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Exercises of yoga for weight loss of a stomach and sides

Despite the fact that advertizing speaks, there is no "a secret way" for a flat and thin stomach. To get rid of fat on a stomach and to restore elasticity of skin, it will be required to keep at from kitchen and to do exercises for which it won't be required the special equipment. The complex of daily exercises of yoga will help to grow thin to your stomach. You will be surprised how quickly your stomach becomes flat, elastic, firm.

Appearance and internal tranquillity

Asanas of yoga are known for many thousands of years. They help with fight against a meteorizm because improve digestion, clear an organism of toxins. Except appearance of our body, practicing yoga, we improves the internal state. Some asanas stimulate a vermicular movement, promoting release of excess gases and improving a state. Be convinced independently that asanas will help you if you want to have the grown thin stomach. It should be taken into account that some asanas are more advanced, than others.

Exercises of yoga for weight loss of a stomach and sides

Before any program of exercises, you have to estimate the abilities. To begin with the simplest asanas, having looked at them according to video, or having consulted with the skilled instructor.

Before performance of exercises, it is recommended to air the room.

Warm-up before training

Before to load muscles and to carry out exercises of yoga for weight loss of a stomach and sides, it is necessary to give some minutes to the warm-up consisting generally of inclinations, roundabouts hips and turns of a trunk.

Exercises of yoga for weight loss of a stomach and sides

Starting performance of the following exercises without appropriate warming up of muscles of a trunk, it is possible to feel the delayed muscle pains later.

It is also important to calculate intensity of loading to force of muscles. If to practice yoga for weight loss of a stomach and sides only on holidays, and not to do other exercises, muscles of a stomach will be slowly restored so it is easy to overstrain them. At moderate loading, the safest way to carry out the following exercises once in three days.


The asana demands good coordination and strong hands and shoulders. This effective yoga for weight loss of a stomach and sides.

Exercises of yoga for weight loss of a stomach and sides

  1. Sit down in a lotus position. Strongly bind feet, move up knees closer to a trunk.
  2. Put palms of hands on both sides of hips, fingers are directed forward.
  3. Raise buttocks over a floor at the same time straightening hands. Press knees as it is possible closer to a breast. Remain in a position 2 — 3 minutes, and then fall to an initial position and exhale.
  4. Other option of an asana of Talasang consists in a raising of feet forward.
  5. Occupy a lotus pose. Raise direct feet on height of a breast and cross them on anklebones.
  6. Raise hands up, you hold a back directly.
  7. Come back to Padmasan's pose.


  1. Lay down on a back. Bend feet in knees.
  2. Press the feet bent in knees to a breast so that hips touched a stomach. Press them hands.
  3. Raise the head up and touch with a nose knees.
  4. Make a deep breath and hold the breath in this position within 30 seconds. Slowly hang the head and feet.

Exercises of yoga for weight loss of a stomach and sides

Exercise can be done with one bent foot. Other foot has to be a straight line with the fingers directed towards the head.

Position of a sphinx or cobra (Bkhundzhangasana)

The position strengthens blood circulation and restores muscles of a stomach and hips, optimizes work of all departments, stretches feet, stimulates activity of adrenal glands and has beneficial influence on a thyroid gland.

  1. Lay down on a stomach. The hands bent in elbows. Forearms are parallel each other. Rest them against a floor. Put hands from an elbow to a brush on a rug, palms down.
  2. Using back muscles, raise an upper body from a floor, having straightened hands in elbows. Try not to push it with hands, and it is simple to lift, using back muscles.
  3. Be late in such situation thirty seconds, then reach a starting position.

Position of onions (Dkhanurasan)

Asana similarly to the bkhundzhangasena, but more advanced. It stimulates all organism in general, strengthens press muscles, helps to correct stoop of a back and shoulders, well influences reproductive system of women.

  1. Lay down on a stomach and raise calves of feet up, bending them in knees. Feet together.
  2. Throw back hands for the head. Clasp hands both anklebones, pull them up, raising hips from a floor.
  3. In such situation, it is necessary to touch a floor only by a pubic bone and a stomach. The body has to be curved in a circle form.
  4. During performance of an asana of a foot together. Be late in a position twenty — thirty seconds and reach a starting position.

Exercises of yoga for weight loss of a stomach and sides

Pashchimottanasan's position

Performance of an asana in practice is less difficult, than it is said. She demands a little flexibility and therefore before to pass to its practice, execute the previous asanas.

  1. Lay down on a back. Feet direct. Hands are extended over the head. Everything together forms one straight line from the head to fingers of feet.
  2. Raise palms to a ceiling, and connect hands among themselves.
  3. Strain stomach muscles. Lift up, trying to hold a straight line back, and the connected hands over the head.
  4. Bend forward and capture hands toes.
  5. Keeping a straight line back, touch by knees the head.
  6. Be late in situation within 1,5 — 2 minutes and leave it.

Exercises of yoga for weight loss of a stomach and sides

Sarvangasan's position

  1. Lay down on a flat surface.
  2. Connect feet together, bend in knees and lift up.
  3. Prop up buttocks hands so that to keep vertical situation.
  4. Support shoulders, and lower the feet on the head as it is possible below – the backbone in such situation has to be completely direct.
  5. Be late in situation three minutes.
  6. Raise direct feet up and remain in this situation five minutes.
  7. Slowly support shoulders and lower feet on a floor.

Exercises of yoga for weight loss of a stomach and sides


Occupation by yoga well for everything. They calm, reduce stress, and improve functioning of an organism, give the attractive form to a silhouette.

Exercises of yoga for weight loss of a stomach and sides

Along with these poses of yoga reducing amount of fat on a stomach you also have to adhere to healthy food and be convinced that your organism receives sufficient quantities of a dream as researches proved negative influence of sleeplessness on fatty deposits in a stomach.

Exercises of yoga for weight loss of a stomach and sidesExercises of yoga for weight loss of a stomach and sides

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