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Wrapping food wrap for weight loss, recipes of mixes for a wrapping

The secret of fast and effective weight loss is that for finding of a slim figure isn't rather simple to keep to a diet or to go to the sports hall – it is necessary to do everything in a complex: to combine together healthy nutrition, regular physical activities, massage, a sauna, wrappings for weight loss and care of skin. For acceleration of process of loss of weight there is a set of cosmetic procedures, to carry out which it is possible both in beauty shop, and in house conditions. One of the most popular ways of disposal of excess weight is the wrapping food wrap.

Wrapping food wrap for weight loss, recipes of mixes for a wrapping

Principle of action of wrappings

For a wrapping it is necessary to get food wrap (it is possible to buy it in each supermarket in department of goods for the house and kitchen, near a foil and roasting sleeves), and also to make any mix for fat burning activization. Thanks to the simplicity and efficiency, this way of weight loss can be applied easily in house conditions.

The main task of food wrap – to create greenhouse effect in a problem zone, to warm fatty cellulose to provoke disintegration of fatty cages. It is known that at temperature increase the body gives excess water, and together with it slags, toxins and excess fat. Food wrap serves as the catalyst in this process, and mix which is applied on skin, carries out a supporting role depending on the structure: humidifies, feeds, tightens or warms skin.

The effect from application of wrappings by means of food wrap is reached only on condition of their regular application. For visible result it is necessary to make about 10 wrappings with frequency in two-three days, combining them with healthy nutrition and physical activities.

Ways of a wrapping and their distinction

There are some ways of a wrapping food wrap which differ with the application purpose:

  • Fat-burning wrapping (mixes for fight against cellulitis, which main property are used the hypodermic warming up is: pepper, honey, on the basis of vodka);
  • The moistening wrapping (the mixes nourishing skin are used: fruit and berry, creamy);
  • The toning wrapping (apply mixes to elasticity of skin and removal of extensions: coffee, about mummies, a citrus).

Apparently, the composition of mix has considerable impact on effect from a wrapping. However the general property of all wrappings remains to the same: a conclusion of excess water, products of disintegration of fatty cages, slags and toxins from an organism.

Preparation for a wrapping

Before carrying out procedure by means of food wrap it is necessary to execute some simple rules which will help you to achieve the best effect:

  • In day of carrying out a wrapping for weight loss track drinking two pure liters. It is necessary for protection of an organism against dehydration which can arise against big loss of liquid as a result of a wrapping food wrap.
  • Before putting mix on skin take a hot shower with a srub. It is necessary to remove all become lifeless parts of skin to provide the maximum absorption of nutritious mix.
  • If you do the warming or toning wrapping, it makes sense to apply mix with the massage movements, slightly pressing on skin: thus, you will be able to increase mix influence force.
  • If you are going to wrap up food wrap not only one-two zones, and a big surface of a body, you should lie throughout all time of influence of mix. Prepare for yourself a convenient pillow and the magazine not to start missing or to fall asleep during procedure.

Recipes of mixes for a wrapping

For carrying out a wrapping food wrap in house conditions it is possible to use any cosmetic products which are on counters of shops, and it is possible and to prepare them it is independent, having saved the considerable sum. Some girls don't use any mixes at all, turning around in a film only during sports activities for the purpose of the increased sweating and fast weight loss.

We bring to your attention some recipes of preparation of mixes for a wrapping food wrap which will help to make effect from procedure even more brightly. Pay attention that ready mix has to be quite dense.

Mustard and honey wrapping.

Tones up skin, deletes cellulitis, promotes weight loss.

Honey — 50 g.
Mustard powder — 50 g.
Water — 1 tablespoon.
Olive oil — 1 tablespoon.

Mix the honey and mustard powder which is a little diluted with warm water in equal shares. For receiving the necessary consistence add olive oil. It is necessary to keep mix under a film about an hour.

Strawberry and creamy wrapping.

Such delicacy will make your skin shining and smooth.

Strawberry — 100 g.
Yogurt or it is swept away — 50 g.

Mash a fork the fresh or frozen strawberry, add sour cream or creamy yogurt. To hold half an hour.

Coffee and pepper wrapping.

Burns excess fat, eliminates cellulitis.

Coffee thick — 150 g.
Ground pepper — 1 h. l.
Honey — 1 h. l.
Olive oil — 1 tablespoon.

Mix a coffee thick and black ground pepper, add a little honey and olive oil to the necessary consistence. To leave mix under a film until you are able to suffer (but no more than an hour).

Wrapping with clay.

Smoothes skin, helps with fight against cellulitis.

Clay — 50 g.
Coffee thick — 50 g.
Olive oil — 1 tablespoon.

Mix part of a bag of any cosmetic clay with a coffee thick, add olive oil. It is possible to hold mix hour - one and a half.

Honey and yogurt wrapping.

Nourishes and moistens skin.

Honey — 100 g.
Yogurt — 50 g.

Mix honey and yogurt, impregnate with them a gauze and impose on skin, having wrapped up from above food wrap. You hold one hour.

Wrapping from a mummy.

Does skin elastic, extensions – imperceptible.

Mummy — 2 tablets.
Body creams — 2 tablespoons.

Dissolve couple of tablets or a pinch of powder of a mummy in body cream, apply on a body, wrap up a film. To hold hour - one and a half.

Completion of procedure

After passes the necessary time, pass in a bathroom and it is accurate, a layer behind a layer, unwind a film. Take a warm shower, it is better not to use a bast, especially after the warming wrapping.

After a shower wipe skin dry a soft towel and apply anti-cellulite cream on problem zones: it will help to make effect from carrying out a wrapping food wrap brighter and fast.

Pluses and minuses of wrappings

Advantages of wrappings food wrap are obvious:

  • Simplicity in application;
  • Profitability;
  • It is easy to find and get all ingredients.

Minuses of wrappings as those, are practically not present. The only thing that can occur is a burn of skin at the wrong distribution of time of a pepper wrapping or allergic reaction to any component of mix. To secure itself against such consequences, always do the test of mix for a wrist.

Indications and contraindications

Wrappings in house conditions can be applied for:

  • Fight against an orange-peel;
  • Increases of elasticity and elasticity of skin;
  • Losses of excess fat;
  • Increases of effect of sports activities;
  • Findings of a relief body.

Food wrap people at whom is can't apply wrappings:

  • Chronic diseases of internals;
  • Hypertension;
  • Problems with cardiovascular system;
  • Inflammations on skin;
  • Allergy to mix components;
  • At pregnancy.