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That it is possible to eat at a proktita and that is forbidden: approximate menu

Very significantly at a disease proktit to adhere to a diet. Therefore the diet at a proktita — is especially important stage of treatment of this illness. Without it it is heavy to reach the necessary result. The diet strongly facilitates a course of disease. It has to be most sparing because at such patients mucous membranes of a digestive tract (a stomach and a rectum) are injured.

That it is possible to eat at a proktita and that is forbidden: approximate menu The dietary food allowance at a proktita is an uncontested condition for restoration of normal work of intestines.

General recommendations

At an ulcer proktit of the person hospitalize in hospital because the illness demands treatment with daily medical procedures, thus special food is appointed. If at the patient the catarrhal proktit, are available inflamed mucous a rectum, is treated it is possible by means of a diet and the appointed medicines at home. At a post-beam proktit treatment takes place in a complex with reception of medicines, application of procedures and diets. In all three cases food has the general recommendations.

It is important to get rid of addictions — smoking, alcohol. Food at a proktita has to be fractional, be limited in the small portions, but frequent, not less than 5 — 6 times a day. At the expense of it load of a stomach will decrease, and the food won't decay there. At the complicated means chair for ease get out carefully as the principle of laxatives consists in irritation of intestines. It is best of all to use national methods, to use broths of seeds of different plants (flax or a plantain). Seeds form mucous liquid which advances food on intestines.

What it is authorized to eat at a proktita?

It is allowed to use all dishes which are easily acquired and the products comprising a large amount of vitamins and minerals aren't late in an organism, and also. All food has to be well boiled, fresh, low-fat. The use of the following products is allowed:

  • baked apples;
  • the fermented milk products creating normal intestinal microflora and normalizing a chair;
  • proteinaceous food;
  • porridges on a water basis with addition of small amount of butter;
  • bread of a rough grinding;
  • fig, bananas, tangerines, dried apricots;
  • the divorced juice;
  • boiled, stewed vegetables, low-fat broths;
  • boiled veal or beef, bird or rabbit flesh on couple.

The use of dietary dishes has to improve passing of contents on intestines, preventing his irritation.

Forbidden products

That it is possible to eat at a proktita and that is forbidden: approximate menu At a proktita it is impossible to use farinaceous food, bean, fried and fat products, smoked products, sweets, sauces, some types of porridges.

It is recommended to eat products rich with cellulose less: grain, plant growing products. The products increasing functionality the sekretornykh of glands which long are digested are excluded and lead to rotting or fermentation. Salty products disturb disposal of an inflammation. The forbidden products:

  • white bread;
  • strong tea;
  • spices;
  • fried, salty, smoked, sharp products;
  • rice porridge and semolina;
  • beans;
  • spices;
  • sauces;
  • chocolate products;
  • garlic.

Approximate menu

Cottage cheeseVegetable soup or soup on meat low-fat brothRice porridge on water with a small slice of oil
Cream of wheat on water with an oil sliceSteam or boiled fishCutlets on couple
Proteinaceous omeletKissel from a cranberryCottage cheese
That it is possible to eat at a proktita and that is forbidden: approximate menu Plan a medical diet beforehand that as fast as possible and comfortably to pass a stage of restoration of intestines at a proktita.

The main thing to remember that food has to be fractional, with sufficient consumption of liquid, and be followed thus by reception of necessary medicines which will be appointed by the attending physician. These are the antibiotics relieving of development and distribution of the infection which caused this disease. At the first intestines pains it is worth visiting the doctor who will appoint necessary treatment and the special sparing diet.