

In case of approach of the sharpest stage experts appoint to the patient the special plan of treatment. According to this plan in the first day it is possible to drink only natural drinks or still mineral water. After the termination of symptoms of pain some products possessing useful and medicinal properties can be used: the kissels, broths prepared from rice or buckwheat. In the absence of vomiting and nausea of the patient can drink milk with low fat content, there are crackers and cottage cheese. In the subsequent gradually food can join vegetables puree, soups on water. Boiled meat can be authorized only after full retreat of an illness.

The special attention is paid to a serving size, in initial stages it makes to 10 spoons of food for 1 meal. Meals have to be made at regular intervals.

The complete elimination from food of harmful products is obligatory. Thanks to it repeated emergence of attacks stops further. At the initial stages it will be necessary to get used to such way of food, further in some months the organism gets used. For the purpose of improvement of tastes of dishes can be used in a small amount of spice and a grass.

Data testify that when diagnosing pancreatitis at the person the most essential moment is the healthy nutrition. It acts as the only way which can prevent an illness and stop processes of an inflammation. Such situation in a case of a chronic form and aggravation is especially actual.

The key reason because of which there is a pancreatitis, improper feeding and lack of concern in the health is. In this regard experts appoint a specific mode of food. Thanks to it there is a possibility of adjustment of activity of a pancreas, including all digestive process.